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This was shot in the rightmost window of this shot, and it's about my 30th attempt to get this one right. About 50% of the ones I've taken have been fine – at full resolution – but the rest that I've taken ended up either losing detail or appearing over-sharpened. Anyway, I'm reasonably happy with this one, and unless I find a better way of resizing (rather than using Web Presenter Pro) I don't think I'll be able to do much better.

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
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image quality
white balance
Canon G5
4.34pm on 17/8/04
aperture priority
4x3 + fylde coast [scenic] + people + self-portrait
comment by Max at 02:07 AM (GMT) on 18 August, 2004

Another reflection! It is beautiful!

comment by Brian at 02:14 AM (GMT) on 18 August, 2004

You know, I keep looking for things i can criticize you for on your photo's but there rarely seems to be anything. So I guess I will go the other route. I like the elongation of the buildings gives it a feeling like you are looking into a fun house mirror which works with the fair like atmosphere in the left side. Nice shot.

comment by myla at 02:35 AM (GMT) on 18 August, 2004

Dave I *love* this, this is one of your best 'reflectionist' ones yet. I love so many things about this shot -- the clouds; the sort of cartoon look of the building in the rightmost part of the shot; that wonderful rollercoaster on the left -- and the primary colors of the cars in between and that curly thing -- by the rollercoaster -- what is that?

Love it.

comment by Charlie at 03:07 AM (GMT) on 18 August, 2004

This is great...at first glance it looked like an old big top circus until I realized it was a fairly normal street scene. Great colors and excellent perspective!

comment by Maxine at 05:46 AM (GMT) on 18 August, 2004

Absolutely wonderful! NIce view to start my very early day :)

comment by Kjetil at 06:02 AM (GMT) on 18 August, 2004

Can you visit chromasia om wap? Yes! Great photo.

comment by Peace at 11:01 AM (GMT) on 18 August, 2004

ahhh... so beautiful! :)

comment by kendall at 11:23 AM (GMT) on 18 August, 2004

I like the reverse-wide-angle warping going on here. It almost feels like I'm looking inside one of those confetti and water-filled glass balls with a miniature city inside. Interesting!

comment by Jason Davies at 11:27 AM (GMT) on 18 August, 2004

I like the clouds in this one. Nice one Dave!

comment by djn1 at 09:46 PM (GMT) on 18 August, 2004

myla: the 'curly thing' looks like a helter-skelter, but I'm not sure it's functional. There's a better view of it in this shot.

comment by Oberon at 01:35 AM (GMT) on 19 August, 2004

This was taken in Blackpool England right?

comment by djn1 at 04:54 AM (GMT) on 19 August, 2004

Thanks everyone.

Oberon: yes, near the Pleasure Beach.

comment by john at 05:21 AM (GMT) on 19 August, 2004

Very cool reflection shot..! Composition is good too - I probably would have been temped to try and stay out of the picture, but I think your silhouette adds...

comment by Joan at 07:48 AM (GMT) on 19 August, 2004

I wanna live in Blackpool! You make it look fabulous.
I like your presence in the photo.
You must enjoy logging on and soaking up all these adoring comments. You deserve to enjoy them, for all you give to us viewers of your awesome art. (That's the first time I've ever used the word awesome, probably because I'm a 52 year old white haired woman).
Is Blackpool as great a place to live as it appears to be?

comment by LunaSol at 06:22 PM (GMT) on 19 August, 2004

I just adore this photograph!

comment by Oberon at 09:27 PM (GMT) on 24 August, 2004

I thought so! Is that reflection from the big silver ball? I visited Blackpool last August (I live in the United States).