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As many of you who follow chromasia know, I don't often post architectural shots, not least because there aren't any especially striking buildings in Blackpool other than the tower and the piers, neither of which are typical buildings.

While I've been over in Dubai though I've had permission to photograph the DIFC, so have made the most of the opportunity and have quite a few shots to put up. Most are HDRs (as I shot from underneath the structure) and all of them were processed with Photomatix Pro.

I'll put another one up tomorrow, but then will post some different material after that.

Oh, and as this is an HDR I haven't put the EXIF data up, but the sequence was shot with a 15mm rectilinear fisheye at f/8.0. The one I'll be posting tomorrow was shot from a similar position, but was taken with my 16-35mm, so looks quite different.

Finally: Jennifer pointed out that I forgot to mention what had caused the blur on the shot I put up the other day – sorry about that. It was taken through a waterfall.

3x2 + HDR + travel [Dubai, UAE] + urban
comment by m at 08:12 PM (GMT) on 30 April, 2008

Another fab shot from Dubai, I've enjoyed them all.

comment by El Jefe at 08:12 PM (GMT) on 30 April, 2008

Awesome shot!!.
Una simetría perfecta, incluidos los reflejos. Siempre he pensado que los HDR en b&w quedan geniales.
Esta ultima serie arquitectónica me está gustando mucho.

comment by nigel at 08:12 PM (GMT) on 30 April, 2008

Wow, you're having a fun trip! These hdr images are great. Sometimes hdr can become cartoony and not real-looking - you get them spot on. Great in b&w - you blend them in colour then convert to b&w later?

comment by Bill at 08:16 PM (GMT) on 30 April, 2008

Great shot and angle. Do you feel using HDR captures more details in the refections like in the photo?

comment by Jeff T at 08:28 PM (GMT) on 30 April, 2008

Great series - I love the symmetry in this one as well.

comment by Jennifer at 09:12 PM (GMT) on 30 April, 2008

Yeah - I got it right - thanks for putting me out of my misery! Loving your Dubai work - I bet Photomatix are too ;-)

comment by Eddie F at 11:06 PM (GMT) on 30 April, 2008

I'm getting a starwars feeling with this one, I think it is partly down to knowing the scale of the object. I must admit to not knowing how the merging of these HDR works but I am going to find out - thanks

comment by kate at 05:06 AM (GMT) on 1 May, 2008

Love this as well as all the other architectural shots. But can't help thinking that is not your sole purpose in visiting Dubai. I keep picturing a Dubai wedding perhaps?

...al El Jefe- estoy de acuerdo con usted hoy dia. :)

comment by jkm at 05:35 AM (GMT) on 1 May, 2008

Thanks Jennifer for double checking! Sent the link to a friend of mine in Dubai who wants to purchase the Emirates Tower print. Love this DIFC shot! Perfectly centred ;-)

comment by plasticpeter at 10:49 AM (GMT) on 1 May, 2008

nice one !

comment by Stefan Thaler at 11:12 AM (GMT) on 1 May, 2008

Fantastic image, great work!

comment by Chris/Aperture Image at 04:59 PM (GMT) on 1 May, 2008

Superb image David.

comment by chiara at 06:08 PM (GMT) on 1 May, 2008

Very cool! I love your architectural shots.

comment by John at 06:14 PM (GMT) on 1 May, 2008

These Dubai photos are fantastic. I've been a lurker for a long time, but these most recent ones have inspired me to finally comment. Keep up the excellent work.

comment by Jarrard at 09:54 PM (GMT) on 1 May, 2008

Your Dubai work has been absolutely fantastic. This one is glorious.

comment by Paul Schutz at 12:14 AM (GMT) on 3 May, 2008


comment by Olivier at 05:25 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2008

Magnifique symétrie !

comment by Reuben Chircop at 10:30 AM (GMT) on 6 May, 2008

Now that is a very nice shot of symmetry. great job. and the discoloration works wonders.