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As I mentioned yesterday, I've been using Photomatix Pro to generate pseudo-HDR images from a single RAW file, and of all my recent attempts I think that this is probably my favourite, and I may well include it in next month's tutorial.

If you take a look at the original you will see that it might just have been possible to create much the same effect using a variety of masked Curves, but the HDR process makes it a lot easier.

The original image (processed using the default settings in ACR) is here:


Oh, and let me know what you think about the boot in the top-right corner of the image. I did think about cloning it out, but thought it added another dimension to the story.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
2.41pm on 11/8/06
Canon 20D
EF 17-40 f/4L USM
17mm (27mm equiv.)
aperture priority
420EX (-2/3 FEC)
C1 Pro
3x2 + HDR + people [portraiture] + no print + urban
comment by Jennifer at 09:35 PM (GMT) on 12 April, 2008

Dig those green Docs! I like the boot left in - tells you they are looking at someone but keeps you guessing as to the identity - could be a mate or the police!

comment by Andre at 09:36 PM (GMT) on 12 April, 2008

I love pseudo-HDR, especially when the sky is overcast and contrast is nowhere to be found. Most recently I used it to spruce up images of the ruins of the Quebec city armoury the day after it was gutted by a fire.

comment by nikohk at 09:49 PM (GMT) on 12 April, 2008

Very cool this HDR. Punk is not dead. :p

comment by csj@id7.co.uk at 10:08 PM (GMT) on 12 April, 2008

It looks powerful, in both subject and colour, like spray art. It works well, the boot holds the story complete, with where there attention might be. Technique holds its own here compared to the original. It gets the thumbs up down here in the South.

comment by Ina at 11:44 PM (GMT) on 12 April, 2008

Sorry, but for me, this is a tad overprocessed... Looking forward to the next tutorial, though!

comment by John at 11:59 PM (GMT) on 12 April, 2008

I didn't really care for what I call first generation HDRs, but I've seen some really nice HDRs lately. This one is very well done. Bravo!

comment by Xavier Rey at 12:12 AM (GMT) on 13 April, 2008

Punk is not dead !!! Great !!

comment by mikelangelo at 02:03 AM (GMT) on 13 April, 2008

I like this. however, the extreme detail and contrast really ages the people, I think. It makes them look much "dirtier" and 'leathery' ... especially on the lady's arm and face.

Nothing wrong with it.. just an interesting way to interpret the subjects.

comment by Robb McAulay at 02:12 AM (GMT) on 13 April, 2008

Maybe it's my recent switch to film talking but I too feel that this is a little over processed. While I appreciate the HDR process and notice that it is only a natural extension of using ND grads etc I think that using it to such an extent as this takes the textures right out of context and leaves the viewer in a state of confusion. Although technically it gives the image great depth I think it leaves our brain no option but to try and flatten it (that may sound like nonsense)

Also, d'you think he knows that skol is only 2.8% ROCK n' ROLL! :D

comment by Lee at 08:49 AM (GMT) on 13 April, 2008

I like the way you use the "pseudo-HDR" effect. I think the perspective (angle) and the composition work well too! Do you ever take bad shots?

comment by Lee at 08:51 AM (GMT) on 13 April, 2008

P.S. I think the boot in the top, right corner adds something unexpected to the image: almost a continuation of a story.

comment by Bill at 12:08 PM (GMT) on 13 April, 2008

Their punk style appearance goes with the HDR process. Their wild appearance is different so why not the photo too.

comment by Roy at 03:20 PM (GMT) on 13 April, 2008

I like this effect and I've found that I often get more pleasing results myself with the single-frame technique in Photomatix than with multiple exposures combined in either PM or Photoshop - that's not to say that multiple exposures aren't preferable in certain situations, just that I haven't got it quite right yet!
There's some very interesting examples of HDR in the latest issue of Ag magazine, plus an article on the technique that's a good read.
Leaving the boot in was the right decision.

comment by zeppelin at 06:20 PM (GMT) on 13 April, 2008

superbe!! bravo !

comment by onewayphotoblog / Mark at 08:24 PM (GMT) on 13 April, 2008

I agree the boot left in is better... you can see then that they are talking with someone. I would really like to see the original for comparison though.

comment by Lightseeker at 09:55 PM (GMT) on 13 April, 2008

The HDR treatment really suits the subject and there's no comparison with the original processing!

comment by Urv at 01:40 AM (GMT) on 14 April, 2008

I haven't commented in a while- but I really like this shot. And normally I dislike the post processing to this extent, but it suits the subject matter. And I wish I knew how to get spikes like his!

comment by Robert at 02:59 AM (GMT) on 14 April, 2008

Boot in is good, but it needs more of the boot (nnot sure how much, if any, is cropped out). As it is, it seems like an accident.

As far as being overprocessed, that's fits punk. Push the boundary, then push some more.

comment by doreen at 05:50 AM (GMT) on 14 April, 2008

my eyes start to water if i stare at this image for too long ... XD

comment by jano lavalle at 06:36 AM (GMT) on 14 April, 2008

the cans!

comment by Jasper at 10:14 AM (GMT) on 14 April, 2008

Hmm, I'm not too fond of this HDR conversion. A little bit over-processed I think. But I like the composition and angle!

comment by mooch at 03:39 PM (GMT) on 14 April, 2008

Although it does tend to make the paving overly busy I really do like the processing. Far more intersting texture/pattern to those slabs than in the original. Very vibrant colours too. How much is photomatix?

comment by li at 05:01 PM (GMT) on 14 April, 2008

I find the color too strong for the eye, not quite pleasant to view. I wonder how long does that guy have to spend on his hair everyday, or maybe he sleeps in sitting position?

comment by Chris at 06:21 PM (GMT) on 14 April, 2008

This is really outstanding work David. Congratulations and I look forward to your next tutorial!

comment by djn1 at 07:38 PM (GMT) on 14 April, 2008

Thanks all.

comment by Carlos Lorenzo at 04:18 PM (GMT) on 15 April, 2008

As if the subject was not good enough you go and use the perfect angle. Great shot.

comment by Rodrigo Gómez at 03:36 AM (GMT) on 16 April, 2008

I like a lot the image, but I do find the boot somewhat a distraction. The subjects are interesting enough and the boot just keeps attracting my eyes ;-)

Can't wait to see next month tutorial!

comment by Saito at 05:38 PM (GMT) on 17 April, 2008

I really like this shot. Normally, I shy away from the HDR pictures, but this one needed to be dramatic and bold to really tell the story. I love it, from the boots to his hair, this one needed to be loud.

comment by Benny at 05:00 AM (GMT) on 18 April, 2008

Interesting tones. The clothing almost looks like chrome. I like the effect--really makes the subjects >POP< out of the screen.

comment by Jide Alakija at 04:15 PM (GMT) on 19 May, 2008

I'm not sure about this one...somehow for me it's a tad bit over processed. Sorry Dave this isn't working for me.

I must say it is making a statment ;) but not sure it's a positive one!