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This isn't quite what I was after for this week's Photo Friday challenge – Macro – but I've run out of time. Don't get me wrong, I do like this shot, but I had wanted to come up with something a little more off-the-wall than a shot of a dandelion and one of our daughters; i.e. as Photo Friday entries go this is rather more predictable than I would have liked. That said I haven't even had the time to even think of something off-the-wall, let alone take it, so I suppose I should be glad that I have this one to put up.

On another note: I'm still working through uprgading the way this site is coded but still haven't managed to get around to sorting out the archive pages. And from various emails I've received today it seems as though there might also be a problem with my news feeds (index.xml and index.rdf). Both of these should start with the image's title, underneath which should be the image that appears in this popup (approx. 200x150px), followed by the image description. If you're using a newsreader or online service and the feed looks different (e.g. no image, or just the image but no text), could you let me know which reader/service you're using. Thanks.

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Canon G5
4.40pm on 25/5/04
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4x3 + photo friday [noteworthy] + children + macro
comment by Sandra Rocha at 12:30 AM (GMT) on 28 May, 2004

yup, sure know what you mean lol I also tried to think of something else than nature shots but couldn't get any shots that I liked so back to nature we go, can never go wrong with that ;-)
your entry is proof of that, a beautiful image, the contrast is great in b&w

comment by jane at 12:30 AM (GMT) on 28 May, 2004

you have captured how delicate and fragile the dandelion seeds are..... The magnification is awesome and would be creepy if it were not for the wispy feather-like down. Like it very much!

comment by Holty at 01:22 AM (GMT) on 28 May, 2004

I think that you have captured an 'off the wall' image, instead of what we have come to expect i.e. a pefectly symetrical flower on an even background. I also like it. Thank you.

comment by you yes you at 02:05 AM (GMT) on 28 May, 2004

i think it's true that it has been done before and it is predictable, but that doesn't change the fact that it's still incredibly beautiful. well done. VERY well done.

comment by James at 02:09 AM (GMT) on 28 May, 2004

Yeh, slightly predicatable subject matter but it's striking and sharp enough to merit posting - keep the b&w's coming!

comment by Cameron at 02:12 AM (GMT) on 28 May, 2004

I think this is a beautiful shot David, even if it isn't as "off the wall" as you may have liked! Good luck with the recoding/updating of the site.

comment by Neus at 03:27 AM (GMT) on 28 May, 2004

Beautiful and sad!
Good shot! =)

comment by myla at 04:36 AM (GMT) on 28 May, 2004

I never realized that they look like golf balls on the inside. What a great shot. :)

comment by Dirk at 06:05 AM (GMT) on 28 May, 2004

The detail in this macro-shot is simply great. It makes you stop breathing :-)

comment by Erik at 07:07 AM (GMT) on 28 May, 2004

Awesome detail and light.

comment by ss at 07:38 AM (GMT) on 28 May, 2004

Even if it's true that you didn't have time to think of something off the wall, there's nothing wrong with recontextualizing the ordinary. And this is the most stunning image of a dandelion seed I've ever seen. Gorgeous.

comment by Robin at 08:16 AM (GMT) on 28 May, 2004

This is stunning! Can't wait to see what you do for the actual black and white challenge.

comment by Rool at 02:15 PM (GMT) on 28 May, 2004

not that easy to be off the wall, but this shot is great!

comment by amanda at 02:44 PM (GMT) on 28 May, 2004

off the wall shmoff the wall!

you constantly amaze me.
seriously man, quit your day job.

comment by Work In Progess at 03:55 PM (GMT) on 28 May, 2004

I especially like the way that two of the seeds are caught in the act of floating away.

comment by Pitiusa at 05:30 PM (GMT) on 28 May, 2004

Absolutly fantastic picture!! I'm hypnotized with it... every detail it's amazing, every thing like composition, DOF, tonality... it's superb!!

I love it!

Congrats, Pitiusa

comment by paul at 05:45 PM (GMT) on 28 May, 2004

i have seen a lot of these in colour, but this one in black and white, it's daring beautiful my friend, sharp on the edge, i can almost feel the subtle soft feathers
incredibly beautiful, and what a boket!

comment by bsag at 07:14 PM (GMT) on 28 May, 2004

Gorgeous. This is such a delicate, sensual image. I love it.

comment by Eduardo at 07:35 PM (GMT) on 28 May, 2004

So simple thing, and so bealthiful! Yes... the best sensations of the life are in the things simplest. So Im happy i can see it here.

comment by Tudy at 12:01 AM (GMT) on 29 May, 2004

I think it's perfectly awesome!

comment by djn1 at 12:54 AM (GMT) on 29 May, 2004

Thanks :-)

comment by zee at 05:57 PM (GMT) on 31 May, 2004

I love your black and whites! This image is breathtaking, and takes me back to some wonderful times during my childhood. Lovely memories; thanks for making them come forth with your work.

comment by E. M. at 02:40 PM (GMT) on 1 June, 2004

To say this is a deserved noteworthy is an understatement. The combination of clarity and softness is outstanding. Your work on a whole is, to say the least, inspiring. Congratulations:)

comment by fredrik at 07:51 PM (GMT) on 1 June, 2004

this is most excellent. very inspiring!:) congrats to the noteworthy!

comment by AGK at 09:47 PM (GMT) on 1 June, 2004

Yet...it's such a wondeful shot! All the Noteworthies are making me green with envy :)

comment by Tom B at 04:39 AM (GMT) on 6 June, 2004

Another fantastic shot. I like the detail and the missing seeds. What did you do for the background?