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When I first started photoblogging, way back in 2004, I posted pretty much every image that I was reasonably pleased with. In recent years I've been more selective, to the point where I have at least 150 images sitting on my hard drive that I can't decide whether to post. They aren't any worse than my previous images, so it's not a quality issue, I just can't decide whether they're worth posting. I don't think they're any worse than any of my previous images, so it's not a quality issue: more a case of not being sure what they say. Which, in turn, reflects a lack of direction in my photography that I think I probably need to address. In the meanwhile, I'll post some of the backlog, starting with the shot of this guy taken recently in Shenzen, China.

3x2 + travel [China] + camera [Fujifilm X-T1] + no print + travel