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Hopefully you're not all too bored with shower shots, but I really wanted to put this one up as well as it's by far and away my favourite of the last three. Yesterday's was fun, and the one before that was more a case of running out of time because my computer had crashed (but I still like it) but this one, I think, is a much more interesting portrait.

Anyway, let me know which of the three you prefer.

capture date
focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
7.12pm on 4/3/05
Canon 20D
EF 17-40 f/4L USM
32mm (51mm equiv.)
C1 Pro
3x2 + children [portraits]
comment by Andy at 08:43 PM (GMT) on 6 March, 2005

This photo is great! You capture great photos of your children.

comment by Hungaro at 08:44 PM (GMT) on 6 March, 2005

strangely enough, I like yesterday's shot better than this one
I like the different skin tone (yesterday) over today's B&W, and the fun over the introspective of a little kid
great shot, though

comment by Kjetil at 09:08 PM (GMT) on 6 March, 2005

This is a really good shot, and it has a good depth, but I am not completely pleased with it. It almost seems pale...
You don't have a colour version of it? Would be great to see what it looked like with colours..

comment by Stephen at 09:52 PM (GMT) on 6 March, 2005

I also (see Hungaro's comment) prefer yesterday's photograph for basically the same reasons. Something about the B&W and overall composition just doesn't move me as I believe you may have intended.

Still a nice shot, but my preferences are elsewhere :)

comment by laanba at 10:03 PM (GMT) on 6 March, 2005

This is my favorite from the last few days. There is something much more intimate about it to me. If I was there I would want to reach up and put my hand up as well. This has much more emotion in it for me.

comment by David H-W at 10:20 PM (GMT) on 6 March, 2005

I think I agree that this is the best of the three. Interestingly, although by accident, it looks as if your kid is jokingly saying "enough now Dad!". A great set of shots with lots of warmth.

comment by Raffi at 10:21 PM (GMT) on 6 March, 2005

Thats a cool shot. Did you get him to pose like that or was that just accidental? Very deep.

comment by Craig at 11:10 PM (GMT) on 6 March, 2005

Beautiful shot. I feel like I should be toweling off my monitor.

comment by bjorn at 11:25 PM (GMT) on 6 March, 2005

that last shot is good, but the two before were too much "snapshots" to me, i always get that feeling when people start taking photographs of their children tho

comment by pryce at 11:46 PM (GMT) on 6 March, 2005

This is definately the best of the three, truely a great picture.

I can relate to the comments about the color vs. B&W issue, but as a total the motif, the composition, the textures created by the water - IMHO, they all make this picture a piece with an artistic depth the other two lack.
On the other hand, the two earlier pictures in the series, to me, hold a somewhat disturbing intimacy - maybe because of the very lively colors; It's like one can almost feel the moist of the room and the discomfort of intruding the kids' own, private moment. But that might just be me speaking as a parent of two very, well, very "distinct personalities" demanding their own private spheres... Or it might just be your fantastic abilities, Dave, to catch that very intimacy so brilliantly well.

Still, this is my #1 in the series.

comment by miles at 01:15 AM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

I think this is beautiful, definitely my favourite of the three.

comment by ellehm at 01:52 AM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

I agree with U David, interesting shot...

comment by Fellow Eskimo at 02:32 AM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

My favorite is yesterdays, but the first one and this one are tied, cant pick. B/W does well on this one, but I think the first day would of been good in b/w also.

comment by VPra at 02:50 AM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

I really love it. It has like a overpowering feel to it. It's a little mysterious. I don't really like the light tint to it though. Would've been better in B/W.

comment by Adriana at 03:04 AM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

I think is a little bit dificult to say wich one of the three is my favorite because even though they are all about your kids in the shower they had a very particular composition. The composition in this one is just awsome and the b & w wow. Congrats for this serie. :)

comment by m d at 03:05 AM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

this makes me think of a horror movie :P

comment by Garth at 05:20 AM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

David....this one better make it into your portfolio. 'nough said. These last three shots have been superb.

comment by zdwyatt at 05:37 AM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

There's something really sad about this one. I am not sure why but it has to be in the hand dragging down the glass.

comment by Jason at 06:14 AM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

I'll have to agree with the bit from zdwyatt about sadness in this one. Although I may have approached it from a different perspective. I have not looked at the site for several days, so I actually saw this most recent one before the others. They are all very moving, but I actually find this one to be most powerful.

comment by jerome at 08:47 AM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

I'm torn between this one and yesterday's—both are abstract and emotional at the same time, but I am partial to wanton goofiness, so yesterday's picture has the edge in my opinion. :)

comment by Daaave at 12:23 PM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

Much prefer this one, why? B&W, toned well, better composition and more of a story (in my mind anyway).

