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First, thanks for all your comments on the images that were posted this week – they're much appreciated.

As for this one: this is Harmony, playing on her DS outside our chalet at CenterParcs, where we spent most of this week. It was a good trip, and the kids all enjoyed it, but I didn't spend a great deal of time taking photographs: a) because I didn't really have time, and b) because the light was terrible.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
1.14pm on 23/1/08
Canon 5D
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
aperture priority
C1 Pro
1x1 + children [portraits]
comment by dfp at 09:14 PM (GMT) on 25 January, 2008

This is cool! look at those eyes!

comment by craig@id7.co.uk at 09:19 PM (GMT) on 25 January, 2008

Thats the same expression I have whilst Brain training....... csj
P.S You doing Focus this year?

comment by m at 09:36 PM (GMT) on 25 January, 2008

She's the spit of her mum

comment by Justin Gaynor at 09:45 PM (GMT) on 25 January, 2008

What she's thinking here: "Dad, why haven't we upgraded to a DS Lite yet???"

comment by lasiate at 02:22 AM (GMT) on 26 January, 2008

belle déclinaison en rose. Le regard est délicieusement acidulé

comment by David Chabashvili at 05:54 AM (GMT) on 26 January, 2008

The best!! Love it! The captured emotion is just great!

comment by Robert Mourik at 10:53 AM (GMT) on 26 January, 2008

It's a lovely portrait of Harmony but somehow it doesn't completely do it for me. And I can't really say why. I think, and this is probably very personal, that the pink and the green together look a bit too washed out for my taste. I also have the impression that the eyes are not completely sharp.

comment by Jennifer at 12:05 PM (GMT) on 26 January, 2008

Fab expression. If I had a DS and the brain training prog, wonder if I'd look this bright-eyed and bushy tailed!?

comment by olivier [CoolPixels] at 05:35 PM (GMT) on 26 January, 2008

Beautyful portrait ! Very nice lighting !

comment by djn1 at 08:31 PM (GMT) on 26 January, 2008

Thanks everyone.

Robert: it doesn't quite work for me either, but I tried a more saturated version, and a black and white one, and neither worked. As for her eyes: the entire image is a bit soft.

comment by Claus Petersen at 04:50 PM (GMT) on 3 February, 2008

You have really given this one a very highkey expression, it looks great!

comment by minimodi at 05:48 PM (GMT) on 8 February, 2008

love the tones. /J