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Well, it was Rhowan's birthday today, and she's one of the most photogenic children on the planet, but I failed to shoot anything even halfway decent to mark the occasion. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be today, or maybe she was just zipping about even faster than usual, but all I ended up with was a load of shots of her pulling silly faces, and when she did manage to look vaguely human they were mostly blurred. Oh well, it's Camilla's birthday on Tuesday so they're having a joint party tomorrow – perhaps I'll manage something a little more celebratory then.

As for this shot: it started out as an attempt to capture this scene, but just as I was about to press the shutter this lady and her son walked past so I decided to include them in the shot. I'm not entirely sure it's a great success, but I do like his expression and was quite pleased that I managed to frame them as they wandered past.

Update: I've reprocessed this one as the original, as matt pointed out, was a bit 'blah'. The original, if you're interested, is here:


12.27pm on 18/8/05

Canon 20D

EF 70-200 f/4L USM

70mm (112mm equiv.)



aperture priority






C1 Pro


focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter

3x2 + children + fylde coast
comment by matt at 10:53 PM (GMT) on 28 August, 2005

If the colors weren't so blah this would be more interesting. Itypically enjoy photos where the true subject is up for debate.

comment by Brian at 11:07 PM (GMT) on 28 August, 2005

lol, that expression is fantastic! too bad that you hadn't planned for them, or a bit more focus could have been in order. you should've asked if she wanted a photo of her kid with this face :P

comment by Ioannis at 11:34 PM (GMT) on 28 August, 2005

Hm... It is a funny snapshot for the experession, but I would simply have deleted this picture. I don't know, maybe on second thought I will like it, it's one of those unusual pictures. That said, you are a hero for maintaining a picture a day even with so many kids and new ones coming along!

comment by miklos at 11:35 PM (GMT) on 28 August, 2005

Something's not right here. When I load chromasia.com, the comment count on the latest image says 17 comments (at the moment) .. but when I click that link, the popup window pops up to the comments of the "company you can trust" image .. then using the navigation in the popup window I scroll forward, which brings me to this latest entry, but there's only 2 comments, not 17 .. What's going on here? :)

comment by miklos at 11:37 PM (GMT) on 28 August, 2005

Now it's fixed. Please ignore (or delete) my previous comment, it must've been an issue on my end.

comment by djn1 at 11:37 PM (GMT) on 28 August, 2005

miklos: the server and/or my MT installation is playing up in that some index templates aren't getting rebuilt when they should. The comment count on the index page, which is a separate template from the actual image, is one that frequently doesn't update properly at the moment.

comment by f.d. rahman at 11:42 PM (GMT) on 28 August, 2005

hehe.. cute. :o) nice capture.

comment by Leo at 12:46 AM (GMT) on 29 August, 2005

Interesting shot. The post-processing is what post processing should be, a subtle enhancement of the picture. If you hadn't told me that it was Photoshopped, I never would've known.

comment by Sharla at 01:32 AM (GMT) on 29 August, 2005

The subsequent processing helped. I flipped back and forth a few times to see if I could determine how you made all the changes. I hope my guesses are good.

I don't like this shot much. There's a busy, out of focus foreground that obscures the subject. The kid might be of more interest if there was a tad more to study. His expression seems to have nothing to do with anything in the shot, but instead the photographer.

My favorite part: the title! That makes it fun.

comment by erik at 02:39 AM (GMT) on 29 August, 2005

the colors are a bit less blah now but for the rest... well, i can't stand pictures where the wrong portion of the image is focused. i delete this kind of pictures...

the one you were trying to shoot is great. the "keep out" sign is the finishing touch....

comment by Fellow Eskimo at 03:05 AM (GMT) on 29 August, 2005

I wish I knew how you took a blown out sky and made it look naturally blue..

comment by Carol at 07:22 AM (GMT) on 29 August, 2005

I like this. It's typical, that's life, **** happens. Except I feel that the addition of the boy & his mum have a positive effect and make the photo more interesting. Maybe without them the photo would have been too static?! So I'm pleased you put this up.

comment by *mamo at 08:26 AM (GMT) on 29 August, 2005

i like that kind of images. the colors around the arms, the sky, that looks like an advertisingimage or so. interesting that the child is not looking forward the icecreammachine :)

comment by rw at 09:46 AM (GMT) on 29 August, 2005

For me this one totally rocks. I love the composition especially as he is looking right down the lens.

comment by kikko77 at 10:19 AM (GMT) on 29 August, 2005

my eyes are struggling to focus on the child

comment by Jorge Miente at 11:28 AM (GMT) on 29 August, 2005

Tienes unas fotos fantasticas. Enhorabuena ;)

comment by thefotokid at 01:49 PM (GMT) on 29 August, 2005

I guess my eye doesn't really know where to go, but I actually kinda like the baby's face being out of focus; it makes me think harder as to what it would've looked like had it been in focus.

comment by Jennifer at 02:42 PM (GMT) on 29 August, 2005

Eh. You've got lots of others that grab my attention more.

comment by djn1 at 09:15 PM (GMT) on 29 August, 2005

Thanks everyone.

comment by Ioannis at 09:51 PM (GMT) on 29 August, 2005

Much better after the post-processing. Still wondering how you did it!

comment by m at 10:01 PM (GMT) on 29 August, 2005

The alteration makes the kid look upset.

comment by roy at 10:10 AM (GMT) on 30 August, 2005

I think I prefer the coldness of the orginal more personally. I do like the haphazard nature of the composition, yet you still managed to get it balanced. amazin.

comment by dave at 04:43 PM (GMT) on 30 August, 2005

This one is hillarious, I cant believe everyone missed it....

Obviously the child is pissed he cant get any of the ice cream from the truck, its totally hillarious when you look at it that way.......


comment by David at 01:59 AM (GMT) on 31 August, 2005

Along the lines of Sharla's comment, this photo needs the title.

The shot you were attempting (the link) is beautiful, but this I don't like. The artsy post-process leaves me with the impression that the subject matter intended, as does the boring background in focus (which might have been significantly more appealing had Ms. Oblivious not strolled through your scope). Were the image more "snapshotty" (unprocessed), or the focused subject more obviously interrupted, I think the circumstances of instant captured by the image would have been more apparent.

On another note, your efforts to maintain your daily well-executed posts along with caring for your charming clan are quite Hurculean, so thanks very much for taking the time. Keep it up as you can.