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I'm away for the next couple of days – camping at Edale – so chromasia will be on autopilot until Sunday. And my apologies, yet again, for not replying to emails – things have been rather hectic lately.

4.53pm on 22/5/05

Canon 20D

EF 17-40 f/4L USM

17mm (27mm equiv.)



aperture priority






C1 Pro


focal length
shutter speed
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3x2 + fylde coast [scenic] + people
comment by vg at 08:32 PM (GMT) on 26 May, 2005

what a sky ! a bit similar i guess to the post of a few days ago with the guy on the beach but still very different. good job. the little blue in sky near the top right looks a bit surreally dark.

comment by ellehm at 08:38 PM (GMT) on 26 May, 2005

Great shot!! very nice place

comment by Jessyel Ty Gonzalez at 08:48 PM (GMT) on 26 May, 2005

Pretty damn decent David. Well done.

comment by Raffi at 09:00 PM (GMT) on 26 May, 2005

Amazing sky here. Great capture.

comment by owen at 09:18 PM (GMT) on 26 May, 2005

lovely sky. I hope you enjoy your break in Edale. It's a lovely place, I've been there a few times now and have some wonderful memories of the place. Can't wait to see what photos you bring back!

comment by sinstone at 09:28 PM (GMT) on 26 May, 2005

don't know what to say... simply amazing

by far your best shot yet

comment by pierre-nelson at 09:31 PM (GMT) on 26 May, 2005

Lovely sky, lovely sky, yes of course....but.....the contrast with the scratch lines of the shirt is the strong idea of the picture I think...


comment by Robert at 09:40 PM (GMT) on 26 May, 2005

I like how there's a band of water, as if part of the beach is cut off and isolated. It looks like a site that would be fascinating to watch at different tides.

comment by zac at 10:04 PM (GMT) on 26 May, 2005

this is just spectacular. it's so expansive.

comment by Robert at 10:04 PM (GMT) on 26 May, 2005

The key to this photo is the shirt matching the sky. The contrasting lines are nice also. But you knew this...

comment by Andreas at 10:24 PM (GMT) on 26 May, 2005

yeah, hehe.. there u go!
-as said above, similar, but not at all!

great work! wonderful sky

comment by VPra at 10:27 PM (GMT) on 26 May, 2005

First off, great picture. However, the person on the bottome right distracts me. It seems like you are trying to make the person the focal point of the picture. If that is true, I think that person serves as a distraction. To be even more clear, the person seems like a little scratch on a photo or an annoying piece of dirt on a photo. The photo is so large that the person seems too much of a speck. If you were to crop it even tighter, and reduce the sky, the person would serve a lot better as a focal point. For me, the person seems like a tiny distraction.

comment by justin dc at 10:44 PM (GMT) on 26 May, 2005

I love the sense of space in this shot.

comment by Anand Sankaran at 11:09 PM (GMT) on 26 May, 2005

Wow, great composition

comment by djn1 at 11:25 PM (GMT) on 26 May, 2005

VPra: I don't mind so much that she's rather small in the frame but I do wish I'd waited for a better pose; walking through the shot, standing up, and so on. I think it's the fact that she's huddled down in the corner of the shot that makes the scale seem a little odd/distracting.

comment by moscon at 12:18 AM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

Hope this isnt too critical, but i'm VERY PLEASED that this isn't another photo of pebbles, driftwood, or rusting metal on the beach. Please keep it up with images like this one :)

comment by Alex at 12:18 AM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

i've camped there! twas a school excursion.. and there was two sides to the field, seperated by a trench. on the left was the girls tents, and on the right was the guys. we had army rations to keep us going through the night, and little tents for two. the teachers? they were on the left hand side.. but none of this little bunsen burner type probane fueled gas burner thinger.. nope. they had a full fledged barbeque AND a marquee. wouldn't be surprised if they had central heating and satellite tv in there too! anyways - this photo reminds me of the one you did for the photo friday.. though not capturing that same kind of level of emotion. still.. better than anything i could ever come up with, so.. y'know.. you could REALLY do with a kudos thing on here.. like they have on myspace? *nods* and a photo rating system. CUMMON DAVE - STEP CHROMASIA UP A NOTCH :|

oh, you SO want to.

comment by djn1 at 12:29 AM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

moscon: fair comment, there have been some similarities in my recent shots ;-)

I guess that the problem here is that I've been short of time recently so if you look at the capture date for my last five shots you'll see that they were all taken last Sunday when we took the kids to the beach. I haven't managed to take anything since :-/

That said I'm hoping to get some good shots this weekend so I'll probably be posting shots of the Yorkshire Dales for at least part of next week.

