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I took several versions of this shot yesterday, but the composition didn't work out. So I went back again this evening and think I got I right, or at least 'more' right. But I don't know what 'American Nails' are. Perhaps I'll ask next time I'm passing. Oh, and nothing was done to this shot other than a Curves adjustment.

capture date
shutter speed
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Canon G5
5.52pm on 7/9/04
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4x3 + fylde coast
comment by lee at 10:20 PM (GMT) on 7 September, 2004

it's very blah...

comment by djn1 at 10:24 PM (GMT) on 7 September, 2004

blah? Are you sure? ;-)

comment by Loge at 10:29 PM (GMT) on 7 September, 2004

American Nails. Another weapon in the war against terrorism!

comment by Tristan at 10:55 PM (GMT) on 7 September, 2004

It's not a favorite of mine, but I still like it. I like the plain blue sky behind the building and signs.


comment by Alec Long at 11:30 PM (GMT) on 7 September, 2004

Being American, I'm most troubled by the perception this sign will likely cause among thousands of Brits: namely, that American women wear multi-colored daggeresque fingernails.

As if we need another layer to our image problem. ;)

comment by djn1 at 11:36 PM (GMT) on 7 September, 2004

Alec: my wife read my description and told me a) that American Nails is just the name of the shop (stoooopid!), and b) that airbrushing nails originated in the States, hence the name of the shop. So I don't think you need worry too much about your image problem ;-)

comment by Sandra Rocha at 01:41 AM (GMT) on 8 September, 2004

ROFL I was about to say something like what Loge said ;-D
as for the image, what really works for me is the matching colors: sky and letters with the stars, white backgrounds on all signs, I like this a lot

comment by Frank at 01:53 AM (GMT) on 8 September, 2004

Not at all unusual for the nail shops here in Brooklyn, NY.

comment by Jinky at 05:26 AM (GMT) on 8 September, 2004

LOL @ Loge hahahhah =)

comment by Garth at 05:43 AM (GMT) on 8 September, 2004

Everywhere I go...I see Chromasia...your site has even permeated into the daily picks for Yahoo! http://dir.yahoo.com/new/

Good stuff!

comment by Garth at 05:44 AM (GMT) on 8 September, 2004

Everywhere I go...I see Chromasia...your site has even permeated into the daily picks for Yahoo! http://dir.yahoo.com/new/ for Sept 8th

Good stuff!

comment by Garth at 05:46 AM (GMT) on 8 September, 2004

Everywhere I turn on the web...I see Chromasia. Your site has even permeated into my daily Yahoo! picks. You have been chosen for Sept 8th. http://dir.yahoo.com/new/

Groovy. It always makes me happy when I know about a cool site before someone at Yahoo!

Good stuff!

comment by Garth at 05:49 AM (GMT) on 8 September, 2004

Gah!. Sorry for the repetition..repitition..reptition. Apparently my comments got posted while I was editing them....please don't ban me :)

comment by zimny at 01:32 PM (GMT) on 8 September, 2004

pixels, i see pixels... and it's the first time it bothers me i here....
and other then that - it's a great image, i think i understand what you mean about the composition. it's nice now.

comment by djn1 at 01:46 PM (GMT) on 8 September, 2004

zimny: I put this up in a real rush yesterday so didn't have as much post-processing time as normal. Usually I spend a bit of time tidying up an image after I sharpen it, but I didn't do it for this one. If I get a bit of time later this week I'll put up an amended version.

comment by photojunkie at 02:48 PM (GMT) on 8 September, 2004

Wow it amazes me that even a BLAH (as lee's says) picture such as this one has like 15 comments on it.

Definitely not one of your better works. Not being mean, just being critical.

comment by Judith Polakoff at 03:07 PM (GMT) on 8 September, 2004

:) good one, Loge! :)

comment by Jeremy at 05:55 PM (GMT) on 8 September, 2004

I'm not a fan of this one. The sky and angles are good, but in general I don't like the subject

comment by lincoln at 06:24 PM (GMT) on 8 September, 2004

What is most interesting is the sign behind the nails sign. You previous had this in the background of a shot two pages ago and its typograhy and style makes it stand out amongst the bleak and harse world of (insert the town you shot this in). This shot is also very good but lacks the depth seen in your previous shot, which I assume is taken around the corner. Because of this, there seems to be no mystery in this shot...its almost too cut and dry. BUT by being here, and being contrasted with the other shot, one gets a great feeling of sense of place or location. Try to get a monolithic shot of the S sign.

comment by d at 09:19 PM (GMT) on 8 September, 2004

i guess the irony would be that this isn't shot in america? perhaps the nail industry is moving over to the dark side..

comment by djn1 at 09:56 PM (GMT) on 8 September, 2004

Thanks, mostly ;-) I guess this shot was more of an exploration of colour and composition than anything else, and doesn't, if I'm honest, have much else going for it.

zimny: I've amended this image; i.e. in this version the sharpening artefacts are a little less obvious.

comment by mike at 10:08 PM (GMT) on 8 September, 2004

i'm a fan of your site from photoblogs.org and was happy to see you featured on yahoo's daily picks today. well deserved!

comment by djn1 at 11:25 PM (GMT) on 8 September, 2004

Btw, does anyone know how I ended up on Yahoo? Not that I'm complaining :-)

comment by Emily at 12:44 AM (GMT) on 9 September, 2004

im afraid i don't really like this one. at first glance it looks like a logo for some company or something. although, i do like the abstract distortion of the background. that makes it interesting, makes you take a second look.

and even giving your site what little effort you do, it's still the one which seems to me to have made the most effort. i mean that as a compliment. i don't think i've seen any photolog that has quite as many features/options as yours and yet isn't muddled and clumsy and overloaded.

comment by Michal at 02:06 PM (GMT) on 9 September, 2004

nice composition and light, but I thing that black&white version can be better

comment by Jason G. at 08:44 AM (GMT) on 10 September, 2004

This is an interesting shot in the way it represents job outsourcing reaching the level of even a nail salon. A good representation of globalization and how foreign markets can now be seen next to eaach other as close as these two signs.

comment by Matt at 06:48 PM (GMT) on 13 September, 2004

Love the shot, especially the deep blue of the sky. How did you manage that in Blackpool??!

I like the imagery of the shot - the American sign and what can only be described as an American style superclub behind it -Syndicate. No escaping those Pesky Americans!!:)