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Once again, my apologies for not posting over the last few days but this cold has left me feeling totally bereft of both energy and enthusiasm (and if I had a photograph of a bloke pushing a rock up a hill I'd post it). As it is, I came across this one in a folder of images I'd put aside from this year's Blackpool Pride event and decided it was worth posting. And yes, in case this one causes as much confusion as the last one, he is wearing make-up :-)

Anyway, I'm hoping I'll be over this cold in the next day or so, after which I'll get out and shoot some new material.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
7.32am on 17/5/08
Canon 1Ds Mark II
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
aperture priority
580EX II
Photomatix Pro
HDR + people [portraiture] + no print
comment by Martin at 09:45 PM (GMT) on 15 August, 2008

I dunno what to say about this one. He´s kinda scary in a kind, happy way. Well...no I like him. He seems friedly. Nice portrait. Beautifully lit.
Get better soon Dave.

comment by The Obvious at 05:43 AM (GMT) on 16 August, 2008

Sorry, David... not one of your best portraits. There is something both unnatural and scary about the post-processing of today and yesterday's shot. And to be even more critical, the flash light is a bit too obvious too, it seems it has been that way with most of the shots you took in this set.
Anyway, I am waiting for you to get well so that you can go out and shoot some genuine Chromasia stuff ;).

comment by Jennifer at 01:54 PM (GMT) on 16 August, 2008

Put a smile on my face - looks a lovely bloke, great expression. Do worry about his cleansing routine though - how the heck does he get the make-up off - cotton wool and stubble cannot be a good mix ;-)

comment by irv at 04:03 AM (GMT) on 17 August, 2008

uggghhh ..

comment by Jewel at 04:05 AM (GMT) on 17 August, 2008

pride ? about ?

comment by rambohoho at 09:10 PM (GMT) on 17 August, 2008

I like the detail of this shot.

comment by Sara at 05:36 PM (GMT) on 18 August, 2008

Gosh, what a shock! Bring on the kids!!

comment by Mike at 12:36 AM (GMT) on 19 August, 2008

This is a wonderful portrait. The texture of his skin is beautiful. I would feel badly for him if he didn't see it. Really, really nice work.

comment by Joe at 07:15 PM (GMT) on 19 August, 2008

Does it seems a bit too bright? I get a sense of needing to squint when looking at this.

comment by the usual guy at 11:34 PM (GMT) on 31 August, 2008

Joe: It's not the brightness that makes you squint it's the 'horrible" that does.