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As I mentioned when I posted my last entry, the interior of the Buzludzha monument houses a 500 sq.m. fresco which includes portraits of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Todor Zhivkov (the leader of the People's Republic of Bulgaria from 1954 to 1989). This fresco is visible in this shot.

Additionally, there are mosaics all around the outer ring of the structure too: on the wall you can see on the far-left of this shot (my favourite from this location). These are made from stone rather than marble, and seem to be mostly celebrations of war, conflict and military power.

Of all the ones that are still visible, this was one of the most striking: a knife-wielding soldier carrying a smiling child on his shoulders. The two just don't seem to go together, ... at all. That said, I'm sure that if I'd been born in Bulgaria, and lived through the Soviet occupation, it wouldn't seem anywhere near so strange or alien.

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comment by Carlos Garcia at 01:45 PM (GMT) on 20 May, 2011

This is a striking image. I suppose the message was some kind of justification for war, or the true mission of the army was actually about the future and well being of children. Beautiful results from your processing.

comment by howse-photo at 03:23 PM (GMT) on 20 May, 2011

such an odd mosaic that tells of a unique, and very different past. i'm glad you captured this photo, as it has made me more aware of the place i call home and the places i don't.

comment by Dan Kaufman at 04:08 PM (GMT) on 20 May, 2011

I agree with your confusion over the message and intent of this mosaic (particularly being on the other side of the pond). Your post-processing really brought out the richness and detail of the mosaics. Good call too on the "content mod, alignment".

comment by Catalin at 04:35 PM (GMT) on 21 May, 2011

Dave, are you sure she's not actually carrying a flag. We used to have a lot of "victorious" portraits like this in Romania during communism and they always carried a red flag. Either that or in Bulgaria times were a bit harder :)

comment by djn1 at 11:35 AM (GMT) on 22 May, 2011

Thanks everyone.

Catalin: I'm not sure, but I don't think there was a flag.

comment by lacey at 05:30 AM (GMT) on 23 May, 2011

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