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I did try to take a few shots with my FujiFilm FinePix today, but I haven't even looked at them as I strongly suspect they'll all be crap. So, instead, here's one from that I worked on a while ago but couldn't get 'right'. On my computer I have four main folders of images; 'new', which contains all the shots I've taken recently, 'mostly crap', which is where I move the new files too after realising that they're total rubbish (there are currently 1443 images in this folder waiting to be sorted and ultimately trashed), 'possibles', for shots that I think might work but can't get right (there are 34 images in this one), and another folder that contains all my originals, RAW files, and web graphics for chromasia. This one has sat in my 'possibles' folder since May, and the only reason I resurrected it today is that I didn't have anything to put up. I'm (most likely) going to skip posting this weekend, but I really didn't want to miss a weekday.

Oh, and if you normally view chromasia with either the 'light' or 'grey' theme, try this one with the 'dark' one.

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
white balance
Canon G5
12.48pm on 20/5/04
aperture priority
comment by testypea at 11:10 PM (GMT) on 17 September, 2004

this is brilliant!

comment by Bernard at 12:32 AM (GMT) on 18 September, 2004

What I like about it, is the feeling of it... not sure about the quality, but is the emotion that count? No?

comment by Urbanite at 12:44 AM (GMT) on 18 September, 2004

This almost has a 3D feel to it, like the gulls are sticking out of the photo, I love it, how could this have been in your 'possibles' folder for so long ???

comment by djn1 at 12:50 AM (GMT) on 18 September, 2004

testypea: thanks.

Bernard: no, the quality isn't all that great, it's a little too (motion) blurred, but after my experiments this week with my FujiFilm FinePix I've decided that I'm less bothreed by that than I used to be.

Urbanite: the image quality was one issue, but mostly because I wanted to do this one in colour, but I just couldn't get a version I was happy with. I think this one works though.

comment by Garth at 06:00 AM (GMT) on 18 September, 2004

Hey it if it makes you feel like your flying...which it does..then kudos.

This shot make me feel like I am 100 ft above the crowd coasting on that nice coastal breeze.

Motion blur often gives a sense of speed...a catapult into the universe..a perspective that we as humans do not get to experience.

With that said....well done.


comment by pixpop at 06:32 AM (GMT) on 18 September, 2004

Dave, very beautiful light. Quite dramatic.

comment by miklos at 06:40 AM (GMT) on 18 September, 2004

I like it.

comment by ODILIA LIUZZI at 06:49 AM (GMT) on 18 September, 2004


comment by kendall at 12:11 PM (GMT) on 18 September, 2004

I guess I have mixed feelings about this one but unfortunately I can't articulate what it is that's bothering me. It is a very striking image and the contrast of the wings against the sky and clouds is quite appealing. My first reaction was that the overexposed top edge of the wings (on the bottom bird) was a problem but after looking at it for a bit, I've come to enjoy the graphic nature of that line. Of course, all that being said I do wish I'd taken the photo myself. :)

comment by miles at 12:40 PM (GMT) on 18 September, 2004

It's a nice compsition and I can maybe see why it was in the 'possibles' pile, but it is a keeper, I think no matter what niggles you about it the image has that x-factor needed to be a good shot.

comment by nantel at 01:37 PM (GMT) on 18 September, 2004

It looks like they're playing tag ;-)

comment by brenda at 02:40 PM (GMT) on 18 September, 2004

very surreal

comment by tiffany at 02:52 PM (GMT) on 18 September, 2004

Composition wise, this is nicely balanced and has a very moody feel to it. My impression is that the extraction/color tinting probably saved this one - otherwise the quality issues would have been much more of an issue. In this rendition, they are almost beside the point because you've created more of a mood than anything else.

I think because they are flying toward the dark side of the page, it looks almost like silently headed towards... something difficult. I don't know, maybe I'm reading too much in. Because the underwings of the main bird look very much like the clouds in the top left, it feels like they are moving from the familiar to the unfamiliar. Ha, a metaphor for your work lately eh? :-)

I don't know if this is good or bad, but the birds look like they have outlines almost all the way around. Gives this the look of a collage.

Very cool watching you experiment and push in different directions. Thanks again for letting us watch and participate in your process!

comment by paola at 06:57 PM (GMT) on 18 September, 2004

very interesting
something different but something similar of:

comment by andrea at 09:21 PM (GMT) on 18 September, 2004

this is one my favorite photos of yours!

It reminds me a bit of Winged Migration (the film)
I feel like I am flying right along with them .

It is graceful and elegant and simple beauty.

So glad you resurrected it!
This is why we need to share our work...
It amazes me what others see in some of my
work that I'm not that attached or connected to.


comment by p23e at 09:23 PM (GMT) on 18 September, 2004

Great capture!

comment by Ali at 04:46 AM (GMT) on 19 September, 2004

How in the world did you do that? Zoom in?

comment by Daaave at 01:59 PM (GMT) on 19 September, 2004

I too would love to know how you took this...

It looks like you've used a monster zoom from the ground and caught these two cruising on a strong wind, but I know that isn't the case.

comment by Cam at 02:54 PM (GMT) on 19 September, 2004

I found 4 aspects of the image interesting

-it reminds me of a scene straght out of 'Top Gun'
-my mind wonders about where they are flying... there almost seems to be something interesting to head to out of scene.
-the dark sky makes for high contrast btw the subject and background...
-i find the different cloud textures interesting...

comment by east3rd at 02:58 PM (GMT) on 19 September, 2004

How do you do it??? This is incredible. It was in your "possibilities" folder??? Gee, this would have been in my "Post it now you fool!" folder.

comment by Michal at 09:22 PM (GMT) on 19 September, 2004

Fantastic athmosphere, good shot, man! I like photos like this

comment by djn1 at 11:53 PM (GMT) on 19 September, 2004

Ali and Daaave: this was taken at the equivalent focal length of 140mm. As such the gulls weren't all that far away from me. It's also worth mentioning that they were gliding into the wind and weren't moving all that quickly - if they had been I wouldn't have got the shot as the shutter lag on the G5 is too long to capture anything that moves. As it is, they aren't quite in focus, but there's just about enough detail to save the shot.

comment by iko at 10:14 AM (GMT) on 20 September, 2004

You have to stop taking so beautiful pictures.

now ! :-)

comment by fredrik at 12:29 PM (GMT) on 20 September, 2004

this is just great dave! the slight sepia(?) tone and the way the birds fill the frame...

comment by Jim at 05:28 PM (GMT) on 20 September, 2004

Great shot. I love the lighting on the gulls, and the composition is nice as well. Like folks said above, they really leap right out of the picture on this one. Well done!

comment by djn1 at 08:42 PM (GMT) on 20 September, 2004

Thanks everyone.

comment by • emarquetti • at 04:29 PM (GMT) on 21 September, 2004

Wow! Have you wings?
That´s one of the betters images I saw. Fantastic!

comment by Noah at 09:30 PM (GMT) on 22 September, 2004

i have just spent the last hour of my life looking at your photographs.

i do not consider my time to have been wasted.

comment by ccc at 11:11 AM (GMT) on 14 October, 2004

I love your work. Please could I put this photo in my blog? thank you ccc