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In this series of tutorials we take the creative process as our primary focus; i.e. rather than just discussing ‘how’ an image was constructed, we will also be considering ‘why’ each change was made, and how each change contributes to the image as a whole. As with our other image-based tutorials, each will also include a thorough technical discussion of any tools or techniques that were employed, but the emphasis will be upon creative rather than technical outcomes – e.g. how each image was constructed to tell a particular story, what each image says about its subject, and so on.


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comment by Justin Photis at 05:14 PM on 24 April, 2009

Once again you clearly lay out the, relatively, simple steps towards achieving the final result. There are plenty of links to previous tutorials where you've highlighted the technique you were using and the final image looks fantastic and really achieves what you set out to get.

The difference between the teacher and the students, is that clear vision you have about what you want to achieve in your final image & you've got that technical know-how to get there.

Great as always.

comment by salvatore_ at 10:23 AM on 25 April, 2009


comment by James Howe at 03:28 AM on 28 April, 2009

Terrific tutorial. I really appreciate hearing not only the what, but the why behind your approach.


comment by Jason at 09:30 AM on 30 April, 2009

Thank you for the latest tutorial, it was very informative.

The words in your final paragraph really made me think and it sounds so simple but I find that I struggle to convey what I want an image to say and in the process I get frustrated. This lack of clear vision in turn means I keep working an image until its a mess and I finally give up due to the frustration. This is one of the reasons why I have gigabytes of images on disk and none framed and hanging on my walls. One day maybe it will click into place...

comment by Jonas (americanvirus) at 10:29 PM on 20 April, 2010

It's fascinating to work through the images with you. Thanks for posting this one. I've been learning so much by going through these tutorials in order.