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When I started this blog I had a FujiFilm FinePix 40i, and I mostly used it for snapshots rather than any serious photography, and while I have several thousand shots taken with this camera very few are likely to make it onto this site, mainly because the quality of most of them really isn’t all that good.

After working on yesterday’s shot, and realising that it captured something of our daughter’s personality, I looked through some of my archives for a shot that captured the spirit of our next oldest daughter. She’s currently eight, but was a few days short of turning six when this was taken. And while her elder sister is often contemplative, almost to the point of being withdrawn, she’s much more effervescent – the archetypal mischevous imp ;-)

So, technically this shot isn’t too great, but I like the composition and I do think it gets across something of our daughter’s almost manic personality :-)

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
white balance
optical filter
FujiFilm FinePix 40i
2.38pm on 27/8/01
4x3 + children [portraits]
comment by rachael at 02:32 AM (GMT) on 9 April, 2004

I love it. I often like photos that are full of personality or emotion over photos that are technically good. oh course, I'm no expert either, so this looks technically good to me. :)

comment by Richard at 07:27 AM (GMT) on 9 April, 2004

It's good but not too crazy about the 'halo' around her. But fun.

comment by Daniel at 12:36 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2004

Boy, she's got a pointy tongue! The effects on the background on the right are a little to surreal in my opinion. I like the blurry bottom of the picture.

comment by djn1 at 01:23 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2004

In light of Richard's and Daniel's comments I've toned down the background on the right a little.

comment by btezra at 03:37 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2004

~this is by far one of your best shots in my humble opinion; great color, clarity and composition with the extreme in your face perspective...the expression on your daughter's face is PERFECT, really defines the personality and prose your wonderful daughter has to offer the lens, and the techs are not as bad you think, perfection is not easy to capture and is rarely as redundant as we hope~

comment by d at 04:31 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2004

i really like the colours, very bold as usual. although i'm not sure about the halo-esque blurring in the background and around her (as someone else mentioned).

she's got a very pointy tongue. strange! and i thought your children were white!

comment by deceptive at 05:03 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2004

Great shot, I like the angle very much and as btezra said the expression is perfect.

comment by djn1 at 05:57 PM (GMT) on 9 April, 2004

If anyone's interested, the original image is here. As you can see the only significant change is a boost to both the saturation and contrast. As for the "e halo-esque blurring in the background and around her" ... as much as anything else I think this is a consequence of the sharpening and Curves adjustment rather than a deliberate effect.

d: Between us we have five daughters. The eldest (from my first marriage) visits in the holidays and spends the rest of the time with her mum. The next oldest two are my step-daughters - today's and yesterday's entries. And we've had the youngest two - currently two and a half and fourteen months - since we got together. We have a rather complex family ;-)

comment by heather at 12:14 AM (GMT) on 10 April, 2004

they're all so beautiful! and that tongue! my goodness.

comment by Kim at 02:36 AM (GMT) on 10 April, 2004

I think it's a great shot.. and what a beautiful little girl..

comment by Judith Polakoff at 01:50 AM (GMT) on 13 April, 2004

Spectacular colors in this, and like the others, I can't find fault with it technically either. I really like your daughter's skin color too, she's lovely!

comment by Kate at 03:37 PM (GMT) on 13 April, 2004

And this one's looking particularly cheeky here!

comment by jane at 12:31 AM (GMT) on 15 April, 2004

Gorgeous and so mischievous!!! The colours are gorgeous and I keep expecting her to move!!!! What a cute tongue - the shape, texture and lovely pinkiness make it look like a strawberry.I'm intrigued by the reflection in her eyes...