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Well, for the time being at least, this is the last shot of this structure that I'm going to put up. As I mentioned yesterday, I could quite happily go and photograph it every day, at least for a week or two, but I'll give it a miss for a while. One shot I would like to take in future though is a long exposure night shot, just as the tide is rising – that, I think, would be worth putting up.

Anyway, as for this shot: it was exposed for the sky and all I've really done to it is to increase the saturation and raise the foreground levels a bit. And in some ways I think this is my favourite of the four. Well, it's the most dramatic at least.

As always, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. Oh, and this is another one that looks best against the 'dark' theme.

capture date
focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
4.03pm on 13/11/04
Canon 20D
EF 17-40 f/4L USM
17mm (27mm equiv.)
aperture priority
-1 1/3
perspective corrected
3x2 + piers [St. Annes] + fylde coast [scenic]
comment by myla at 08:38 PM (GMT) on 14 November, 2004

WoW--one of your best yet!

comment by orange at 08:41 PM (GMT) on 14 November, 2004

Amazing shot.... fantastic colors and wonderful textures (foreground). I also love the reflections!!!!!

comment by chrism at 08:45 PM (GMT) on 14 November, 2004

This is going to be one of those comment lists that just goes on and on with compliments, and rightly so - this is a fantastic photo. I love the reflections of the sky - so clear. Perfectly exposed as well...

comment by quasi at 08:50 PM (GMT) on 14 November, 2004

As a beginning photographer, your photoblog makes me realize just how far I still have to go!

Great shot; I love the reflections in the water, the dark backs of the clouds, the shine on the sand in the foreground, the vast flatness stretching off into the distance...

comment by Mark at 08:58 PM (GMT) on 14 November, 2004

Just when I thought you were losing it... beautiful shot!

comment by cenek at 09:16 PM (GMT) on 14 November, 2004

nice, i like those reflections and the effect due to polar. filter (or not?) very good job

comment by justin at 09:16 PM (GMT) on 14 November, 2004

Beautiful image! Great sky, silouhette, textures. The only small thing that would improve it for me would be for the structure to be centralised, so its symmetry would compliment that in the composition.

comment by amit's photolog (link) at 10:03 PM (GMT) on 14 November, 2004

Wonderful Colors!

Color is new for me (I spent years seeing the world in B&W,) so it's always great to see instances where color really brings an image to life. Black and white would not have done this one justice.

comment by Jeremy at 10:08 PM (GMT) on 14 November, 2004

Great series of shots. This one looks a little hypersaturated, and as a result I dont like it quite as much as the others - but great scene

comment by zdwyatt at 10:24 PM (GMT) on 14 November, 2004

I especially like the sun accenting the sand in the foreground. Nice.

comment by Benny at 10:27 PM (GMT) on 14 November, 2004

Wow! the colors in this photo are BEAUTIFUL! foreground subjects are very interesting...as for the structure, i think it is placed very well...it gives balance to the photo...great job!

comment by Sailesh at 11:15 PM (GMT) on 14 November, 2004

powerful image. clouds, sunset light and reflections together with the symetry in the structure - beautifully captured.

comment by riff at 11:40 PM (GMT) on 14 November, 2004

this my fav as well =))

comment by kyle at 11:49 PM (GMT) on 14 November, 2004

You saved the best for last. This is a really stunning shot. Amazing how much depth of field you get with only f6.3. This must be partially due to the focal length of the lens right? I've been experimenting with fine control of depth of field recently, and sometimes the results surprise me.

comment by Mando Gomez at 12:13 AM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004

Amazing photograph!!!

comment by djn1 at 12:21 AM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004

Thanks everyone.

cenek: no, I don't have a polarising filter for this lens. I should get one, but I have a thing about B&W filters and the 77mm slimline version is really expensive.

kyle: yes, it's to do with the focal length. Technically, because of the 1.6 crop of the 20D this was shot at an equivalent of 27mm, but in reality f/6.3 at 17mm gives a huge depth of field.

comment by miklos at 12:24 AM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004

Best one of the series. The sky is wonderful.

comment by nancy at 12:38 AM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004

The texture and lighting is just amazing. I am not sure exactly what is going on in that foreground but it is beautiful. Nice series.

comment by Thinh Thang at 01:22 AM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004

Absolutely Gorgeous. When I move to my new house, this is definetly going to be one that I'm gonna purchase from you. Keep up the good work.

comment by Jarod at 01:35 AM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004

I like this one the best in this series. The glossy look of the sand provides a great reflection.

