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While playing Trivial Pursuit may not be totally "in" anymore, I did think this shot was a suitable entry for this week's Photo Friday challenge – Cool. It was taken early Saturday morning (on the first night of the stag weekend I just attended) after we'd drunk enough beers to kill a small rhinocerous, so I'm quite surprised it's even vaguely in focus ;-)

And if anyone has any theories as to why it is people look cool in sunglasses I'd be interested to hear them. Clearly people do, well, some people, but I'm not sure quite why that's the case.

Oh, and you might want to look at yesterday's entry as it was posted rather late and you might not have seen it.

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comment by Tine at 10:14 AM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

wow great shot, so sharp! very COOL

comment by Tszecia at 10:42 AM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

People in sunglasses look cool because you don't see their eyes which are the closest to one's soul. Sunglasses on - no access to man. That's why.

I love the txt about rhino. Bought.

comment by djn1 at 11:12 AM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

Tszecia: yes, sure, sunglasses make it much harder to 'read' someone, but why is that cool? Is this something to do with our cultural expectations about the nature of what's desirable and what's not? Another question, that might be relevant: do women look cool in sunglasses in the same way that men do? I suspect not in that our expectations concerning whatever we mean by 'cool' are different for both groups.

comment by amanda at 12:48 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

I didnt see the title of this pic but my comment to myself when I opened the page was "ah very cool" :D
Must be psychic!

Is it that people wearing sunglasses look cool, or that the people who wear sunglasses ARE cool. I always wear them, so it must be the latter. :P

Great shot my dear.

comment by djn1 at 12:55 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

"Is it that people wearing sunglasses look cool, or that the people who wear sunglasses ARE cool. I always wear them, so it must be the latter."

What a fib! ;-)

comment by Sunny at 01:47 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

It reminds me of "Blue pill or red pill" in The Matrix.

comment by amanda at 02:23 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

Says you daddio!!!!!

comment by wookiee at 02:46 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

Somebody has a brown wedge.

comment by Chris at 02:48 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004


comment by Seth Thomas Rasmussen at 03:08 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

Amazing. *clap clap* And playing Trivial Pursuit is SO cool.

comment by tiffany at 03:49 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

It's not just the sunglasses that makes this cool. It's the close cropping, the stubble, the little goatie, the expression, the mirror finish on the sunglasses, the black leather on the sides. There's something really hilarious about this apparent badass looking so cool over a game of trivial pursuit. A cool image all around!

comment by RainKing at 04:07 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

I'm not sure about the cool part. I guess it's a matter of opinion, but when I see someone wearing sunglasses indoors I don't associate that person with any coolness. Hungover at best. ;)

And a quote: "Some people believe that by wearing sunglasses, other people can't see them."

Cool pic. I like how clear the reflection is.

comment by Jason Wall at 04:09 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

Whenever I see a photo of a guy, and you can almost feel the steel wire coming out of his face, I get all envious. Me, I shave once a week, and I'm twenty-six. There is something inherently manly about that kind of beard or potential for one. ;)

comment by mark at 04:36 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

The movies are what caused sunglasses to become cool. Tom Cruise in Risky Business single handidly brought on the sunglasses revolution during my high school years...

comment by roderick at 06:54 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

Great shot. Pretty unbelieveable how sharp the reflection is.

Trivial Pursuit and other board games are becoming really popular in Chicago. Many pubs are now offering game nights. Beer and trivia definiately go hand in hand.

comment by djn1 at 07:44 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

Sunny: thanks, I guess you can't get much cooler than that scene!

tiffany: that made me laugh. This friend of mine is probably one of the least 'badass' people I know but, ironically, one of the ones most likely to appreciate being mistaken for one ;-)

RainKing: nope, no hangover, it was quarter to one in the morning - we'd barely got started ;-)

Jason: I'll ask him about the apparent wireiness. Actually, I'll email him and tell him to come and read the comments and let you know himself.

And to keep the conversation going: is 'looking cool in sunglasses' an exclusively male thing or can women do it too?

comment by Maxine at 07:48 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

Sunglasses: cool or not cool ? If it comes with a white stick maybe not , innit? ;) I think the idea of coolness is culturally constructed. I don´t like sunglasses, so , no way I find it cool on the contrary I find it kitsch, but your photo is cool! Love what I can see in the guy´s lenses. Great photo!
Are you sure you have had some beers before doing that shot?
:) Amazing!

comment by Rob at 08:21 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

I can vouch for the quantities of beer consumed in advance of the photo. The image in the glasses was the only thing that was razor sharp at that time.

Tiffany - this is the first time I have been called an 'apparent badass' - as Dave rightly pointed out I do quite like it though.

Jason - I had shaved just before the shot was taken and it shows only 10 minutes growth

With regard to a photo of me playing trivial pursuit after much alcohol, at night with sunglasses on appearing in the 'Photo Friday' challenge under the heading of 'cool'. I can only comment that it is a fine example of the photographers art and one which definitely pushes the boundaries of reality :)

comment by James at 08:42 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

Amazing attention to detail, one of your best shots I think.

comment by Daniel Olovsson at 09:00 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

Totaly love the "little beard", don't know the english word but he looks pretty cool to me .. good shot

comment by brad at 09:03 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

I don't care if Trivial Pursuit is not popular anymore! I beat my in-laws at it just last week, it's my favorite board game, ever.

comment by mark at 10:11 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

Djn1, has this picture been "Neat Imaged" in any way?

The hair on the right side of his face (his right) seems to have lost some if its detail.

comment by Michelle at 10:36 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

I rarely go outside without my opaque sunglasses on, mostly because I look cool, partly because UV rays = BAD.

Someone said above that eyes are 'closest to the soul' and sunglasses cover that up, and the reason that's cool is because the soul is who you are, flaws and all. Cover that up, and you are, undoubtedly, higher than most.

Plus, we've learned that if Bono does it, it MUST be cool.

comment by djn1 at 11:08 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2004

mark: yes, the version that was up - the one you commented on - was Noise Ninja'd. It's a piece of noise reduction software (much the same as Neat Image) that I'm trying out at the moment but haven't totally got the hang of. After reading your comment I produced a straight version of this shot and much prefer it, so put that one up instead. The original image can be seen here, and as you can see there are areas of skin that have lost detail. Oh, the images have a marginally different crop as I started again with this shot and couldn't (be bothered to) get them exactly the same.

comment by MADesign at 04:05 AM (GMT) on 13 July, 2004

wow, that is very "cool"! I love this photo a lot, and the relfection is so nice and everything is tack sharp! Great job.

comment by Andrea at 04:40 AM (GMT) on 13 July, 2004

Excellent shot! A whole story in one man's face.

comment by djn1 at 09:46 AM (GMT) on 13 July, 2004

Thanks everyone.

comment by AlOn_ at 08:51 AM (GMT) on 14 July, 2004

WOW!!!!.... great shot!... simply love it

comment by Kate at 02:42 PM (GMT) on 14 July, 2004

Rob, an apparent badasss :-)), now this is photography at it's best.

comment by M at 09:59 PM (GMT) on 14 August, 2004

But they're Andy's shades !

comment by christine at 03:21 PM (GMT) on 21 June, 2005