Alex: you camped on Fleetwood beach? What did you do when the tide came in? And despite your endearing nod I'm not adding a photo rating system ;-)

comment by ula at 12:54 AM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

I am your 19th comment so I can't say anything original anymore: AMAZING SKY!

comment by Paul at 01:31 AM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

Ah, this is gorgeous. Love to see it at 20x30 printed on metallic paper.

comment by =] at 02:01 AM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

=] !!

comment by Wildrose photoblog at 05:33 AM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

Beautiful sky.

comment by Andre at 07:31 AM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

Lovely. I love the way the lines of the old timber in the sand brings the vision into the sea and sky.... bon camping

comment by SteveO at 08:40 AM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

I love the sky, the sense of scale is amazing.

comment by GeeTee at 10:13 AM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

Really looking forward to the Dales shots.

I agree with Robert about the importance of the figure's shirt. Beautiful capture.

comment by jcyrhs at 10:28 AM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

I love the skys in the distance. looks like mountains to me!
Somehow i think the skys are nice but slightly overly done towards the top... but i suppose that's your style.

btw, great choice to put this up before you go cause it'll get people talking for awhile. Great picture!!

comment by John at 10:35 AM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

Riduculously nice. That sky is awseome. The figure just about finishes it off.

john [shots]

comment by jane at 10:43 AM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

Edale and the surrounding area is one of my very favourite places - I hope you have a great time, decent weather and I can't wait to see photographic results!

Amazing sky in this shot... so ominous.

comment by Andy (SensorChip) at 11:56 AM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005


comment by kennys at 12:15 PM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

To me the clouds in the distance give the impression of a massive snow capped mountain range which creates the illusion of enormous distance.

Nice shot, as usual

comment by James Lomax at 01:16 PM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

Wow, very impressive.
I would personally prefer to see the sky less strong and contrasty though...because it overpowers, and actually I think what makes this a good shot is the overall composition, rather than the sky.

comment by pierre at 02:06 PM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

Spectacular, this dramatic sky and the character sitting in front of the immensity...
Really cool, well done

comment by Trish at 02:09 PM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005


comment by J.P. at 02:29 PM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

cut of sea world. :-)

comment by sandro at 02:56 PM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

I like the feeling of space between heart, sea and sky... only space and a little human presence... obviusly I like it

comment by Dhwanit at 03:21 PM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

No matter how I use my polarizer or ND grads, I can never get the sky to be as dark & beautiful as this, Dave. Any chance of letting out the secret?

That said, fantastic picture, as usual! :-)

comment by btezra at 04:08 PM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

~there's been a running theme of solitude in some of your recent images...I hate to pry, but I wanted to ask if there is a strong sense of you in each shot you take...I must admit I tend to personalize my images, they are definitely a reflection of how I feel and what kind of mood I am in from time to time, if even at a subconscious level when taken, I am getting that sense from your images as of late...have a great weekend~

comment by MP at 04:46 PM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

Nothing else to add except, WOW!!!

comment by simon at 07:19 PM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

I would love to know your secret for getting your horizons straight. is it a simple 'pinch' or are you using an app like ptlens (I haven't tried it yet) I don't blame you if you don't want to give up this info.

great pic btw, I love the clouds close to the horizon.

comment by claus at 08:00 PM (GMT) on 27 May, 2005

by far my favorite shot of yours of lately. i remember a coastal shot as probably one of the first chromasia pics whenever i discovered your photoblog, and it was great then. i envy you for the surroundings you live in *g*.

comment by paul at 02:01 AM (GMT) on 28 May, 2005

awesome dave

comment by ks at 03:43 AM (GMT) on 24 July, 2005

this shot is truly magnificient! great job...as usual! =)