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Here's another shot of Harmony and her new friend, taken about 20 minutes before my previous entry. As with that shot, you'll see that the original is quite dark. In this instance though, as I decided to fade out the background detail during post-production, I would have got away with a much brighter initial exposure.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
plugins (etc)
5.19pm on 17/7/10
Canon 5D Mark II
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
aperture priority
3x2 + children [portraits] + no print + show the original
comment by Kip at 07:47 AM (GMT) on 2 August, 2010

This is a very cute moment indeed. I myself would be inclined to produce something very warm and summery. This is interesting.

comment by David Leland Hyde at 08:44 AM (GMT) on 2 August, 2010

Adorable. Interesting experiment. Will you be selling prints with this look or is this mainly for conversational purposes here? Do you sell prints of some of the other looks too?

comment by Carlos Garcia at 12:37 PM (GMT) on 2 August, 2010

So nice... love the toning and the delight of the moment. Great David.


comment by Michael Rawluk at 03:00 PM (GMT) on 2 August, 2010

What a cute shot.

comment by Dan Kaufman at 08:21 PM (GMT) on 2 August, 2010

Love the toning !!! But Dad, you've got a handful here. All my best !!

comment by remi at 12:40 AM (GMT) on 3 August, 2010

LOVE the light, rosy tone here!! An authentic moment captured indeed! Very genuine... Wish Harmony's eyes were opened...Again, great tonal treatment - reinforces Harmony's pink shirt and gives the overall image a lighthearted and comforting mood.

comment by Rookie Photographer at 01:34 PM (GMT) on 3 August, 2010

Cute kids, Nice color tone.

comment by amey fischer at 03:29 AM (GMT) on 4 August, 2010

Fantastic images and tutorials! Thanks you.

comment by haidee at 07:53 PM (GMT) on 4 August, 2010

Love your website/blog
Your photos are brilliant love them :)

comment by Marcie at 11:31 PM (GMT) on 4 August, 2010

Such a perfectly sweet moment captured. Terrific!!!

comment by djn1 at 10:29 AM (GMT) on 5 August, 2010

Thanks everyone.

David: I sell prints of most of my images, but this one isn't for sale as it's not just a shot of my own children. I probably will use this tone again though.