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This is the companion shot to the one I put up on Sunday and, initially, I far preferred this one, but now I'm not so sure. What I like about this shot is that it's clean and simple with a relatively restricted and subdued colour palette, and for me this is a peaceful (for want of a better term) shot, but I now think that I probably prefer the previous shot.

In its favour, this one reminds me of some of my favourite of Russ Campbell's shots, such as Play, The Order, Shooting the Fuller, and Morning – all of which I've mentioned before (in relation to this shot), but this is the first time that I feel as though I've managed to capture this 'feel' myself. I'd be interested to see whether you think there is a similarity between this shot and Russ's ones that I've mentioned and, if so, how you'd describe the similarity.

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
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Canon G5
3.07pm on 18/6/04
aperture priority
4x3 + people
comment by E. M. at 07:01 AM (GMT) on 22 June, 2004

I can see some similarity between your shots and Russ'. IMO, it is a candid shot that is not completely candid. There is some mystery to it as we don't see the whole of the subject. A nice photograph, however, I prefer the one where you see her hands. Her hands give it a little more humanity.

comment by Brian Poulsen at 07:41 AM (GMT) on 22 June, 2004

How in the world do you get such light? Is this shot with studio light or outside?

Wonderful picture.

comment by djn1 at 08:53 AM (GMT) on 22 June, 2004

Brian: it was shot outside a café in Hampton Court. It was a very bright, partially overcast day, and I think there was quite a lot of light reflected back from the front of the café – hence the uniform, almost flat lighting.

comment by Brian Poulsen at 01:44 PM (GMT) on 22 June, 2004

Thanks. You picture "fashion" looks to be shot at the same place? The light and jacket looks very much alike. Another wonderful photo by the way. The white background, is that edited or a result of over exposure?

comment by stockholmlabs at 02:19 PM (GMT) on 22 June, 2004

now, that is a fresh angle!

comment by Vassilis at 02:40 PM (GMT) on 22 June, 2004

awesome photos...
bravo #200998
just a question...
are the photos 'photoshopped' or 'as it is'
in RAW format?
i mean did you use eny Photoshop filters etc.

comment by Kayleigh at 03:24 PM (GMT) on 22 June, 2004

That is wonderful lighting. I love the detail of the chair.

comment by Jason Wall at 04:16 PM (GMT) on 22 June, 2004

Your previous photo in this line was less abstract, and evoked more emotion. I think that is why the other one had more impact. This shot tends to say less, although it is pleasant. The soft color pallate, and the even lighting really do give an impression of being peaceful.

comment by Maxine at 05:03 PM (GMT) on 22 June, 2004

I think the similarity between yours pic and Russ's ones that I can feel strongly I am looking at Dave's pic in the same way I feel when looking at Russ's pic. The signature is there. In your case is the 'light'. Amazing what you can do! In Russ's pic to me is the way he deconstruct the subject giving you half of it and you end up feeling you have the whole thing. You do with ligh, he does it with image. But this just the way I see things :)

comment by Peace at 06:19 PM (GMT) on 22 June, 2004

i love your pictures! beautiful!

comment by Russ at 10:30 PM (GMT) on 22 June, 2004

Again, I am flattered by the reference, David. It pleases me that we take inspiration from each other; not a bad thing at all, many musicians do this.

Maxine hits the nail right on the head when she talks about leaving things out and letting the viewer fill in the gaps. In music they call it, "playing the spaces". No one truly enjoys having their hand held all the way through a story or song, but when you are presented with just enough information to fill in the gaps yourself (even if the gaps themselves are borne of your own imagination and are sometimes a challenge to fill), the rewards can be great.

I know I enjoy the challenge even my own photographs present to my mind. Certainly many, many of yours do as well.

comment by djn1 at 12:58 AM (GMT) on 23 June, 2004

Brian: yes, this is the same place, shot two minutes before the previous shot. And the 'over-exposure' in the other shot is a consequence of spot-metering off her hand.

Vassilis: all my shots are taken in RAW format so all are processed to a greater or lesser extent. These shots, other than a Levels adjustment, a gentle Curves adjustment (boosting the mid-tones), and some minor desaturation, are relatively straight images.

Maxine and Russ: though I think I was thinking more about the quality of light than the content, the general feel of the image, I think you're both right; i.e. that the absences define this image more clearly than the elements that are present.

comment by Tom B at 04:14 AM (GMT) on 23 June, 2004

Very nice. I too like the idea of leaving some to the imagination of the viewer and this shot does that. Compared to the similar shot from Sunday I can honestly say that I like the other one a bit better, mainly due to the look of the woman's hands in the photo and the softness of the tones.

With that said this photo is still simply wonderful and I like the wicker type chair. Seeing photos like this is definatly opening my eyes to new ways of looking at subjects and you are one of the photographers I can thank for that.

comment by Irene at 01:27 AM (GMT) on 25 June, 2004

It's very late, so I didn't look at the mentioned photo's. I only wanted to say I like the previous photo a lot better. That's an open photo. This one is very closed.
Also I like the fading effect of the trousers in the other photo. The trousers just disappear in endless whiteness. No boundaries, no frame. Somehow to me it's a photographic translation of a feeling of zen, relaxation, secure future. Someone at ease.

This photo is not at ease. The person is leaning forward, almost anxious.

Tomorrow I will look at the mentioned photo's. I'm curious about what you were after......