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This is the second of the four shots that I mentioned yesterday, taken with a borrowed 400D and a Tamron AF 11-18mm F/4.5-5.6 Di II LD Aspherical [IF]. It's not my favourite of the set, but I was pleased with how it turned out. I'm also glad that I went out yesterday, despite the rather fierce wind, as it's poured down today.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
3.15pm on 3/10/08
Canon 400D
Tamron AF 11-18mm
1/125, 1/500, 1/2000
aperture priority
FDRTools and C1 Pro
minor rotation
3x2 + HDR + fylde coast [scenic]
comment by rhys at 07:25 PM (GMT) on 4 October, 2008

much prefer this one. fantastic tonal range.

comment by Garry at 07:26 PM (GMT) on 4 October, 2008

I prefer this one to yesterdays... I think I prefer B&W HDR's - they seem more natural to me, especially love the grain of the timber against the smooth pebbles in this one

comment by djn1 at 07:45 PM (GMT) on 4 October, 2008

rhys/Garry: I think I prefer it now too. When I initially processed this one I couldn't get the balance between the foreground and sky right - hence I said it was my least favourite of the set - but I did some more work on it today and now think I probably like it better than yesterday's.

comment by Benno Klier at 07:52 PM (GMT) on 4 October, 2008

The Tamron makes a good job - fantastic dynamics and dramatic perspective!

comment by E y e V i s i o n at 08:09 PM (GMT) on 4 October, 2008

Hi David. I like this shot more than the previous one. The tones are nice and it is really your style. What do you think about the 400D? And the lens? I have a Sigma 10-20 but I was hesitating between that and the Tamron when decided to buy a super wide angle optic.

comment by Shayan at 08:39 PM (GMT) on 4 October, 2008

Hi David - this is a wonderful shot -I've taken similar shots in Hawaii (dramatic skies) with the exact same lens. I love how the texture of wood always comes out amazing when using HDR.

comment by Jennifer at 08:57 PM (GMT) on 4 October, 2008

Really like this (though still find HDR too graphic). How are you coping with the 400? Verity has the 350D but much prefers my old 20D and rarely uses it. Am I the only one that can see a dead cat behind the groyne on the right :-D

comment by djn1 at 09:10 PM (GMT) on 4 October, 2008

E y e V i s i o n: the 400D seems pretty good, and after lugging the 1Ds Mark II around it's also pleasantly light :-)

Shayan: yes, HDR does work well with wood.

Jennifer: I was going to say yes, you're the only one, but now you mention it I think it looks more like a small dead monkey ... which is odd.

comment by csj at 10:15 PM (GMT) on 4 October, 2008

Seeing the quality in this frame, makes you wonder how much further we can go with technology before it becomes indecipherable between bodeis and lenses....... HDR works really well in this shot.... That sky is very inviting.... I could use a dose of that myself right now.... csj

comment by Rob at 10:55 PM (GMT) on 4 October, 2008

I really like the tonal ranges in this as well. Great composition too.

comment by Martin at 02:05 AM (GMT) on 5 October, 2008

David, are you shooting dead monkeys and cats now? :-)
I see nothing like that. Only beautiful textures in the round stones and in the wood. Very nice and interesting sky you´ve got there. Looking forward to the coming images.

comment by Simon at 03:52 AM (GMT) on 5 October, 2008

This is just perfect!

comment by Carlos Garcia at 04:50 AM (GMT) on 5 October, 2008

The immeasurable strength of the sea. Only the sea can posses pride in its humility. I can hear the steel trying in vain to win. Wonderful detail. Carlos

comment by Craig at 10:53 AM (GMT) on 5 October, 2008

I like this a lot, with the great textures in the wood and metal blending well with the smoothness of the pebbles. Great dramatic sky too. Very well processed, I see no dead animals though! I think I'm heading off to take those tutorials..........

comment by Gavin at 11:27 AM (GMT) on 5 October, 2008

Outstanding! The low down view point really makes this shot, and the detail and depth of field are perfect.

comment by Sam Brill at 05:57 PM (GMT) on 5 October, 2008

Really nice

comment by Pete at 09:24 PM (GMT) on 5 October, 2008

A classic Chromasia shot - HDR is perfectly suited to subjects like this. Great sky too.

comment by TP@photoskiasi.com at 07:19 AM (GMT) on 6 October, 2008

Love the texture, sky and low perspective. Nice

comment by navin harish at 09:11 AM (GMT) on 6 October, 2008

I like this. Very dramatic

comment by Kristian Rasmussen at 09:28 AM (GMT) on 6 October, 2008

You've really done it here. This is top of the line. The details in the rocks and the rusted h-bar sticking out of the beach. I'm left in awe.

comment by Laurie at 01:45 PM (GMT) on 6 October, 2008

This is gorgeous of course. You are most definitely a master.

comment by Jay at 01:51 PM (GMT) on 6 October, 2008

Beautiful perspective. The contrast and range of tones in this shot is wonderful. Great work!

comment by Robbie Veldwijk at 06:08 PM (GMT) on 6 October, 2008

Good point of view and nice dramatic air!

comment by aurore at 06:12 PM (GMT) on 7 October, 2008

c'est superbe!

comment by Rob at 04:26 AM (GMT) on 24 October, 2008

I love it. Excellent detail and texture in the foreground with an amazing sky in the background. Your shots always have the most amazing skies! Nicely done.

comment by Steve at 09:43 AM (GMT) on 24 October, 2008

This is awesome! Love the diffeerent textures, especially the stones/rope/wood/sky mix. I must now go out and take some shots on the beach near us. Inspiration!