Photo Friday: Analog / 12 July, 2003 [click for previous image: ]
Photo Friday: Analog / 12 July, 2003 [click for next image: walking on shadows]
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Title • Photo Friday: Analog

This week's Photo Friday challenge – Analog – has caused me a great deal of problems, not least because a) I now only shoot digital, and b) I don't really like submitting something that I didn't take recently. I did shoot a roll with my £1.00 eBay purchase, a point-and-shoot Vivitar IC 101 panoramic camera this week, but all the shots were utterly crap. Anyway, rather than miss a challenge I decided to use this shot, the one and only 'analog' image on chromasia.

It was my first entry for this blog, but I don't imagine that all that many of you (other than myla) have trawled this far back through my archives, and was taken some time around 1993 on my Nikon F4 with a Sigma 70-210 APO lens. All I really remember about this shot is that it was the only one from about ten rolls that looked even half decent. The remaining 300 or so seagulls looked as though they'd either been shot, or suddenly paralysed mid-flight ;-)

(This entry was updated: 20th August, 2004).

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
Nikon F4
Sigma 70-200mm APO
some time around 1993
I forget
not all that fast
aperture priority (probably)
+0.0 (maybe)
probably 100
round about 200mm
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