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I had decided not to post any more ‘postcardy’ pictures of flowers, and to concentrate more on things like form and lighting rather than just generating ‘nice’ images, but I got a new toy yesterday and wanted to try it out.

One of the most irritating things about my camera (Canon G5) is the onboard flash. With a guide number of five it’s really more of a liability than a useful photographic device, and after trying one or two shots with it when I first got the camera, I’ve turned it off and refused to use it. But yesterday I got a Speedlite 420EX (that has a guide number of 42) – and it’s truly amazing in comparison.

This shot was taken late last night under normal room lighting in macro mode – the flash was bounced off the ceiling. And while it isn’t a brilliant shot it does demonstrate the flexibility of a ‘proper’ flashgun. So, I’ve included it more because I’m pleased with myself than I think it’s a good shot. Though all that said, it did turn out reasonably ok ;-)

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
white balance
optical filter
Canon G5
1.16am on 11/2/04
program AE
B+W UV 010
4x3 + macro
comment by Zero at 07:20 PM (GMT) on 11 February, 2004

Beautiful! I've always had a thing for photos of flowers. I love the almost-human folds you captured. Rather seductive, in my opinion.

comment by djn1 at 07:38 PM (GMT) on 11 February, 2004

Zero: thanks. I think my problem with this image is that it's a picture of some daffodil's - and I can't help but think they're a fairly uninspiring flower. But it's kind of growing on me ;-)

comment by kane at 07:40 PM (GMT) on 11 February, 2004

Wonderful detail and color.

comment by Riri at 04:13 AM (GMT) on 12 February, 2004

This has to be one of my favorites because daffodils are my favorite flowers and this looks amazing! They have always been a mood enhancer for me, and I don't sniff them. I just think they are incredibly sweet.

comment by spunwithtears at 04:52 AM (GMT) on 12 February, 2004

Wonderful almost surreal colors.

comment by djn1 at 09:56 AM (GMT) on 12 February, 2004

Riri and spunwithtears: many thanks.

comment by fredrik at 08:42 PM (GMT) on 12 February, 2004

nice, calm colors. i like the composition; it sort of suits the subject. good one! :)

comment by Judith Polakoff at 05:17 AM (GMT) on 13 February, 2004

Very, very pretty. You are a master of composition. :)

comment by myla at 08:02 AM (GMT) on 13 February, 2004

That is gorgeous.

I hope you'll consider submitting it to Rhiannon's Digital Quilt:


comment by djn1 at 10:37 PM (GMT) on 13 February, 2004

Thanks for the positive comments – they're much appreciated.

comment by Jeremy at 12:23 AM (GMT) on 20 July, 2005

Very nice. The background blue is the perfect colour for the flowers.