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First off: my apologies for not replying to any emails either today or yesterday. We're currently having our ADSL connection upgraded and, for the time being at least, it isn't working at all. As for our dialup connection: that's been really intermittent today too. Hopefully things should be back to normal tomorrow and I'll reply to everybody then.

As for this shot:

One benefit of living on the west coast (of England), that I didn't anticipate when we moved here six weeks ago, is we get the most wonderful evening light as the sun sinks to the horizon before night finally falls. We previously lived in a quite hilly area of Yorkshire, and never got direct sunshine this late in the day, so it's quite a revelation to see light quite this wonderfully warm.

capture date
shutter speed
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Canon G5
7.06pm on 9/9/04
program AE
4x3 + fylde coast
comment by Sandra Rocha at 09:34 PM (GMT) on 9 September, 2004

don't even mention that kind of problem lol boy, do I know how that is ;-)
on the bright side (no pun intended eheheh) thisis a great shot, way up from the "american nails", call me crazy but I love the signs of decay on objects like this, the texture is always very interesting and the colors strong, as here
collapse of civilization I call it ;-)

comment by Robert at 11:49 PM (GMT) on 9 September, 2004

I'm new to your site and am thoroughly enjoying it. I'm a rank novice in digital photography so I don't understand the majority of the discussion here, but I'm enjoying the pictures nevertheless. And I was just about to ask where you're located when I came across today's entry.

comment by koozeh at 04:51 AM (GMT) on 10 September, 2004

I like LOVE! the red color.

comment by Geoff at 04:59 AM (GMT) on 10 September, 2004

I like this one. I think it's the most succesful of the "signage" shots recently. The colour saturation is beautiful, and the light - yet again you are out there taking shots at exactly the right time of day huh...

The decay is a good feature. Lots of nice detail - the crooked and missing lights, rhe strange pentagram in the corner, all nicely offset by the deep blue sky. Lovely

comment by Jason G. at 06:44 AM (GMT) on 10 September, 2004

I like how it represents that Collins was open to the public, but because larger companies like Wal-mart are able to kill off the mom and pop stores such as this one, the store has to close down and all that is left is this decaying sign.

comment by Luca (Italy) at 01:12 PM (GMT) on 10 September, 2004

Thank to Jason for his good explanation: I actually catch the meaning of this shot. I like its colors (deep blue and red). I like the ruined surface, and I appreciate the shooting angle which emphasises the surface itself, but.. sorry Dan, do not blame me.. but without Jason's explanation this pitcure would be without a good meaning for me.. only a good pitcure, indeed.
I shooted 1400 slides in a five-day tour in Chiapas this summer.. some of them are very beautiful, but few of them can survive without the others because they are only beautiful.. no more than beautiful: "Oooh, whatta nice church! Whatta nice garden" and son on. They have not their own meaning which could be caugth by everyone without supplemental information. They do not tell any story about the people of that church, of that garden. This David's pitcure looks like my beautiful ones. The reason why I always look at David''s photoblog is in the real good David's eyes in interpreting and in exploring the reality.

comment by Kjetil at 01:42 PM (GMT) on 10 September, 2004

Nice to see that things are working out well for you!
The last days you have had many good photos, and I think it must be good for you to move to a new place with new things to shoot.
Know how good it is to get away from the place you have captured hundreds of times.

And when you have time, finish that email to me, really looking forward to reading what you have to say!

comment by djn1 at 01:46 PM (GMT) on 10 September, 2004

Kjetil: oddly enough I was typing that email as your comment arrived - give me another twenty minutes ;-)

Jason/Luca: actually, this company is still trading, which, given that they sell paint, is rather ironic given the state of their signage.

comment by Jason G. at 05:28 PM (GMT) on 10 September, 2004

Oh, sorry.

comment by djn1 at 05:57 PM (GMT) on 10 September, 2004

Jason: no need to apologise, it was a perfectly reasonable interpretation given that I forgot to mention they were still in business.