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This is the first of a two-part tutorial on working with textures; i.e. combining and blending layers of texture to existing images. Unlike our previous, sole-authored tutorials, this short series is being prepared in conjunction with Michael Regnier, an internationally renowned artist in this field. Michael has produced work for a variety of clients, including Coca Cola, Kodak and the Federal Reserve Bank, and has been awarded numerous accolades for his work.

If you would like to see some examples of Michael’s work, you can do so here:


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comment by Jeremy at 07:56 PM on 21 January, 2009

Excellent! I was waiting for this and I'm not disappointed!! Fascinating examples. I would write more, but I'm off out to shoot some walls 'n' such :-)

comment by RichS at 09:34 PM on 21 January, 2009

Excellent, a return to form!

BTW, on page 4, you mention about resizing the canvas and then selecting the original image. I'm not sure if it is easier, but the way I do this is (if I'm starting with just the single background layer):
* Duplicate the layer
* Resize the canvas
* Ctrl/Cmd + Click on the duplicated layer (in the layers palette)

comment by djn1 at 09:40 PM on 21 January, 2009

Thanks Jeremy, and good luck with the walls 'n' such :)

RichS: that is an easier way of doing it,thanks for the tip.

comment by David at 04:18 AM on 22 January, 2009

Honestly, very good. A masterpiece.
Just one thing. CSS seems not to place correctly the images in pages 4 and 5, in safari.

comment by Roger at 07:11 AM on 22 January, 2009

Absolutely superb David and just like the others, something I've been waiting for. As always, clearly and concisely explained with excellent images as examples. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us all :-)

comment by djn1 at 11:50 AM on 22 January, 2009

David: thanks for the heads-up about the couple of images that weren't displaying correctly - I've fixed it now - and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Roger: thanks too.

comment by brooks potteiger at 09:03 PM on 22 January, 2009

I truly enjoyed this. This one an especially because (like the HDR tutorial) this is a technique that I've never attempted, but this has opened up an entire new realm of possibility. I'm excited to practice this. Thanks for your commitment to excellence Dave. It is greatly appreciated.

comment by ignacio at 10:23 PM on 22 January, 2009

Most excellent tutorial.Thanks a lot David and, of course, Mr. Regnier. Really appreciated.

comment by Tim at 10:38 AM on 23 January, 2009

Great tutorial, as usual. People like you, Chris Orwig, David Duchemin and Joe Mcnally just have this genius of explaining complex, seemingly abstract concepts simple enough for simple minds like mine to comprehend.

comment by Justin Photis at 05:48 PM on 23 January, 2009

Thanks for another great tutorial David. There's a lot of detail in this one about the technique but also the reason's behind the technique and I think it helps to make you think about how you want the finished product to appear before you just go adding textures to any old photo. The examples you've used from Mike Regnier help illistrate your points very well and end up looking great.

comment by Jeremy at 04:51 PM on 25 January, 2009

OK, my first effort is here:
Not Mike Regnier standard, but using some simple ideas from the tutorial, I am pretty pleased with the result (you may say I'm easily pleased - I don't care :-)

comment by djn1 at 04:59 PM on 25 January, 2009

Jeremy: I don't think there are too many people who are up to Mike's standard, but you're off to a good start with that one :)

comment by Marie at 01:52 PM on 28 January, 2009

Very pleased with this tutorial !

And I have a question : when is the next part due ?

Very soon I hope ! ;-)

comment by djn1 at 02:00 PM on 28 January, 2009

Marie: I'm bringing out part three of my HDR series next month but hope to get the second part of the textures tutorial published in March.

comment by john harrison at 12:59 PM on 31 January, 2009

Just this tutorial alone makes my lifetime membership look very good value. Many Thanks to Dave and Mike.


comment by Jean Eichenlaub at 10:11 PM on 1 February, 2009

This tutorial is great. Have had lots of fun photographing textures. Finally did my first effort -- sand on a lighthouse. Not anywhere near the pro efforts, however I'm pleased. Would show it to you, but don't have a public gallery.


comment by bill grisaitis at 03:49 AM on 6 February, 2009


your textures tutorial was a joy to learn from. thanks again. I really appreciated the sharing of these techniques to help us all try and take them to new levels.hope to see you in florida