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This is my third and final image from the Heat the Streets event I shot on Saturday evening – taken during the finale. On reflection, I wish I'd gone for a tighter crop, but I was shooting over the heads of the people in front of me and had Harmony sat on my shoulders, so it wasn't taken under the most relaxed of circumstances ;-)

focal length
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8.11pm on 16/2/08
Canon 5D
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
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C1 Pro
comment by Peter at 07:14 PM (GMT) on 18 February, 2008

wow i'm wondering that there weren't post any comments yet! i like the flames and the fog. I'm sorry i'm trying to express better but my english isn't the best because i'm not a native speaker, i'll try to improve it. keep up your good work! peter

comment by Joshua Mahar at 07:28 PM (GMT) on 18 February, 2008

This is a wonderful shot! Love the composition, with all the action on the left save the falling sparks. The sense of motion on this is also really great - what with the flames only just frozen in place. This shot has nice mood to it too. Good stuff.

comment by Craig@id7.co.uk at 08:15 PM (GMT) on 18 February, 2008

layers of light, and a good use of thirds in the 1x1, looks like the angel of the north on fire.... tell harmony it was a cracking shot... I'm assuming she pressed the button for her daddy..... csj

comment by oldshutterhand at 10:40 PM (GMT) on 18 February, 2008

Perfect layout with the sparkling on the right side.

comment by cy at 12:25 AM (GMT) on 19 February, 2008

saving the best for last. absolutely love the intensity of this shot.

comment by Veerasundar at 01:18 AM (GMT) on 19 February, 2008

Good silhouette. The fire is giving a glow to the photo.

comment by kate at 02:09 AM (GMT) on 19 February, 2008

love this uncropped. magical, seemingly impossible without someone getting hurt. :)

comment by Tom K. at 05:46 AM (GMT) on 19 February, 2008

In a word..............tremendous.

comment by Andy Schonfelder at 10:35 AM (GMT) on 19 February, 2008

Some great stuff on here lately. Can't even pick a favorite, everything since I last visited is top notch. Still don't know how you manage to post every day. I can't even finish my website, been trying for five years.

Keep up the good work,


comment by Betsy Barron at 11:47 AM (GMT) on 19 February, 2008

Flames, fog, sparks and silhouette - gorgeous!

comment by denis at 11:51 AM (GMT) on 19 February, 2008

Great picture. I love its atmosphere. You make us dream !

comment by Gromitch at 12:20 PM (GMT) on 19 February, 2008

Really great!

comment by Jay at 02:02 PM (GMT) on 19 February, 2008

Very nice silhouette...

comment by Wolfgang Burzler at 06:48 PM (GMT) on 19 February, 2008

Brilliant photo! I love this atmosphere.

comment by djn1 at 08:18 PM (GMT) on 19 February, 2008

Thanks all :-)