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This is another of my recent graffiti shots (I have one final image after this one) and I thought I’d put it up today as a) I much prefer posting recent stuff so don’t want to sit on these shots for too much longer, and b) until I can find a bit of time to actually go out and take something else I don’t have too many shots left anyway.

Of the five shots I think this one may well be my favourite – there’s something quite wonderful about the light in this shot. The day I took them it was overcast, but very bright, and the smooth flat light has given this shot an almost luminous feel. I would have expected that strong lighting would have worked better, but I suspect that the metallic paint photographs much better under a gentler light. Anyway, let me know what you think.

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
white balance
Canon G5
2.15pm on 30/4/04
aperture priority
4x3 + graffiti
comment by David at 04:06 PM (GMT) on 11 May, 2004

The contrast between the more subtle writing on the left and the writing on the right that really jumps out is interesting.

comment by emarquetti at 04:15 PM (GMT) on 11 May, 2004

You choose an interesting point of view to take this shot, the corner.

comment by gwen at 05:39 PM (GMT) on 11 May, 2004

What gets me are the blue swoosh on the left and the tail of the H on the right that fades into the unevenness of the brick, there's a lot more movement in this one than the others in this series. I saw a great graffiti'd delivery van yesterday -- phat lettering 'BACON' -- but would've had to stand in the middle of a busy intersection to get a shot...

comment by Tudy at 03:05 AM (GMT) on 12 May, 2004

oh the colors are fabulous..and I really like the corner shot too. It gives it some depth. Very nice.

comment by Tom B at 04:30 AM (GMT) on 12 May, 2004

So much color, so little space. Very interesting and captivating shot. The colors, the corner and the graffiti all comes together to make a great shot.

comment by alan davis at 05:09 AM (GMT) on 12 May, 2004

I like the colours in this corner!!

comment by djn1 at 07:26 AM (GMT) on 12 May, 2004

Thanks, I like this one too.

comment by dana at 05:01 PM (GMT) on 5 August, 2006

this looks like you used flash- the lighting is wonderful!!