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This is almost the last of the shots I took while I was away last week, and despite a number of limitations I think it's one of my favourites. It was snapped as I was going down one escalator and the two women were going up, so given the slow shutter speed I'm quite pleased that they're both mostly in focus. There are two things that I'm not overly happy about though, both of which aren't too serious.

First, the angle is slightly off. I was supporting the camera on the escalator's handrail and obviously didn't hold it quite level, but on the whole I don't think this detracts too badly from the shot. Second, the shot was both unevenly lit and mildy underexposed. To correct this I converted the image to black and white by using the Channel Mixer to extract the red channel (as described here). The benefit of this method (rather than a straight desaturation) is that it lifts the skin tones, particularly noticeable for the woman on the right.

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
white balance
Canon G5
9.40am on 18/6/04
aperture priority
4x3 + people
comment by amanda at 11:00 AM (GMT) on 26 June, 2004

i love the motion
they look happy =D

comment by john at 02:02 PM (GMT) on 26 June, 2004

Heh, looks like an escalator that's been supercharged...

comment by bill staples at 04:16 PM (GMT) on 26 June, 2004

very cool - my favorite part of the image is the photo of the girl, behind the two girls, which ties them to the fast-paced world in which they live

comment by justin at 05:08 PM (GMT) on 26 June, 2004

just fantastic - a wonderful candid!

comment by peace at 06:10 PM (GMT) on 26 June, 2004

cool photo!

comment by nantel at 11:54 PM (GMT) on 26 June, 2004

The top two sites showing escalator images. Time to break out the tin foil hats ;-)

comment by Tudy at 12:03 AM (GMT) on 27 June, 2004

Great and happy image. A real feel good sight.

comment by Jeremy at 06:07 AM (GMT) on 27 June, 2004

I like your photographs! Wonder if I can take up photography too. I hardly own a camera let alone, knowing them. LOL. By the way, should we be using digital cameras for serious photography?

comment by tiffany at 07:46 AM (GMT) on 27 June, 2004

This one is really terrific. It feels like we're evesdropping in on such a private conversation... but that's a lie, because in life they would be moving past us so quickly we couldn't possibly overhear much. LOL sorry, it's past my bedtime. :)

comment by djn1 at 09:30 AM (GMT) on 27 June, 2004

Thanks everyone.

Nantel: yes, that was a bit weird. I put this one up before seeing Sam's (which I much prefer to my shot), otherwise I might have put up something different.

Jeremey: it doesn't matter what you use for 'serious' photography - a pinhole camera, a cheap disposable plastic one, a top of the range DSLR - all of these, if used properly, can produce magnificent photographs. If you're starting out though, a digital camera would be a good option: there are no development costs, you can instantly preview your images, and so on.

comment by Ellie at 08:47 PM (GMT) on 27 June, 2004

I am falling in love with your site. As someone who recently started a photo blog, your site gives me daily inspriration. You capture moments and images brilliantly.

I especially like this shot becuase of its softness and authenticity.

comment by Tiago at 02:55 PM (GMT) on 28 June, 2004

brilliant. your site's consistancy is overwhelming.

comment by bob at 01:39 AM (GMT) on 29 June, 2004

sweet shot, Dave... perfect grab...

comment by Arne at 06:40 AM (GMT) on 30 June, 2004

Be Proud

comment by caitlin at 12:41 AM (GMT) on 2 July, 2004

neat idea - i love the capture of movement!