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There aren't many animals on chromasia – two seagulls (one of which I submitted to this week's Photo Friday challenge – Analog), and a shot of a pidgeon and a barn owl – probably because I don't always find them all that inspiring to shoot. But as we were walking round the park this morning I spotted this dragonfly, and after a brief chase through the undergrowth I managed to take this shot.

It's not great – the angle's a bit off, and the DoF is too small – but it's the only dragonfly shot I've ever managed to take so I thought I'd put it up.

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
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Canon G5
11.37am on 21/8/04
aperture priority
comment by Jessyel Ty Gonzalez at 12:31 AM (GMT) on 22 August, 2004

I would agree with everything you've said. It's a great shot. The depth of field isn't the usual macro fairing, but it still have nice color. A little too much hot spots (perhaps a flash?) but it's still a great shot!

comment by djn1 at 12:38 AM (GMT) on 22 August, 2004

Jessyel: No, I didn't use flash – the hot spots on the wings and eye were there in the original, whereas those at the front of the leaf are my fault; i.e. I increased the overall contrast of the shot.

comment by M at 01:08 AM (GMT) on 22 August, 2004


comment by Charlie at 02:17 AM (GMT) on 22 August, 2004

Nice shot...it does seem a little hot in the foreground, but the color is wonderful and the detail on the body and tail are great! :)

comment by mark at 04:26 AM (GMT) on 22 August, 2004

When i opened up your site, i was like...eh, did I click the wrong link?? Hehe...Im impressed with the Macro. I had the G5 for a week or two testing it out, and I don't think I ever was able to get this nice of a macro from it. I seem to remember that the min. focal length wasn't all that great. Well, you proved me wrong. You can make out every hair.

comment by youyesyou at 04:30 AM (GMT) on 22 August, 2004

wow, when i first saw this one, i didn't even think it was by you. i thought you were doing guest photos for a reason or another. this shot is really great. i like the detail and the harsh lighting. it looks like an old picture you'd find in an out of date issue of those zoo books i used to read as a kid. well done.

comment by Crusing By at 06:13 AM (GMT) on 22 August, 2004

I love photos like the "dragonfly" photo. Take a look at these photos (archives listed at http://chamorrobible.org/gpw/gpw.htm) :


http://chamorrobible.org/gpw/gpw-20040603.htm (specially the one on the "bottom right")

My compliments to the photographer who took the "dragonfly" photo and to the other photographers who can get these type of shots.

comment by Kai at 02:39 PM (GMT) on 22 August, 2004

WOw, the colors on that thing are insane. The colors and the shadow both rock.

comment by sheepbombs at 09:25 PM (GMT) on 22 August, 2004

don't you make any bad photos? I want the bad ones - show us some bad photos!!!!

comment by Alison at 11:22 PM (GMT) on 22 August, 2004

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I -just- took a dragonfly photo, not a half-hour ago. Before even being inspired by this.
-Twilight Zone theme-
Anyway. I love the detail in this picture... all the little fuzz. Nice.

comment by RainKing at 10:26 AM (GMT) on 23 August, 2004

That's a very good macro. I think it's a bit overexposed, but I like the britghness of the colors. Good catch.