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Update: I swapped this image as I decided that I preferred this one. The original can be seen here.

Photographically, other than the shot of my bum, I’ve been rather uninspired the last few days, and have ended up scrabbling around for shots when at other times they seem to come quite easily. This one, which is more a bit of fun than anything else, was taken earlier this afternoon from inside our children’s play tent and is the most interesting of a few I took of the kids as they wandered around.

It’s hardly an amazing shot, but I do quite like it, not least because the mest has added some interesting blur to the shot despite the wide aperture.

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
white balance
Canon G5
1.31pm on 24/4/04
aperture priority
comment by richard at 10:10 PM (GMT) on 24 April, 2004

It's nice - but I actually much prefer the original :-)

comment by Sandra Rocha at 10:32 PM (GMT) on 24 April, 2004

lol going to be another wet blanket and say I also prefered the other one ;-)


comment by djn1 at 10:40 PM (GMT) on 24 April, 2004

Lol - this always seems to happen when I swap-out a shot ... oh well ;-)

comment by Tudy at 11:07 AM (GMT) on 25 April, 2004

I knew it! When I first looked at it I thought.. thats play pen netting. was it hard getting yourself into that little play pen? Its a great shot.

comment by Kjetil at 12:36 PM (GMT) on 25 April, 2004

Very cool. Who are the people displayed?

comment by Treize at 04:43 PM (GMT) on 25 April, 2004

Nice, shot, but I share the opinion of Sandra & Richard: I prefer the original one ...

Anyway, thx for burning my retina every day.

comment by djn1 at 08:01 PM (GMT) on 25 April, 2004

Thanks all (despite the fact that you all preferred the other one).

Tudy: it's a small play tent, which I can just about sit up in, so it wasn't too much of a squash ;-)

comment by Jon at 03:33 AM (GMT) on 26 April, 2004

It must be my Catholic upbringing, but looking at this shot I can't help but feel like I'm in a confessional. ;)

I'd like to go against the grain here and say I prefer this one, but I really do prefer the other. This shot just seems covert; the other feels playful and fun. The human element is much more obvious, and I think that's what makes the shot work so well. Cheers.