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This was taken at Al Seef in Dubai, and I think I would have liked the shot anyway, but the fact that they're all standing on one leg meant that this was a shot I couldn't resist.

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5.26pm on 23/4/08
Canon 1Ds Mark II
EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM
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C1 Pro
3x2 + travel [Dubai, UAE] + people [portraiture] + photo friday
comment by shooter at 07:43 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2008

A nicely observed moment...

comment by nick at 07:55 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2008

hey, i've been a big (if quiet) fan for a long time. keep up the good work.

in other news, i wanted to point out this site using your photos. they credit you by name, but no link, and i have a feeling they don't have your consent for it.

comment by tino at 08:11 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2008

Nice. What may the talk about...?

comment by Jeff T at 09:13 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2008

I really like the juxtaposition of the flag and the men. Well done.

comment by Leicca at 10:03 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2008

I can imagine a different shot, just showing their three legs, if you had moved a little bit towards your right side.
I wouldn´t have been able to resist either!

comment by Roy at 10:17 PM (GMT) on 2 May, 2008

Well observed! The Dubai equivalent of propping up the bar.

comment by San Sebastian at 09:05 AM (GMT) on 3 May, 2008

beautifull ambientation, nice scene.

comment by crash at 05:57 PM (GMT) on 6 May, 2008

aha! the 3 Amigos of Dubai!

comment by mehdi at 12:58 PM (GMT) on 13 May, 2008

these 3arabs remind me spending my last weekend in the historical city of perspolis. there where 3arab tourists walking on the white rock ground of parse ancient city, my friend took a great shot from them. arabs and perspolis in a photo is a perfect paradox for me unlike arabs in dubai tha is a perfect match.

comment by observer at 02:45 AM (GMT) on 24 April, 2009

These men are Sikhs not Arabs. They are from Northern India are are just visiting whatever country this was taken. it's pretty rude to label someone without full knowledge of who they are.

comment by djn1 at 08:14 AM (GMT) on 24 April, 2009

observer: yes, they are Sikhs, but they probably do live in Dubai; i.e. 80% of the population are not Arabs.