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I'm not overy impressed with this shot. I like the colours, and the generally muted feel, but the focus is a little too confusing. Ideally I would have liked a more clearly defined plane of focus – blurred foreground, focus, blurred background – as I think this would have made for a stronger image, but it didn't quite work out.

But this is another of shots I've taken recently documenting our house (well, garden) before we move, so I'm not quite so bothered that it isn't perfect.

Oh, and I was really pleased yesterday to be awarded a noteworthy for my entry for the Photo Friday Landscape challenge, not least because it's my current favourite shot (my other favourites are now in my portfolio category), but also because there were 530 entries. So many thanks to everyone who voted :-)

And finally, I'm now in Bristol (UK) for the next couple of days and will be in London on Thursday evening and Friday, so posting times may vary, or may not manage to get anything up at all. I'll be back home on Friday, and hopefully will have managed to take something reasonable while I'm away to put up over the weekend. Do keep commenting though, and I'll respond when I get home.

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
white balance
Canon G5
4.34pm on 12/6/04
aperture priority
4x3 + macro
comment by Tudy at 12:00 PM (GMT) on 16 June, 2004

Well I really like this shot.. for some of the same reasons you mentioned. It almost has a... gee how do I put this? Im thinking Alice in Wonderland.

comment by Azziria at 12:16 PM (GMT) on 16 June, 2004

I see what you mean about the plane of focus, but neverthless I love this shot - both for the colours, and for the textures. Lovely.

comment by darragh at 12:19 PM (GMT) on 16 June, 2004

i think these flowers are an interesting photo subject in all stages from budding to withered. nice mood in this shot.

comment by vrieskist at 01:05 PM (GMT) on 16 June, 2004

I like it :) Nuff said ;)

comment by HD at 01:26 PM (GMT) on 16 June, 2004

I like it too, great shot!


comment by balth at 03:37 PM (GMT) on 16 June, 2004

The focus is one of the things that made me look at the shot longer, to try to figure it out. I enjoy puzzles that make me think, so I would say that I like the focus the way it is over the standard forground blur, and background blur. Wonderful texture on the stems, those are beautiful.

comment by Maxine at 08:49 PM (GMT) on 16 June, 2004

The invasion of cotton lavender :)
Lovely pic, my first feeling was that they don't belong to this planet they are just 'things' passing by but really paying attention around :) the 'focus' to me made the photo. Well done.

comment by amy at 09:59 PM (GMT) on 16 June, 2004

I like it. With the angle and the odd focusing, it's physically affecting me in a way that most flower photos don't. Like they're people, crowded, off balance, etc.

comment by tiffany at 07:10 AM (GMT) on 17 June, 2004

they look so unreal. like something sculpted rather than grown. The focus is odd but I think because of the tilted composition and the deep colors, the focus issues look deliberate and add drama. very beautiful and playful at the same time. :-)

comment by caitriona at 08:56 AM (GMT) on 17 June, 2004

i love this one too. i don't think there's anything wrong with the focus being at the back. your eye is still drawn to a definite part of the photo first [well, mine was] i don't think i [or rather my eye] found it confusing. i love a photo that controls where you eye goes and in this one did that very nicely.

comment by djn1 at 09:39 AM (GMT) on 17 June, 2004

Thanks, it's always good when people like something more than I expect they will.

comment by hannah at 09:57 AM (GMT) on 17 June, 2004

oh. another one thof the type than your favourite. this is really great too. i usually dont like flower pictures but if they< are special like this i do.

p.s. the text i type is while on a white background. somethings in your comment settings is wrong i believe :)

comment by Emerald at 03:29 PM (GMT) on 17 June, 2004

I love the colours in this shot and the blurry look at the front is affective - another cool shot!

comment by JJ at 05:18 PM (GMT) on 17 June, 2004

looks like aliean plant life. great picture

comment by jim at 05:42 PM (GMT) on 17 June, 2004

there's enough focal plane for the eye to hold onto but its real strength is its overall impression/feeling

comment by john at 04:02 PM (GMT) on 18 June, 2004

I like it a lot...

It has a lot of punch to it - and I think the DoF is fine.

comment by AGK at 04:41 PM (GMT) on 18 June, 2004

I do like the way it's set up. Very nice!

comment by Andrea at 03:32 AM (GMT) on 19 June, 2004

Absolutely lovely color and I like the DOF that you used.