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This is the first of two shots of this evening's sunset. I don't think either of them really do it justice, but I'm pleased with how they turned out. Both are quite different, but I think I prefer this one, not least because it's less conventional than tomorrow's. My hunch, though I'm more than happy to be proved wrong, is that some of you may well feel that there's not quite enough going on in this one ;-)

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
4.30pm on 11/1/08
Canon 1Ds Mark II
EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM
aperture priority
C1 Pro
2x1 + fylde coast [scenic]
comment by Jennifer at 10:04 PM (GMT) on 11 January, 2008

Are you sure it was taken this evening? Has been p***ing all day/evening down here! Very calming and restful - doesn't need to have things 'going on'!

comment by Sharla at 10:08 PM (GMT) on 11 January, 2008

Odd that such a thin strip of DOF could hold the whole shot together and be so peaceful. Of course, the color contributes a great deal. Very nice!

comment by Joseph at 10:18 PM (GMT) on 11 January, 2008

oh thats wonderful stuff David, well done! :)

comment by Fuzzy at 10:22 PM (GMT) on 11 January, 2008

At last - one really creative use of focus/bokeh/whatever. Not a big deal actually, but I was just starved for some creativity not only good technical quality.

Check Exif on this one.

comment by djn1 at 10:27 PM (GMT) on 11 January, 2008

Jennifer: yep, it was very pleasant :-)

Fuzzy: thanks – for your comment and the heads up about the EXIF data being missing.

comment by Ryan at 10:34 PM (GMT) on 11 January, 2008

Oh, those colours!

comment by joshua mahar at 10:47 PM (GMT) on 11 January, 2008

Yeah, I think this picture is made by the lack of what is going on. The details in the waves really provide a great contrast (compliment) to the fuzzy impressionistic top but of the shot. The colors are also very nice. Excellent shot.

comment by Pete at 10:54 PM (GMT) on 11 January, 2008

This is excellent - I'm so glad you managed to get some from tonight's gorgeous sunset. I stepped out of the office at 4:30, saw the sky and got to the promenade as fast as I could. By the time I'd gotten over the tram tracks (not easy when there's only 2 ways through the fences between Red Bank Road and Gynn Square!) the best of the light had already gone :-(

I love the focus on this - and am looking forward to seeing your other one.

comment by Gareth at 11:21 PM (GMT) on 11 January, 2008

Actually I like this one David. I think there are two things that hold it together; the colours with a strong contrast of the dark line in the horizon, and the very interesting patterns in the riplples on the water - almost a criss-cross. I sense that without both of these elements your concern might be true. I think these points keep the eye interested though.

comment by sa at 11:39 PM (GMT) on 11 January, 2008

Interesting photo, but what's even more interesting is such a shallow dof at f4.
That's one strange lens.

comment by csj @ id7co.uk at 11:46 PM (GMT) on 11 January, 2008

I'd like a canvas of this image above my bath. Thankyou..... Is this really what f4 on a 70mm can produce, its fantastic. Or is there a tad more to this than meets the eye! .... csj

comment by Alistair - Digiphotology at 01:01 AM (GMT) on 12 January, 2008

As you say it was a cracking sunset this evening and as usual I was viewing it through my kitchen window. Not sure that I like this strong blur David, quite hurts the eyes!

comment by Heath at 02:43 AM (GMT) on 12 January, 2008

I think the 'not quite enough going on' is exactly what makes this shot. The thin strip of in-focus foreground provides a great base for the dreamy, soft colours of the rest of the frame.

comment by Tom K. at 03:43 AM (GMT) on 12 January, 2008

Minimalism, dreamy and flat out gorgeous.

comment by David Chabashvili at 05:26 AM (GMT) on 12 January, 2008


comment by P.J. at 07:17 AM (GMT) on 12 January, 2008

What tremendous color!

comment by PhilB at 10:26 AM (GMT) on 12 January, 2008

Perfect. Love this one.

comment by Sheymouse at 10:39 AM (GMT) on 12 January, 2008

Wow! This shot really blows me away. I like the way the water seems to ripple if you stare at it. The graduation of colours is excellent. It wouldn't look out of place done in water colours.

comment by Greg at 02:21 PM (GMT) on 12 January, 2008

I like this image.... I just would've liked a little more in focus ripples at the bottom of the shot.... maybe a quarter of an inch... just making the ripples a bit more of a feature..... but I love your stuf! you're an inspiration!

comment by Denis at 03:15 PM (GMT) on 12 January, 2008

I wonder what was the real colour... Anyway I like that one !

comment by tom at 04:30 PM (GMT) on 12 January, 2008

Wonderful soft and blurry. The color gradient is gorgeous.

comment by Guido at 06:07 PM (GMT) on 12 January, 2008

An interesting photo with cold and hot colours

comment by djn1 at 07:59 PM (GMT) on 12 January, 2008

Thanks everyone, I liked this one too :-)

comment by David at 09:41 PM (GMT) on 12 January, 2008

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!! Something about the texture area in focus at the bottom gives upsets the balance of the picture in a good way - my eyes keep moving up and down and can't find a place to settle - that's a good thing - I could stare at it all day!

comment by Rob at 12:38 AM (GMT) on 13 January, 2008

I like it as well. It is a nice minimalist shot.

comment by Saito at 02:02 AM (GMT) on 14 January, 2008

I really like the colors, but I do not like the lack of focus. I think it would be great for a book cover or something like that, but as a stand alone photo, I don't like the minimal amount of stuff in focus.

comment by Ed O'Keeffe at 09:00 AM (GMT) on 14 January, 2008

It is very artistic and minimalist. I think you will sell a few prints of this because it would look fantastic on a nice big canvas in a trendy apartment somewhere. Well done for experimenting and being even more creative than usual :)

comment by nels at 02:04 AM (GMT) on 15 January, 2008

absolutely love this

comment by mooch at 10:48 PM (GMT) on 16 January, 2008

So shallow, yet, so pleasing. I rather like the texture of the water.

comment by Joe at 09:37 PM (GMT) on 18 January, 2008

Absolutely stunning. This would make a magnificent print!

comment by Rodrigo Gómez at 10:40 PM (GMT) on 22 January, 2008

I can't say how much I like this photo. It's like..."what??" and then you realize the soft texture of the water. A total surprise. Not to mention the colors, of course :-)

Amazing shot. From the 3, this is the one I like the most.