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This is a shot of Tiggy, our youngest, taken at our local shopping mall a few days ago. She hasn't made too many appearances on the blog so far, but the older she gets the more she seems to like being photographed, so expect to see more shots of her soon :)

This is also the image I've used for this week's Mini-PSD. It's not an especially complex image – it was created using just four adjustment layers – but I think it neatly demonstrates that effective images don't necessarily require a complex sequence of steps to produce. The key to this one is the black and white adjustment layer, set to lighten her skin tones (without making her lips too bright), and brighten her eyes. After that it was just a matter of adding three curves: one (almost) global adjustment, another to slightly lighten the eyelashes above her eyes, and another to brighten the chair on the left side of the image.

Oh, and I also used Topaz's new InFocus plugin to sharpen her eyes. If you've take a look at the EXIF data you'll see that this was shot at f/2.8, so her eyes ended up being a bit softer than I would have liked. Once I'd run the image through InFocus though they looked a lot better. You probably won't be able to notice a great deal of difference at this resolution, but the high-res file looks a whole lot better.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
image editor
plugins (etc)
1.14pm on 1/6/11
Canon 5D Mark II
EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM
aperture priority
Camera Raw
Photoshop CS5
Topaz InFocus
3x2 + children [portraits] + show the original
comment by Dan Kaufman at 04:20 PM (GMT) on 6 June, 2011

An exceptional black and white conversion. You are right about the InFocus plugin---it really brought my eyes right to hers!
I think though that I might have kept a bit more of the chair back on her right, image left. The off balance presence of the chair back is slightly distracting to me.

comment by Carlos Garcia at 04:32 PM (GMT) on 6 June, 2011

Beautiful portrait David. The toning and contrasts are just right. Hi Tiggy!

comment by djn1 at 04:35 PM (GMT) on 6 June, 2011

Thanks Carlos :)

Dan: you're absolutely right, thanks for the suggestion. I've uploaded a new version that brings back some of the detail on the left side of the image.

comment by Dan Kaufman at 04:48 PM (GMT) on 6 June, 2011

Yes, a subtle but great improvement. If I may humbly paraphrase: great minds think alike. :)

comment by djn1 at 04:54 PM (GMT) on 6 June, 2011

No, in this case it was me agreeing with your suggestion - it hadn't occurred to me. That said, it should have done - it's a big improvement :)

comment by Jim Denham at 08:01 PM (GMT) on 6 June, 2011

Love the black and white treatment David and those eyes do pop out at you! Well done!

comment by Chris at 03:38 AM (GMT) on 7 June, 2011

Gorgeous portrait with the black and white conversion working very well. Once again, the eyes are spectacular. Looking at the before image, it is clear how well the infocus plugin can work. Overall, she almost reminds me of a porcelain doll. Mention Topaz, have you taking a look at the Latest plugin - Lens Effects?

comment by Christopher at 03:38 AM (GMT) on 7 June, 2011

So adorable--a lovely B&W portrait of your little one David.

comment by maylemon at 02:21 PM (GMT) on 7 June, 2011

That's a nice mono shot, love what you are having as well :P canon 5d m2 with 24-70..

comment by Jimmy at 06:22 PM (GMT) on 7 June, 2011

Lovely shot, however my first thought was that my Internet had broken and not loaded the bottom bit. :-P

comment by Gusztav at 07:39 AM (GMT) on 10 June, 2011

NO, not the eyes again... I am afraid she might jump out of the screen and kill me right away. nice. :)

comment by hemal desai at 09:06 AM (GMT) on 10 June, 2011

wow she has grown so much... :) and love the tiny pony

comment by Interesting Pictures at 12:38 PM (GMT) on 12 July, 2011

stunning eyes

comment by Andrey Samolinov at 11:08 AM (GMT) on 13 July, 2011

Wonderful portrait and excellent post-processing

comment by chiara at 02:31 PM (GMT) on 20 July, 2011

that's pretty adorable!!!! :9

comment by Taufik Harsono at 07:28 AM (GMT) on 29 July, 2011

Excellent B/W photo....well compo too.Salut

comment by Andy Beck at 09:44 AM (GMT) on 13 August, 2011

Nice portrait. Good catch light in the eyes too.

comment by Raj at 04:00 PM (GMT) on 23 September, 2011

Wow!...such amazing vision and talent and yet so humble...I am a new fan!...you are a very inspiring photographer...

Just another grateful Photographer.