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As yesterday's shot was such a hit I thought I'd use the same technique today – sharp focus on a foreground object, blurred scene in the background – but this one is less ...

a) experimental.
b) extreme.
c) crap.
d) under-exposed.
e) all of the above.


4.29pm on 22/5/05

Canon 20D

EF 17-40 f/4L USM

26mm (42mm equiv.)



aperture priority






C1 Pro

perspective corrected

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter

3x2 + fylde coast [scenic]
comment by Sean at 09:04 PM (GMT) on 22 May, 2005

Wow thats a great composition. Really great! Love the clouds.

comment by TiBlond at 09:26 PM (GMT) on 22 May, 2005

Yeah, great compositions ... I love the render :)

comment by jcan at 09:57 PM (GMT) on 22 May, 2005


comment by Heidi at 10:03 PM (GMT) on 22 May, 2005

You can post many many more of these!

comment by Ryan Rahn at 10:16 PM (GMT) on 22 May, 2005

Great idea (the frame looking into a picture). At first I wasn't sure about the rotated view, but I think it works in this shot. Much better!

comment by djn1 at 10:21 PM (GMT) on 22 May, 2005

Ryan: even though it doesn't look like it the horizon is absolutely level.

comment by David Kapp at 10:49 PM (GMT) on 22 May, 2005

I'd have to agree with the others. The wooden fence works much better as a frame on this shot than yesterdays. Plus, there isn't an object in the background that would require more focus to make it work.


comment by VPra at 10:52 PM (GMT) on 22 May, 2005

Good improvement from yesterday's picture.

comment by Smallest Photo at 10:56 PM (GMT) on 22 May, 2005

Nothing better than finding a viewfinder already set up for you is there? Very nice composition.

comment by StuartR at 10:59 PM (GMT) on 22 May, 2005

Much better this time, I love the rusty bolts on the right hand side.

comment by moet at 11:08 PM (GMT) on 22 May, 2005

The day the artist returned repentantly from his excursion avant-gardiste, to please the audience and gain more recognition.

comment by Mister Max at 11:18 PM (GMT) on 22 May, 2005

Nicely framed! Why isn't the frame horizontal/vertical? Intentional or accidental? If intentional, why? - Max

comment by djn1 at 11:21 PM (GMT) on 22 May, 2005

Max: I oriented the shot on the horizon rather than the frame.

comment by joh at 11:21 PM (GMT) on 22 May, 2005

Dave -- I love the wood grain and color and the composition as well -- suggestion: shallower depth of field, leaving the distant objects even more out of focus? But lovely in any case...

comment by Richard at 01:10 AM (GMT) on 23 May, 2005

I like this one much better than yesterdays. Nice framing and detail!

comment by /\/\J at 01:50 AM (GMT) on 23 May, 2005

yesterday's was still awesome, this is just somthing different. i like today and yesterday's post for different reasons. both with unique qualities. everyone ripping on yesterdays picture is unwarrented, its what the artist is trying to show, what they're trying to shoot. constructive criticism i understand but not telling one that their work sucks (direct or indirect) yesterday was sucessful just as today.

p.s i love the clouds, very cool color and overall effect given to the picture

comment by Fellow Eskimo at 03:19 AM (GMT) on 23 May, 2005

Its boring. Sorry, but someone had to tell you. I know its not 'constructive', but it is. However, it is nice technical composition. But it doesnt say 'Look at me!'

comment by jcyrhs at 05:46 AM (GMT) on 23 May, 2005

a) for the feel on the whole and perhaps c. for the background.

Overall, it's a much lousier shot as compared to yesterday's if i take into account what you're trying to do. It sill echoes what fellow eskimo said about the lack of "look at me!" factor but i feel that yesterday's shot was more testing.

