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I noticed these three women as I was waiting for my train the other evening. Each of them had two pieces of paper with a letter on each, and they lined themselves up as this train arrived – they were obviously waiting for someone. This shot though was taken as the same train left, just after they'd realised that the person they were waiting for appeared not to have arrived.

A couple of minutes later, as I listened to them wondering what had happened to this person, one of them received a phone call asking them where they were. Apparently the person had arrived, got off the train without noticing them, and wandered out of the station. They all laughed, but were obviously dissapointed that their welcome message had been missed.

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
white balance
Canon G5
4.58pm on 26/7/04
aperture priority
minor rotation
4x3 + people
comment by Carlo at 01:37 AM (GMT) on 29 July, 2004

I just don't know how you do it!! This is yet another stunning image. I initilly thought the "secret" behind your images was their saturated, hyper-realist color, this just throws all of that out the window. You just have a remarkable eye! congrats! and thanks for sharing, you're inded an inspiration.

comment by John at 01:54 AM (GMT) on 29 July, 2004

A beautiful image! Very striking in b&w.

comment by Raminok at 02:23 AM (GMT) on 29 July, 2004

Lovely shot, it has motion, it has feeling (probably due to being B&W). All the girls are actually moving

comment by Jeremy at 04:43 AM (GMT) on 29 July, 2004

Beautiful B&W

comment by Kjetil at 10:45 AM (GMT) on 29 July, 2004

Very striking indeed! A good focus on the girl in the middle and that does the trick I think!

comment by MattB at 10:58 AM (GMT) on 29 July, 2004

Excellent capture Dave! Lovely movement, cool reflections in the train window, and the light outlining the girl in the middle is just superb. Well done!

comment by Henry at 12:09 PM (GMT) on 29 July, 2004

How on earth do you do it Dave? Do you have your cam with you even when you aren't planning on doing a photoshoot, and decide when you see something, "Hey this looks good!" SNAP! You are more than amazing!

comment by djn1 at 12:32 PM (GMT) on 29 July, 2004

Carlo and Henry: the "secret", such as it is, is just to have your camera ready. When I'm not doing anything else I tend to leave it either round my neck or over my shoulder, and if I see something interesting I'm ready to shoot. In this case I was just waiting for a train, watching the world go by through the LCD display. This shot is one of around five or six that I shot of these women (they didn't notice me) and is the only one that worked.

comment by rootooshbashi at 03:35 PM (GMT) on 29 July, 2004

Very nice picture and, great composition.

comment by Tom B at 04:33 PM (GMT) on 29 July, 2004

The tones, movement, expressions and all that make up this photo are wonderfully captured. Thanks for sharing.

comment by RainKing at 04:43 PM (GMT) on 29 July, 2004

Cool image. It has sort of a high key feel about it that I really like.

comment by Rodrigo Gómez at 07:15 PM (GMT) on 29 July, 2004

And it worked very well!!!!

I just love the expressions... the motioun blur.. everything! Maybe I would have framed different, but this absolutely works! The contrast is soooo nice :)

comment by djn1 at 01:11 AM (GMT) on 30 July, 2004

Thanks everyone.

comment by Tristan at 02:13 AM (GMT) on 30 July, 2004

Wonderful shot! I love the motion, the girl in the middle's expression, and the pose of the girl on the right. Though I like all of your shots, I love the black and white (or very desaturated) ones.

I was wondering, did you handhold for this shot? Do you usually handhold?

Great work...

comment by Jasmin at 05:40 PM (GMT) on 31 July, 2004

It reminds me of art film posters. The light and motion enhance the girls' youth. Very, very nice. I'm glad you made it B&W, because it stands out more that way.

comment by denni at 11:47 AM (GMT) on 22 February, 2010

you have, and im sure you are well aware of it, an incredible talent.
your photos are amazing beyond literal description. you manage to capture still life and moments as they happen in the most captivating images.
much much much much (x infity +1 (: )
praise for you.