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I thought I'd put this one up too, by way of a companion to yesterday's shot. Oh, and tomorrow it's back to the portraits. I have three more that I want to put up, all of which I'm really pleased with, so it will be interesting to see what you make of them.

5.11pm on 22/7/05

Canon 20D

EF 17-40 f/4L USM

24mm (38mm equiv.)



aperture priority






C1 Pro


focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter

3x2 + piers [Central pier] + fylde coast
comment by ps at 08:37 PM (GMT) on 31 July, 2005


comment by Skauce at 08:39 PM (GMT) on 31 July, 2005

I'm curious as to what sort of comments this shot gets.

comment by owen at 08:49 PM (GMT) on 31 July, 2005

Excellent - I love it. I prefer this to yesterday's (I think because of the symmetry) and I really liked yesterdays!!

comment by SteveO at 08:57 PM (GMT) on 31 July, 2005

Cool, these colours are great, i love the tackiness of it all, its just amazing :-)

comment by Gary at 09:03 PM (GMT) on 31 July, 2005

First impression: a little haunting not having someone's smiling face in the holes. Then it made me think of the blue dots on TV hiding the faces of the innocent. Nice take on something we've seen hundreds of times.

comment by Aegir at 10:11 PM (GMT) on 31 July, 2005

Whoever did the lettering should be shot.

comment by djn1 at 10:15 PM (GMT) on 31 July, 2005

Skauce: more generous ones than it deserves, no doubt ;-)

comment by Kyle at 11:10 PM (GMT) on 31 July, 2005

The photo itself is fine, the colors, shadows, it works -- I don't see anything extraordinary.

But the content... I want to puke. The bulging father, preparing to devour a cloud of cotton candy bigger than his head, encouraging his kid towards the same end... surrounded by saccharine blue skies and store fronts... awaiting a response from the caped fortune teller -- their last remaining semblance of mystery. Surrounded by distraction, you can't see the water anymore. They seem less than human -- and with four fingers on each hand, I doubt the palmist will see a future for them... nothing meaningful, at least.

comment by Andreas at 11:17 PM (GMT) on 31 July, 2005

Haha, nice one!

comment by Madison at 11:22 PM (GMT) on 31 July, 2005

Haha I love this. Makes me laugh, and I don't really know why

comment by O b e l i x at 12:17 AM (GMT) on 1 August, 2005

:) again. Great colors again.

comment by Maxine at 12:42 AM (GMT) on 1 August, 2005

What an idea!!! Superb. Lovely colours, composition and of course just you could give another meaning to the scenery. Well done! And about new portraits....are we going to see the last weeks of the new baby?

comment by Ed at 02:24 AM (GMT) on 1 August, 2005

I love the colours - so vibrant. Makes the picture really stand out.

comment by Skauce at 04:41 AM (GMT) on 1 August, 2005

Why I was curious as to the comments this shot was going to receive:

-It's a good shot for the fact that it shows the painting off nicely. It's extremely difficult to photograph a painting. This works well for the painter's portfolio I guess.

-Other than that, there's no technical or "meaningful" photographic value in this shot.

I must say though, it's one of the better head hole cut outs I've seen.
It's a little crudely painted I guess...But it's still really fun!

comment by Mike at 05:09 AM (GMT) on 1 August, 2005

The colors here are great, David. Very "chromasia" although the subject matter is atypical for you, I think. Very nice!

comment by hiba at 06:19 AM (GMT) on 1 August, 2005

the vibrant colors are wow! ~:D

comment by JHO at 08:40 AM (GMT) on 1 August, 2005

I was scrolling down looking for a face- but one never appeared. Like it for this element of surprise!

comment by Charltote Hosmer at 01:19 PM (GMT) on 1 August, 2005

I love the colours in the this and the previous 2 posts - great! It's so tacky and fun - I can't wait to go on holiday!!!

comment by Charlotte Hosmer at 01:23 PM (GMT) on 1 August, 2005

P.s. I know it's a comment on this photo in particular and the fact that tourists are meant to put their heads in the holes etc but apart from that not all tourists look the same - there are certain types but they don't all look the same... oh god, sorry, I'm rambling!

comment by tobias at 01:36 PM (GMT) on 1 August, 2005

Perhaps a contrasting image with people in the voids. I find this image somewhat lacking, as with yesterdays. I feel photogrpahy wise, it is fine but the actual subject is pretty lacking, probably due to the aforementioned (by others) poor work that has gone into it.

I find this more gaudy than thought provoking. Perhaps this just isn't the subject for me or perhaps it summarises the Blackpool I dislike rather well...

comment by Thomas Alexander at 02:01 PM (GMT) on 1 August, 2005

I like it. It's kinda scary in a way, with the faces missing.

comment by urdiehardfan at 02:08 PM (GMT) on 1 August, 2005

take a look here ...http://payiz-com.fotopages.com/

comment by /\/\J at 03:38 PM (GMT) on 1 August, 2005

hate to say it but i agree with tobias. i feel that this photo doesnt live up to the greatness that is chromasia. :) although the color capture is unbeleivable

comment by kikko77 at 06:46 PM (GMT) on 1 August, 2005

maybe you'll shoot me, but i had enough of this festival or whatever

comment by Eric at 08:22 PM (GMT) on 1 August, 2005

Great fair/carnival series. The colors are very bold and enticing. I did like the previous day better- and the darts more before that. Really a great series to be proud of.

comment by djn1 at 08:24 PM (GMT) on 1 August, 2005

Thanks everyone.

Kyle: no, the content isn't appealing.

Maxine: yes, you might ;-)

Skauce: this is just a shot of a gaudy piece of Blackpool – brashness and colour. I didn't intend it to be any more than that.

Charlotte: no, I know they don't really all look the same ;-)

comment by owen b at 09:21 PM (GMT) on 1 August, 2005

Skauce: I disagree that there is no meaningfu photographic content to this; mind you it depends what you are expecting from photographic content.

To me, just the fact that the faces aren't there, and that this particular piece of gaudy beachfront tat is designed purely to be photographed WITH faces in it, works very well as an unexpected and therefore pleasing shot.

I suppose you COULD say it's thought-provoking but I think that's using a cliche for cliches sake, as it doesn't really provoke thoughts other than, "I wonder if the person who made it ever expected someone to take a photo of it where we're all looking at the painting rather than the faces?".

I like it David!

comment by Navin Harish at 11:55 AM (GMT) on 2 August, 2005

Nice. I like the bright, saturated colours in the image.

comment by oscar at 08:57 PM (GMT) on 2 August, 2005

great, magnific....