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This is the second of four sunset shots, all of which were taken on the 9th April down at St. Annes (the first one is here), and despite the similarities between this and the previous one, it was shot over an hour later, just as the sun was dipping towards the horizon. I'll post the other two over the next week or so.

If you're interested Jason's second shot of the same sunset is here …


… and he's also blogged a shot of me on the pier and some thoughts on how the training went here:


focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
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7.49pm on 9/4/10
Canon 5D Mark II
EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM
aperture priority
minor transformation
3x2 + piers [St. Annes] + fylde coast [scenic] + show the original
comment by Jason at 05:46 AM (GMT) on 6 May, 2010

Stunning! The luminosity of the colours really gives the image such a 3D feel and that has to be one of the nicest skies I have ever seen. Very nice shot.

comment by djn1 at 08:49 AM (GMT) on 6 May, 2010

Thanks Jason, and I agree, it was a spectacular sky.

comment by Justin Photis at 09:28 AM (GMT) on 6 May, 2010

I must have missed the first shot but this one made me go 'wow' as soon as I saw it. The pier really stands out against the sky and horizon. Of the two I think I like the first shot as there's more white in the clouds and it really stands out more for me.

comment by Carlos Garcia at 10:45 AM (GMT) on 6 May, 2010

Just glorious Dave :)


comment by Philip Jensen at 08:28 PM (GMT) on 6 May, 2010

Wow, this is really a wonderful shot. Have you used HDR on the clouds, the effect is fantastic!

comment by Alan Graham at 12:09 AM (GMT) on 7 May, 2010

Those clouds are absolutely spectacular, but I love the definition/contrast with the clouds and the blue sky beyond.

Am sure that the way the silhouette transcends both the blue and orange regions is not an accident... I think this really brings the image together.... cracking!

comment by Andrey Samolinov at 11:48 AM (GMT) on 7 May, 2010

Expressive shilouette
Great colors

comment by crash at 12:12 PM (GMT) on 7 May, 2010

that is frakkin' stunning! what kind of structure is it ??? old pier ?

comment by Raul Saez at 12:43 PM (GMT) on 7 May, 2010

Magnificos colores y soiluetas, tiene fuerza.


comment by moss at 01:19 PM (GMT) on 7 May, 2010

Wonderful colors in that photo. Nice work.

comment by Esmeralda at 07:12 AM (GMT) on 8 May, 2010

ow, beautiful evening, fantastic cloud

comment by djn1 at 10:39 AM (GMT) on 8 May, 2010

Thanks everyone :)

comment by Cao yuyue at 09:18 AM (GMT) on 16 July, 2010

It's so beautiful.This is my first time to come here and your picture attracts me.