That structure still gives me the creeps though.

comment by picturegrl at 01:48 AM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004

Oh. My. God. This is absolutely gorgeous. I'm sorry I have nothing better to say, but I am rendered speechless. Completely. This is so stunning that there are no words, so I'll just shut up now and go back to staring at my monitor in utter disbelief. Just when I think you have shot my absolute favorite, you go and top yourself.

comment by Ben Lowery at 02:46 AM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004

Great shot David! The subtle reflection of the sky in the wet sand is what really makes it for me. Wonderful!

comment by Frank at 03:59 AM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004

Nope. The foreground looks like a swarm of breaching whales, the sunset is too technicolor dramatic. I feel like I walked into a Bierstadt painting of some imaginary landscape.

Not for me, sorry...

And you know why? You could remove the structure and the picture would be the same. The structure is incidental, and superfluous.

comment by hossein at 05:05 AM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004


comment by PhilB at 07:43 AM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004


Pure Chromasia with the reflections. Love it!

comment by manuel at 09:32 AM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004

oh my god, this is so perfect. the reflections, the colors, the "structure" - everything adds up to a complete and wonderful picture. congrats!

comment by Simon C at 10:22 AM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004

This is a very interesting shot. A while back I was on the beach at Bognor faced with similar conditions and trying for a similar sort of capture. I got some reasonable results, but wasn't 100% happy.

I tend to agree somewhat with Frank . For me the real interest here is the texture of the sand and the reflection of the sky (and perhaps the structure) in the water. In this particular composition the structure really seems like an incidental distraction. I like the dramatic lighting - in this respect I think you've just managed to stay the right side of tasteful.

An interesting series.

comment by RainKing at 10:49 AM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004

This is my favourite one of the series. I like the contrast of the dark bottom with the light top. And that reflection is beautiful.

comment by bryan at 11:55 AM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004

This shot is really terrific. The foreground especially is what gives it an extremely distinctive flavour. The first time your eye strikes the image it does a double-take on the foireground because it almost looks like metal; the kind of metal you would see on the floor of an industrial gantry or engineering plant. The texture is extraordinary. And the colour is truly rich ... Contrasting between the jet black of the pier to the white-hot center of setting sun and the rich golds and blues in between. Congratulations.

comment by peterv at 01:00 PM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004

I think you needed the structure to hold the composition together. It would have been a bit twee without it. If you'd taken two steps left the sun might been dead centre of the stucture? Or is that too er... retentive?

Anyway I'm being picky- it's a great shot, withthe expanse of refelction beautiffuly exposed.

comment by Alec Long [Shutter And Pupil] at 01:46 PM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004

Can't say much more than has already been said, Dave. So I'll just *shake your hand* and say beautifully done.

comment by peter crymble at 02:11 PM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004

hi - nice shot. Like the reflections. Any reason why you kept the object off centre? Really nice shot.Thanks,Peter

comment by tanner at 03:34 PM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004

this is my favorite of the four as well. the sunset definitely makes the shot for me.

comment by leigh at 04:12 PM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004

Wow! I can only dream of taking photographs like this. It's gorgeous.

comment by Jesuspect at 05:26 PM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004

Hi -

After having your site as my home page for the past 3 months, and really enjoying just about every single shot, I figured I ought to drop you a note of thanks.

So, thanks very much for your site. Your photography is incredible.

I just noticed that you have an 'email me' button ... sorry, should have sent direct!


comment by tamara at 08:28 PM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004

Actually, I have to agree with Frank. If the structure were removed from the picture, it wouldn't really make a difference... in fact, I think I'd like it better.

My favorite is still the brownish one, because the structure is what's important in that picture. And there's something so peaceful about the symmetry in that shot.

comment by djn1 at 10:30 PM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004

Many thanks :-)

And my apologies for not responding in any detail (see tomorrow's entry for an explanation).

comment by Matt at 11:47 PM (GMT) on 15 November, 2004

Very nice series of images. Interesting structure.

comment by Tom B at 02:00 PM (GMT) on 16 November, 2004

Very well done. The reflection and mood of this photo are just fantastic. Thanks.

comment by steve at 07:15 AM (GMT) on 17 November, 2004

Rock On David!

Strong work

comment by Dave at 02:19 PM (GMT) on 18 November, 2004

Wow, I'd just like to add my little note to this justifiably long list of appreciative comments. I grew up in St. Annes and I spent so many evenings with my friends sat atop the charred remains of this pier and this picture captures the mood of the place perfectly... The sky is always very beautiful (but quite eerie) in the autumn and winter evenings and the way you have placed the pier in the centre of the two skies creates an incredibly tense, almost suspended, atmosphere around the structure, which I think really works well. Your use of colour here is also quite wonderful. Thanks for being probably the only person I have come across who has captured the beauty of this remarkable place.

comment by m at 09:38 PM (GMT) on 21 November, 2004


comment by Ryan Rahn at 05:55 PM (GMT) on 5 December, 2004

Wow!! Wonderful photograph. The contrast and the colors are amazing! I love the reflection as well.