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I went for a walk yesterday lunchtime and came across this display, and while the end result isn't quite what I was after – I was trying to make more of the mannequin's pose as a commentary on my reflected activity – I'm reasonably pleased with how it turned out.

On another matter: you may have spotted the new links at the bottom of my main index page and my individual archive pages. These point to a new webring set up by Cameron of aporeality. The main aim of the ring is to bring some exposure to some of the lesser known sites at photoblogs.org, and if you're interested you can take a look at Cameron's post on this topic at blog.photoblogs. Alternatively you can have a look at the list of sites that have already signed up or visit a random site.

Oh, and finally: if anyone has bookmarked my main archive page I've changed the url to ../archive.php rather than index2.php (which wasn't all that informative).

capture date
shutter speed
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exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
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Canon G5
1.44pm on 6/7/04
program AE
4x3 + self-portrait
comment by Mehran at 12:58 AM (GMT) on 7 July, 2004

I just subscribed to photoblogs and found yours, It is great! Congratulations

comment by Maxine at 01:51 AM (GMT) on 7 July, 2004

What a beautiful photo! Just love it! The whole thing works so well, the shopping window, the mannequin pose, the colours and the real people passing by! Superb pic :) Well done!

comment by Cameron at 07:46 AM (GMT) on 7 July, 2004

Thanks for the heads up David! I love this shot, the juxtaposition of you and the mannequin, but most of all (for some reason) I like the expression on the face of the fellow strolling above reductions text (or through the massive I suppose!)

comment by Jessyel Ty Gonzalez at 10:50 AM (GMT) on 7 July, 2004

It's a good composition. The banner/sign at the very bottom makes the image work in my opinion. Very nice David...

comment by James at 02:16 PM (GMT) on 7 July, 2004

Methinks someone's been influenced by heather champ... again, the bloke on the left with the inquisitive look does it for me.

comment by djn1 at 02:41 PM (GMT) on 7 July, 2004

James: do you think so? Oddly, I did think that yesterday's shot was close to Heather's style, at least in terms of its photojournalistic element, but I wouldn't have said the same about this one.

comment by djn1 at 02:45 PM (GMT) on 7 July, 2004

"the bloke on the left with the inquisitive look does it for me"

I know what you mean, but I wonder what's he looking at? Either he's trying to work out what I'm looking at, or he's just looking at the contents of the window but, despite an intuitive feeling to the contrary, he isn't looking at the camera (unless he's looking at its reflection, which seems unlikely).

comment by marov at 09:07 PM (GMT) on 7 July, 2004

Beautiful shot, you look kinda like Moby in this shot ;-)

comment by Urbanite at 07:33 AM (GMT) on 8 July, 2004

You don't look at all how I imagined ! Yes, you do look like Moby lol.

comment by djn1 at 07:42 AM (GMT) on 8 July, 2004

Moby? I guess there are worse comparisons that could be made ;-)

comment by wookiee at 03:03 PM (GMT) on 8 July, 2004

Yo yo! That mannekin's got some attitude!

comment by Urbanite at 05:35 PM (GMT) on 8 July, 2004

I wonder if the mannequin is based on Pink ?