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I don't know what it is about Rhowan, but even when eating an ice cream she can look as though she's a million miles away.

On another matter: if I don't post much over the next day or so, don't be surprised. My server (a ReadyNAS NV+) has fried its power supply and I'm currently waiting for a replacement - and keeping my fingers crossed that the disks aren't fried to. Once I get back things back to some sort of technical stability I'll post more regularly again.

shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
RAW converter
5.11pm on 1/7/08
Canon G9
aperture priority
1x1 + children [portraits]
comment by Aldis at 08:11 PM (GMT) on 7 July, 2008

Beautiful portrait
perfect eyes

comment by E y e V i s i o n at 08:28 PM (GMT) on 7 July, 2008

Her eyes are stunning and she really looks as she was miles away. LAB color process again?

comment by Sonny Parlin at 08:29 PM (GMT) on 7 July, 2008

Nice milk mustache. :)

I love the color of her eyes and lips. The depth of field is really nice on this one, it just starts to get soft on her right side at the hair strands and continues... beautifully done.


comment by cy at 09:06 PM (GMT) on 7 July, 2008

absolutely fabulous. i love her aloofness. it is like the butterfly on the subway. it drawls your attention and makes you look and wonder. really nice.

i started modeling just a bit younger than she is... and believe me, she could do it. her look is very editorial and inspiring.... plus, she gorgeous. combined with being photographed by a very talented artist... it is magic.

comment by DavidC at 09:38 PM (GMT) on 7 July, 2008

beautiful shot! Like EYEVISION, I am wondering if this is done in Lab Color as well? If so, I think I might have to take a look at those tutorials :) I love how the background and her eyes play off each other.

comment by mike at 09:42 PM (GMT) on 7 July, 2008

Beautiful eyes, cute freckles. Nice portrait. Odd, though how someone could look almost irritated while eating ice cream.

comment by kobi at 10:03 PM (GMT) on 7 July, 2008

WOW, what a great portrait!

comment by mikelangelo at 10:14 PM (GMT) on 7 July, 2008

Not a big fan of the ice cream part of this image...but I must admit...the eyes are just beautiful. Great stare.

comment by micha at 11:31 PM (GMT) on 7 July, 2008

No need to say I am great fan of this little lady. The pic is wonderful. Just love the way the background colour brings even more her eyes cool colour. And then, to me, the ice cream bit makes the pic so unusual so unique...love it. Well done.

comment by Adam Swords at 11:46 PM (GMT) on 7 July, 2008

Wow, this was taken with your G9?
I'm fretting over what to do when I go to Brazil in a couple of weeks...do I haul all of my camera kit, or do I buy a G9 and take a speedlight and a couple of pocket wizards "just in case"?
This picture has pushed me towards the lighter option...especially as I don't think I will want to be lugging expensive kit around downtown Rio. If I can get these sorts of results from a P&S then it may be the more sensible option.

comment by Kevin H. Stecyk at 02:29 AM (GMT) on 8 July, 2008

Beautiful and captivating photograph David!

I love her seemingly strong focus on something distant while she's eating ice cream.

comment by kate at 03:07 AM (GMT) on 8 July, 2008

maybe Rhowan would like to know that i have a quote posted on my refigerator freezer door:

without ice cream the world would be darkness and chaos. :)

comment by Claus at 07:30 AM (GMT) on 8 July, 2008

The joy of an ice cream would put a smile on my face, but she looks a little too sad to be enjoying this one!

comment by Jennifer at 08:57 AM (GMT) on 8 July, 2008

Gorgeous shot. A penny for them!

comment by Martin at 11:47 AM (GMT) on 8 July, 2008

Beautiful, just beautiful.
It would be really interesting to know a little about the PP on this one. I know, I know your tutorials show it all and I´ve read them all. Believe me. But anyway, care letting us know anything about this one. Any curves for tone or desaturation?

comment by ROB at 12:29 PM (GMT) on 8 July, 2008

Seriously dude you have outdone yourself with this one. Its beautiful, and spooky at the same time. The eyes and mouth are such a contrast its amazing but what really grabs me is the detail and softness at the same time.

comment by black and white photography by sylvain lagarde at 01:11 PM (GMT) on 8 July, 2008

superbe portrait!

comment by Calivita sklep at 07:13 PM (GMT) on 8 July, 2008

beautifully presented eyes,
very interesting

comment by Jason Dale at 10:25 PM (GMT) on 8 July, 2008

Stunning! especially as it was shot on a G9. The detail is as good as a DSLR at this resolution. Was this taken using the face recognition, auto or manual focus? I have not had time to do the like for like comparison with my G5 as discussed but the shots I took on Saturday compare well with the EOS 20D @ ISO 80 - 100 after applying noise ninja. I may grow to like this camera quickly ;-)

comment by Jide Alakija at 11:36 PM (GMT) on 8 July, 2008

I just recently got a NAS System too...a Thecus N5200, it cost me a lot and I'm hoping nothing major like the power supply failing on me occurs...how long have you had yours?

Interesting image. She doesn't look like she liked that you caught her with her mouth leaking Dave, better watch it!

comment by djn1 at 09:27 AM (GMT) on 9 July, 2008

Thanks all.

E y e V i s i o n, DavidC and Martin: no, this wasn't done in LAB. I partially desaturated the image using the Channel Mixer then used a Curve to tone it.

Adam: it's a great little camera and I don't think you'd regret getting one.

Jason: I think it was shot using auto, and yes, you'll like it.

Jide: I've been running my NAS for a little over a year, and other than this recent problem it's been fine. What I can add is that I've found out that mine was part of a batch with problematic PSUs, so the more recent ones should be more reliable.

comment by Sara at 01:03 PM (GMT) on 9 July, 2008

I loved this photo David, and have just odered a G9 for taking on hols....
Did you have to crop the image much?

comment by mal at 08:28 PM (GMT) on 9 July, 2008

stunning image. mal

comment by otilius at 05:46 AM (GMT) on 10 July, 2008

nicely haunting, thanks!

comment by elianne at 04:19 PM (GMT) on 10 July, 2008

what a powerful portrait,

comment by Val, développeur CMS at 05:35 AM (GMT) on 11 July, 2008

Magnifique ! Quel regard et quel instant !

comment by minimodi at 06:54 PM (GMT) on 11 July, 2008

amazing expression, she doesn't look alive, more like a porselin doll... that G9 seem to work well! /J

comment by Torsten at 03:33 PM (GMT) on 18 July, 2008

I love the style of your pictures. I´ve already subscribed to your tutorials, but I´m not perfect into english and it´s a little bit to professional for an amateur photographer like me.
But I come back every day to watch your pics ...