Was the flash bounced off the ceiling or...?

comment by Alex at 12:38 PM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

All of these shots are wonderful, but to me this is just a little too sad and forlorn. I really loved the way the second shot captured the goofiness and fun of childhood; it brought me back to younger days with my brother. As always though, I'm amazed at the quality of your work. These were great fun and wonderful, thank you for sharing them.

comment by Remus at 12:52 PM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

It seems someone asking for help. Itīs a great photo.

comment by hans at 12:59 PM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

I definitely like the first one the most! The intimacy of that shot is striking, the composition is great... I'd like to see it in B&W or monochrome, though!

comment by Alex at 01:18 PM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

for one reason or another, it reminds me of a poem we had to analyze back in the day, called 'rising five'. the poem is about how children aren't 'four' in their minds, they're 'almost five' - and so ensues a tale of how most people spend their lives looking at tomorrow, instead of experiencing today. with this shot - and i think its the monochrome that does it - you have a a huge contrast in age. the B/W and the pose create this mature scene.. but when a child is implemented into it, the whole thing is thrown off.

i wish i was better at explaining :-/

anyways. after much searching - and shuffling through all the essays on it (god bless GCSE cheat sites) i found the poem. it is, as follows:

Rising Five by Norman Nicholson

'I'm rising five,' he said,
'Not four,' and little coils of hair
Unclicked themselves upon his head.
His spectacles, brimful of eyes to stare
At me and the meadow, reflected cones of light
Above his toffee buckled cheeks. He'd been alive
Fifty-six months or perhaps a week more:
not four,
But rising five.
Around him in the field the cells of spring
Bubbled and doubled; buds unbuttoned; shoot
And stem shook out the creases from their frills,
And every tree was swilled with green.
It was the season after blossoming,
Before the forming of the fruit:
not May,
But rising June.
And in the sky
The dusk dissected the tangential light:
not day,
But rising night;
not now,
But rising soon.
The new buds push the old leaves from the bough.
We drop our youth behind us like a boy
Throwing away his toffee wrappers. We never see the flower,
But only the fruit in the flower; never the fruit,
But only the rot in the fruit. We look for the marriage bed
In the baby's cradle, we look for the grave in the bed:
not living,
But rising dead.

comment by miklos at 01:36 PM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

If I had to choose one of the 3, I would probably pick this one, but with a tighter crop.

comment by Caroline at 02:29 PM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

I'm not sure which one I prefer, but I'm cracking up because before I read the caption I thought he was peeing. Great shot, but I think I would like it better in colour also.

comment by tif at 03:01 PM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

The first of the series did nothing for me. The second made me smile. I liked the colors and the playfulness of it. The third feels like the strongest composition, but it does feel heavy or somber. My daughter saw it and described it as "spooky" but I think she's thinking of the legendary "shower scene". Come to think of it, it's sad that she and her generation tend to immediately associate something so innocent to a scary movie they once saw.

Anyway, what I like about this one is the anonymity of it. I tend to favor anonymous pictures. Maybe I'm struck by the intimacy of this shot even though it's still anonymous. One thing which distracts me, or maybe attracts me, is the scar on the index finger. But as a father, I would NEVER suggest that you do anything to get rid of it, since that makes it personal.


comment by Chris at 03:38 PM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

This one is my favorite of the last three! It's perfect. Keep it up. :)

comment by sandro at 06:05 PM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

Misteryous atmosphere... what could happen?

comment by djn1 at 06:51 PM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

Kjetil: the colour version didn't work out all that well with this shot, mostly because I couldn't get the colour balance right. And, IMO, I think monochrome suits the contemplative feel of this one.

Raffi: no, this wasn't posed.

pryce: while both our youngest daughters do have very distinct personalities they do both enjoy each other's company and, more importantly, they both love been photographed. I think the fact that they can run round and look at the preview is a big bonus for them as they get some immediate gratification. They both like looking through chromasia too, particularly the thumbnails page.

Daaave: yes, the flash was bounced off the ceiling. This was taken in a relatively small room so the light tends to bounce around a fair bit.

Alex: thanks.

miklos: I know what you mean, but I like the space in this one.

tif: actually, her finger isn't scarred, this must be a mark/scratch on the shower.

More generally, regarding the 'spooky' feel of this shot: I think she had just paused for a moment. She tends to stand in the shower letting the water run over her face, and I think she just got lost in the moment.

comment by Thinh at 08:10 PM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

Such an 'adult-like' pose for a smile child. The B&W gives the photo the added mood that fits the title of the photo.

Out of the three, I liked yesterday's photo the most. It was such an innocent and carefree capture of what it feels like to be a kid. Cheers.

comment by pierre-nelson at 08:13 PM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

Excellent, every day, excellent.

Life is beautiful...


comment by Pramesh at 09:10 PM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

Looks like an older man, more than a child, leaning on a wall in shame... when in real life he's probably just discovering that he has a pee-pee!

comment by djn1 at 09:49 PM (GMT) on 7 March, 2005

Pramesh: "she", it's my daughter ;-)

Anyway, thanks everyone.

comment by m at 10:06 PM (GMT) on 8 March, 2005

Very cool, but...................... Yesterdays!

comment by Susan B. at 03:54 AM (GMT) on 9 March, 2005

Superb shot.

comment by Tom at 01:39 PM (GMT) on 22 December, 2006

Great picture! Nothing to say more about it :-)