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This is the portrait of Harmony I mentioned yesterday: wearing her princess dress and Stephanie wig. And you probably won't be too surprised to hear that I'm pleased with this one :-)

shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
RAW converter
10.35am on 19/6/08
Canon G9
aperture priority
580EX II
RAW Developer
1x1 + children [portraits]
comment by Ame at 07:23 PM (GMT) on 20 June, 2008

She is so lovely. Black and white actually works great!

comment by Tom at 11:59 PM (GMT) on 20 June, 2008

With that wig on she looks like a cross between Britney Spears & Katie Holmes. Great look into the camera!

comment by Mark at 01:31 AM (GMT) on 21 June, 2008

I think this is absolutely superb, as was the last one. 9 comments on the last one - I'll be interested to see what this one gets. Not that I think any of these comments mean a damn thing...but you know what I mean.

I've said it before that your general audience seems to be attracted to your 'photo candy landscapes'...they don't seem to have the intelligence or the eye to address anything more interesting though. This is wonderful. It's - once again - your photoshop and processing skills that really come to the fore here but it works. It works!

You're giving me some inspiration/motivation to tackle my own children again.

I do though suspect that your PS skills have come heavily into play, however, that's a given when it comes to you I guess and shouldn't be viewed

comment by Mark at 01:33 AM (GMT) on 21 June, 2008

Oh and your masking is rubbish!! ;))

comment by lawrence at 03:11 AM (GMT) on 21 June, 2008

lovely shot, and for me it is the grubby little feet, splayed out, that makes it stand out. It makes her a princess of action..

comment by cy at 03:33 AM (GMT) on 21 June, 2008

think it is a cute pretend photo, but something about the feet positioning is distracting. it really takes away from her and her expression.

comment by Mark at 03:51 AM (GMT) on 21 June, 2008

A really nice, 'natural' shot. I especially love the delicate tones in this and yesterdays offering. This would look fantastic as a fibre-based print.

comment by Jennifer at 10:57 AM (GMT) on 21 June, 2008

Gorgeous and just LOVE yesterday's of Finley :-)

comment by yahya at 11:42 AM (GMT) on 21 June, 2008

It's her dirty looking feet that make this shot extraordinary.

comment by Northshore at 10:09 AM (GMT) on 22 June, 2008

I just love this and the previous image...just got childhood all wrapped up in those two shots.

comment by Leicca at 05:23 PM (GMT) on 22 June, 2008

Me gusta mucho ese retrato. Great!

comment by djn1 at 07:36 PM (GMT) on 22 June, 2008

Thanks all.

Mark: ta, but what did you mean about the masking?

comment by Mark at 12:15 AM (GMT) on 23 June, 2008

Ah....another one of my late night visits, Dave. ;)

I think I was referring to the edges of Harmony's hair...however, I was being toyingly critical I have to say. It was tongue in cheek as I've (hopefully) made clear previously that I love what you're doing with the G9. I'm failing terribly with it....but having said that I'm really not tryin g very hard of late :(

comment by kosenrufu mama at 10:55 AM (GMT) on 24 June, 2008

i think is absolutely perfect!!!