At least i found the lighting on the wood grain wonderful... the backgroun is somewhat the kind of pictures i'll take. Not that i want them but somehow ... haha. nvm.

comment by Adriana at 06:05 AM (GMT) on 23 May, 2005

I am not clear enough to say what this is. I am still so tired. I haven't seen your pictures from the last week, but I think that it was really a very productive week for you. One of the best in my personal opinion :)

comment by Acumen at 06:34 AM (GMT) on 23 May, 2005

Funny how some people, like you, can make a nice picture of something simple like this. However I think it's nicer with a higher aperture.

comment by .:pvav.photoblog:. at 06:34 AM (GMT) on 23 May, 2005

Perfect focus. Really excellent!

comment by Sharla at 06:39 AM (GMT) on 23 May, 2005

The picture is okay but the frame is wonderful!

Just kidding: I like the boldness and focus on the wood. I especially admire your light and the even exposure between the near and far. Usually not that easy to pull off.

Weathered wood grain is always an interesting study but your capture of the rusted bolts add a lot.

But I most like your level horizon. It doesn't look that way at first That it really is appears to be an optical illusion until you study the shot for awhile.

I had fun with it. Thanx.

comment by Paul at 06:51 AM (GMT) on 23 May, 2005

I really like the texture in the timber. It's a strong image. I really admire you for posting yesterday's shot. Interesting concept. When I try stuff like that I rarely let it out in the world for fear of the criticism, non understanding and downright negative response that is sure to come. You are a true artist.

comment by Ben at 08:15 AM (GMT) on 23 May, 2005

Definitely a). I love 'framed' shots and this one definitely works. The lack of focus actually makes me look for more detail which I like.

comment by canon-craig at 09:17 AM (GMT) on 23 May, 2005

i like your ability to laugh at yourself david.
yesterdays shot was not one of your best (as you stated above using the expert terminology- 'crap' i think you said :-))
well this one certainly makes up for that. the framing inside the frame here is very nice indeed. the wonderful english overcast weather in the background makes me feel homesick!!
be the swiss. craig.

comment by quinten at 09:18 AM (GMT) on 23 May, 2005

I've been away for a while so today felt like being in a candy store when I saw many of your new pictures in a row.
Did you learn a new prcessing technique to get nicer/different colours a few weeks ago, something happend with your colours in a good way. I am curious how you make them so vibrant without it being a saturation kick because it still looks natural...


comment by Liisa Anderson at 01:27 PM (GMT) on 23 May, 2005

I'd say, pefect framing! The rusty bolds make the "frame" even more intersting.

comment by Tim Walker at 02:42 PM (GMT) on 23 May, 2005

This is a nice image -- all of these natually occurring textures working together, with a few manmade elements like bolts interacting with the environment and rusting. The color complement is especially nice.

One other really interesting aspect of this image to me is the way the strata in the wood repeats or mimics the strata in the clouds, making one mindful of all of the micro/macro connections in the world that are interesting to study.

I've really enjoyed looking at all of your images. It's no wonder yours is the most popular photo blog.

comment by Jem at 05:13 PM (GMT) on 23 May, 2005

lol! Don't be so harsh on yourself about yesterdays photo. It was an experiment and if experiments didn't go on, then no one would ever move on and we'd all be living in a stagnant society :)

I love the stormy clouds in this photo. Very nice textures as well!

comment by djn1 at 05:27 PM (GMT) on 23 May, 2005

Thanks everyone.

comment by Weston Boyd at 05:57 PM (GMT) on 23 May, 2005

Although the framing is nice on this one, I think I actually liked the previous one a good bit better. It looked much more....foreboding.

comment by Jesse Watkins at 06:54 PM (GMT) on 23 May, 2005

The composition in this shot really catches me.

comment by flygirl at 07:01 PM (GMT) on 23 May, 2005

Beautifully framed, wonderful different textures going on in the shot. Also a big fan of dramatic skies like this...

comment by M. Michán at 08:37 AM (GMT) on 24 May, 2005

Me gusta la composición de la fotografía, si bien creo que tendría que haberse alineado respecto a las líneas que crean las maderas. Tal y como está parece algo aida hacia la derecha.

comment by miles at 05:28 PM (GMT) on 24 May, 2005

I love the framing in both the last two shots Dave, works so well.

comment by pierre at 07:19 PM (GMT) on 24 May, 2005

Simply beautiful, well done.

comment by abe at 06:34 PM (GMT) on 25 May, 2005

Nice framing.