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I really have no idea whether this shot is any good as it took so much effort to get that I’ve lost any ability to judge its worth. It’s taken at one of the coffee shops where I work and it took four separate visits to get this one. The first one just didn’t work (the angles and composition were all wrong), I forget what went wrong with the images from the second attempt, and the third trip resulted in an image that looked ok as a thumbnail but didn’t work as a larger image – the top edge of the left blade of the tongs blended with the blown out highlights of the row of coffee cups in the background.

So, out of about twenty shots, this is the only one that’s half decent. The other reason that I’m not sure how good it is, is that it contains many of my favourite photographic elements; it’s quasi-abstract, there are multiple reflective surfaces, it has a shallow depth of field, and the colours are bright and punchy – all of which mean that I’m likely to like this even if it is fairly crap ;-)

My main reason for including it though is that I’ve realised that I’ve been posting rather sombre images of late (and have a few more in reserve) – so thought this would be a bit of a change.

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
white balance
optical filter
Canon G5
11.07am on 25/2/04
program AE
B+W UV 010
comment by Marc at 11:37 PM (GMT) on 26 February, 2004

Cool picture...love the silver and the lighting! Thanks for all your help!

comment by myla at 07:42 AM (GMT) on 27 February, 2004

that's just torture :)

I love it.

comment by kilian at 09:56 AM (GMT) on 27 February, 2004

Good job! I like the colors and composition... especially these blueish reflections with the purple in the back. Have you tried decreasing the DOF a bit so that the background fades away? Some more "bokeh" could help the eyes focus this thingy in the foreground. ;-)

comment by bsag at 10:12 AM (GMT) on 27 February, 2004

Like kilian, I love the blueish purple colours in this. Having the foreground (i.e. the handle of the tongs unfocused is unusual, but it works really well. Very nice! Did you get any funny looks as you were standing in the cafe taking photos of tongs?

comment by emarquetti at 11:15 AM (GMT) on 27 February, 2004

mmhm! Perfect light!

comment by djn1 at 04:27 PM (GMT) on 27 February, 2004

Thanks everyone.

And killian: the Powershot G5, as with a lot of compact digitals, has way too much DOF - this is about as good as it gets without resorting to Photoshop.