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This is the 100th entry in this blog, the last 47 of which have been posted on sequential days, so I thought that I’d post a picture of myself as there haven’t been all that many of them (just two in fact: the second entry in this blog, and my entry for the Photo Friday Man challenge).

And like yesterday’s image, this is mostly a straight shot. The only Photoshopping that was done to this one was to blur my torso. The Canon G5, like all compact digitals, has a ridiculously large DOF, even at maximum aperture, and it just didn’t look right without this being done.

And given that this is something of a landmark, I’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all the people who have supported my efforts, both by commenting here (the next comment posted will be the 600th!!!) and by voting for this site at photoblogs.org. I really don’t think that I would be able to motivate myself to keep up with my image-a-day aim if it wasn’t for all the positive feedback :-)

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
white balance
optical filter
Canon G5
1.09am on 20/3/04
aperture priority
B+W UV 010
4x3 + self-portrait
comment by Marc at 01:05 AM (GMT) on 23 March, 2004

Glad to see you hit 100! Thanks for your help! and keep up the great shots!

comment by pixpop at 02:29 AM (GMT) on 23 March, 2004

So, it's like a kind of reverse webcam, yeah? Every time someone looks at this page, you can take their picture from anywhere in the world. Cool, I gotta get me one. Congrats Dave, you're doing a good thing. Hmm, it just occurred to me that this is one image in which you would see a marked difference if you took off the UV filter ;-)

comment by richard at 02:29 AM (GMT) on 23 March, 2004

I like the dof and tones here.

Not sure about the composition with the cut off fingers though. Also never quite seen anyone hold a camera in that way ;-) No support under the body/lens? ;-)

Congrats on nr 100.

comment by nariman at 04:57 AM (GMT) on 23 March, 2004

The ring is cool ;) also i like the low contrast on your last two posting...it's quite interesting to my eyes. happy 100 and 47...

comment by Janine at 08:02 AM (GMT) on 23 March, 2004

Let me ask you: how on earth do you blur convincingly in photoshop?

I've been playing around with gaussian blur for a while now but..well, it never quite looks right...

comment by Cameron at 10:07 AM (GMT) on 23 March, 2004

Congratulations Dave on your 100th post! I've been meaning to leave a comment here (so now seems like an appropriate time! ) ever since you kindly commented on my "Camera Head" photograph from March 8 (which I would like to think may have subconsciously inspired this shot? *lol*) I like your self portrait, love your site and may I echo your comment to me by saying it is nice to see another G5 user too! Keep up the fantastic work!

comment by jb at 10:09 AM (GMT) on 23 March, 2004

Good shot, but how do you have the camera in the hand???

comment by emarquetti at 07:20 PM (GMT) on 23 March, 2004

Wow! Its 100 possibilities for me to learn how to photograph well. I hope to have more 1.000, 100.000, much more!

Health and inspiration Dave!

comment by turnover at 09:39 PM (GMT) on 23 March, 2004

Very good shot for the 100th entry. I like ! Congratulations !! :-)

comment by Matt at 10:33 PM (GMT) on 23 March, 2004

Wow, congratulations! I hope I have that many posts someday as well! 47 consecutive days is also pretty impresive. I can barely get around to 1 every 2 or 3 days. Well good luck in the future!

comment by deceptive at 11:04 PM (GMT) on 23 March, 2004

Excellent, really like this. The crop works really well, leaving something for the imagination and the dof is perfect.

comment by Tom B at 03:24 AM (GMT) on 24 March, 2004

Another good shot. Glad I was stopping by regularly to see your 100th. I look forward to the next 100 as well. Thanks for the inspiration.

comment by myla at 05:42 AM (GMT) on 24 March, 2004

Congrats on No.100!! :-)

comment by djn1 at 07:01 AM (GMT) on 24 March, 2004

Thanks everyone, and at this rate the next hundred should be finished some time around the end of June :-)

comment by Jasmin at 05:14 PM (GMT) on 24 March, 2004

The past 99 photographs have been fantastic, and I hope that there'll be more. :)

comment by rannie at 04:33 PM (GMT) on 29 April, 2004

Between this shot and your more recent shot... You truly have me curious to know what you really look like. Grin