the edge / 28 July, 2003 [click for previous image: morning light]
the edge / 28 July, 2003 [click for next image: the bridge]
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Title • the edge

Over the years I’ve made numerous attempts to take a decent picture of a rainbow and, without fail, they’ve all been fairly poor; to say the least. This picture started out as yet another attempt – this time of a double rainbow – but as with my previous efforts this one was rather hopeless too. Obviously it is possible to photograph rainbows, but I’ve not managed to get it right thus far.

So, more as an excercise in exploring Photoshop than anything else, this picture is the end result. I can’t remember exactly what I did with this image (other than the final step, which was to apply a ‘plastic wrap’ filter) but it involved using the Channel Mixer to alter the colours, the Lens Flare filter, and some increase in both contrast and brightness.

Overall I quite like the end result, though, in this instance, it’s more down to protracted experimentation than creative vision; i.e. I had no idea as to how it would turn out when I started.

I did think about including the original shooting data but, given the massive changes to this image, there really didn’t seem much point ;-)

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