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There isn't much I can tell you about this one, other than that this wonderfully photogenic guy was one of the guests at the wedding I shot on Friday. Some people were born to be photographed :)

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3.29pm on 8/10/10
Canon 5D Mark II
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
aperture priority
people [portraiture] + no print + show the original + weddings
comment by Garry at 07:05 PM (GMT) on 12 October, 2010

It's incredible how sinister the conversion makes him look... in colour he looks like he's about to smile, but the b+w makes him look like one of the Krays!
Great detail in the shot

comment by Frankie Freitas at 07:10 PM (GMT) on 12 October, 2010

yeah the conversion definitely makes the shot for me. those eyes are so incredibly powerful too. everything is so crisp. dope shot.

comment by Martin at 08:16 PM (GMT) on 12 October, 2010

Love the shot, and I agree, the treatment makes it. One thought: I think that if this were a shot of me, I'd like it less. The face looks nearly plasticized. It somehow makes him less handsome. But, that may be precisely what you were aiming for. :)

comment by ROB at 09:09 PM (GMT) on 12 October, 2010

Great steely stare. The shutter was pressed at the perfect time.

comment by Carlos Garcia at 09:16 PM (GMT) on 12 October, 2010

Lots of miles on that soul. Striking moment Dave. Feels like he is looking RIGHT AT ME...

comment by csj @ID7 at 09:29 PM (GMT) on 12 October, 2010

Incredible B&W conversion, the eyes are pinging, and the story of his hatred towards you is clear for all to see. I truly hope you nailed all of the shots for that wedding!!! ;-)

comment by Simon Jenkins at 10:23 PM (GMT) on 12 October, 2010

Reminds me a bit of London Gangster Mad Frankie Frazer, you just can't pass faces like this off, I really do like this David. Might make a good PSD? I seem to be saying that a lot lately :)

comment by Tom C at 11:30 PM (GMT) on 12 October, 2010

Wow! Love the conversion on this one! Can't stop switching between the original and the B&W. Stunning. And you were right, this gentleman was definitely born to be photographed. He's got some stories to tell for sure.

comment by Dan Kaufman at 01:28 AM (GMT) on 13 October, 2010


comment by djib at 08:00 AM (GMT) on 13 October, 2010

Excellent processing to bring out so many details especially in the face. Awesome job!

comment by Xavier Rey at 11:00 AM (GMT) on 13 October, 2010

excellent portrait !

comment by Alistair at 01:53 PM (GMT) on 13 October, 2010

Love it, very expressive face

comment by Daniel at 12:43 AM (GMT) on 14 October, 2010

Wow! Brilliant image, texture and expression is perfect.

comment by djn1 at 08:59 AM (GMT) on 15 October, 2010

Thanks everyone :)

comment by Laurent at 09:56 AM (GMT) on 15 October, 2010

Fantastic portrait !

comment by Simon at 10:34 PM (GMT) on 16 October, 2010

Great portrait - it just bothers me a little bit - it's like the subject has been transformed from 'my grandad' to a scary man who you wouldn't want to cross on a dark night.

comment by Mark at 07:26 PM (GMT) on 20 October, 2010

I just find that image so compelling, not sure why

comment by RichardAlois at 07:04 PM (GMT) on 26 October, 2010

Rather crisp! Very good.