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This is a pseudo-HDR image, i.e. it was generated within Photomatix Pro from a single RAW file, and was shot on Blackpool seafront last weekend after Craig and I had walked for about three miles in the rain. With the benefit of hindsight, and after seeing the version that Craig posted, I wish I'd gone a bit wider and/or shot from an angle rather than head-on, but on the whole I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

If you're interested, there's a straight conversion of the original here:


As you can see, the tone mapping has really brought out every last scrap of detail.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
1.12pm on 11/1/09
Canon 1Ds Mark II
EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM
aperture priority
Photomatix Pro
minor transformation
3x2 + HDR
comment by Chris Legg at 09:24 AM (GMT) on 19 January, 2009

Did you see Del Boy at all?

As you say, it's amazing how much more detail the tone mapping brings out!

comment by EgoPimp at 09:38 AM (GMT) on 19 January, 2009

Stunning tones, and detail. Looks so sharp, yet subtle softness which works too. Stunning in every respect.

comment by Philip at 10:29 AM (GMT) on 19 January, 2009

And you should be it turned out great well done!

comment by Frida at 10:53 AM (GMT) on 19 January, 2009

You should be. it has much details and tones and yet a kind of softness. Good Work!

comment by Westy | P H O T O N O M Y at 11:22 AM (GMT) on 19 January, 2009

this is ace i really love this kinda dark textures... and the lovely detail on the front... the DOF is interesting.. almost looks fabricated.. i have some kinda like this... too love it..

comment by Alexandru Savu at 11:32 AM (GMT) on 19 January, 2009


comment by Thierry at 12:28 PM (GMT) on 19 January, 2009

The coachwork looks like an old skin or a yellow rock. Something much more organic than a simple car. Amazing work !

comment by Dean at 12:39 PM (GMT) on 19 January, 2009

The colors and detail are quite nice. I've done some pseudo HDR myself, but never really spent enough time at it to make it work effectively. Apparently you have. :-) Oh yeah, love the New Christy Minstrels reference. Well done!

comment by LightningPaul at 12:59 PM (GMT) on 19 January, 2009

Amazing detail enhancement! That is one the reasons I love to turn RAW files into HDR files and tone map them. Colors are great too.

comment by Craig at 01:52 PM (GMT) on 19 January, 2009

Interesting to see two the different takes & styles on the same subject. They both worked out well, I love the grungy look that the tone mapping has brought out, I can just see it cruising the strip down Peckham high street!

comment by Seinberg at 02:19 PM (GMT) on 19 January, 2009

So which one of you changed the license plate number? ;-)

comment by Justin Photis at 02:36 PM (GMT) on 19 January, 2009

The HDR treatment does work really well with the subject matter. The grimy, dirty look is spot on.

comment by veiledexposure at 03:06 PM (GMT) on 19 January, 2009

Nice details! I love the details :)

comment by forever temporary at 04:48 PM (GMT) on 19 January, 2009

Did you change the number plate, or did Craig? The plate on Craig's shot starts with a B not a P..

I personally like the head on view :)

comment by djn1 at 07:35 PM (GMT) on 19 January, 2009

Seinberg and forever temporary: we both did, at least initially, as there's some legislation regarding privacy and number plates in the UK. Anyway, to confuse matters, I originally changed the plate, then thought Craig hadn't, so changed mine back, after which I realised that Craig had changed, by which point it was too late - the cat was out of the bag :)

comment by James Walker at 07:35 PM (GMT) on 19 January, 2009

Wish I'd taken some picks like this of my dad's three wheeler. I can hear those fibreglass door shutting as I write!

Freiburg, Germany

comment by Jennifer at 10:11 PM (GMT) on 19 January, 2009

Great title - trouble is I have the blasted song in my head now and can't get rid. Image isn't bad either .........!!

comment by Xavier Rey at 10:58 PM (GMT) on 19 January, 2009

Nice !

comment by Dan Kaufman at 12:39 AM (GMT) on 20 January, 2009

I was intrigued when HDR images first started appearing but was turned off by a lot of the surrealistic colorizing offered up. Your technique here in Chromasia is bequilling in almost TOO REALISTIC in how you bring "out every last scrap of detail." I love it. Of the last 3 I think though that the railroad tracks one is my favorite, with this 3-wheeler though I think I'm leaning towards Craig's for the added perspective. Yep, that's it, it is the perspective in the railroad tracks that I like and would prefer here too. But my gawd, the varnished grime dripping down the lid is SO REALISTIC.

comment by 613photo at 01:09 AM (GMT) on 20 January, 2009

I don't know. I like this image but I don't. The details are fascinating to me, but I have to break with the others and say it looks a little too over-processed to me. I looked at the original and it needed work like most digital shots, but I think I'd like to see a blend between it and this one. But that's just me.

comment by Rahul at 10:15 AM (GMT) on 20 January, 2009

wow superb pic

comment by jelb at 06:22 PM (GMT) on 20 January, 2009

Great treatment....Wonderful details...Bravo!

comment by Jessica Kehrli at 09:02 PM (GMT) on 20 January, 2009

wow, thats some nice processing work! I shouldn't be shocked at how good it, because all of your stuff is great.... but Im shocked haha! I like! Nice work bringing out the dirtyness.
Haha, Perhaps the crooked license plate has something to do with the physics, or lack thereof ( the 3 wheel issue) :)

comment by Mohammadreza at 09:11 PM (GMT) on 20 January, 2009

amazing shot, everything is awesome here ...

comment by oldshutterhand at 10:22 PM (GMT) on 20 January, 2009

Poor thing that the british car industry went down. Great patterns on the varnish or thies three wheeler.

comment by Jason Wall at 03:37 PM (GMT) on 21 January, 2009

HDR is a little bit like sugar. (thats all you get, no explanation, ;) )

I don't know if its just me, though I tend to think it is just me, but this image doesn't stand out as much as the last two. I like though. It has your signature style. You produce a very simple kind of image, even when they're complex they're always very focused on one thing.

The car feels very anthropomorphic, and I kept wanted to relate it to some cartoon character, herbie maybe.

Compositionally the use of DOF to add dimension and direct the eyes to the grill of the car is effective, drawing your attention to the face, which is just vague enough to grab your attention and keep you looking longer than you might otherwise.

The velvetyness (is that even a word?) is also intriguing, giving the image a glow of prettiness that it wouldn't otherwise have considering how much dirt and grime is present, which is an example of good use of contrast.

Did you add any DOF to the photo Dave? it feels a little like some of the blur is artificial. Not that it detracts from the image, i'm just curious.

comment by djn1 at 08:12 PM (GMT) on 21 January, 2009

Thanks all.

Chris: nope, nor Rodney :)

Westy: the DoF in the linked original is genuine, it was enhanced slightly in the finished version.

Dan: my aim with HDR, or at least one of my aims, is to produce images that look hyper-real rather than surreal, so I'm pleased you like this one.

Jason: there's too much of the car, not enough of anything else - at least I think that's why it's not entirely successful. And yes, some of the blur was added, but it's no more artificial than anything else in the shot ;-)

comment by Tom at 10:10 PM (GMT) on 21 January, 2009

Wonderful detail and aspect.