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This one kind of follows on from yesterday's – insofar as it's a photograph of images created by somebody eles – but I think this one has a bit more substance. It was taken outside a shop in Blackpool that sells a variety of items including framed pictures of various well known cinematic heroes.

shutter speed
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12.48pm on 18/9/07
Canon 5D
EF 35mm f/1.4L USM
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C1 Pro
comment by Nigel at 07:03 PM (GMT) on 20 September, 2007

Good to talk to you today Dave. Thanks for you words of wisdom!

comment by djn1 at 07:06 PM (GMT) on 20 September, 2007

Nigel: you're welcome. Now come back and leave a comment about this image! ;-)

comment by Ash at 07:16 PM (GMT) on 20 September, 2007

I'm torn about this one. I have no issues with the whole "photos of photos" theme (i.e., I loved yesterday's image) but I just find this one a little boring, to be honest. I like your processing, but that's the only redeeming quality in my book. Sorry Dave, just not one that floats my boat :)

comment by Nigel at 07:20 PM (GMT) on 20 September, 2007

Ah yes, sorry! This image reminds me of Richard Prince's work - rephotographing and re-presenting well known iconic images in a new context. Here we have Hollywood icons from a bygone era for sale in the present with new frames, but your treatment of the image gives a feel of antiquity. So I guess you are conveying the timelessness of great stars and the work they did. Great observation and post production!

comment by mikelangelo at 07:59 PM (GMT) on 20 September, 2007

heeeeyy.... "Scarface" isn't a "hero." ;) interesting.. very much like the processing... nicely done.

comment by Joseph at 08:05 PM (GMT) on 20 September, 2007

yeh, its cool.
nicely processed actually...still a few blues and browns left :)

comment by Lightseeker at 09:00 PM (GMT) on 20 September, 2007

You've used the viewfinder to make a good selection from what was in the shop window. Seeing the arrangement and isolating it in your own way adds the substance that you refer to.

comment by Jennifer at 09:08 PM (GMT) on 20 September, 2007

Chuckle - love this because of the incongruity of the colour image at the back. What an hilarious grouping – iconic actors and then wee Cinders tucked in at the back :-)

comment by Sharla at 10:07 PM (GMT) on 20 September, 2007

The art work of art work is okay. The shot is probably as well done as such a subject can be, especially since you've managed some very fun uses of color and in subtle ways. However, I'm totally mystified as to why anyone would pluck good, cold cash on the counter for any of them? I just can't transform a spot in my heart to a spot on my wall or nightstand. Oddly, I'd much rather display your shot of them all than to display any of them.

comment by Gareth at 11:10 PM (GMT) on 20 September, 2007

Anything that evokes a thought, opinion or emotion is a good subject matter IMHO. Cinderella and Scarface snuggled together in a shot; got to invoke some thought, right?

BTW I notice you often nudge your exposure bias down by 1/3 EV. Any reason? I had understood that you lose a fair bit of dynamic range if you're not exposing "to the right" with digital (the 1st stop's worth of data contains almost have the bits for a 12-bit image), and therefore assume you want to expose for as much as you can in-body and post-process down to suit. Maybe just a geeky thought.

comment by alex at 11:14 PM (GMT) on 20 September, 2007

Maybe it's just the gamma on my screen.... but I think this is horrible. Different colour treatments for each picture was probably a good exercise, but it just pulls everything apart.
There maybe is a bit of an effect of juxtaposing all those decades of cinema history, but the processing separates them all up showing exactly why we all hate looking at car boot sales- it's all so detached, and no-one unit is worth your attention.

Also I don't like the way your eye is dragged up by the colour in the Disney princess, and because of her pose, it's thrown on, out of the picture altogether. Together with the way the frames are are arranged it's almost begging the eye to look away.

comment by djn1 at 11:27 PM (GMT) on 20 September, 2007

Sharla: yes, I'm puzzled by why people would buy it too.

Gareth: I find that the 5D overexposes slightly, and I much prefer working with slightly underexposed images than overexposed ones. You're right though, I do risk losing data by going down that route.

Alex: there wasn't a different colour treatment for each image, though I can see why you might think that. What I did was desaturate then tone the image, but this was done across the entire frame. And strangely enough, the reason I particularly like Cinderella in this shot is for exactly the reasons you don't; i.e. she forces your eye out of the shot, away from the crappy boot-sale images.

comment by Jem at 11:34 PM (GMT) on 20 September, 2007

I wasn't sure what you'd come out with when you were shooting this - but thats some great post-processing! Love it :)

comment by Craig at 11:16 AM (GMT) on 21 September, 2007

Was this shot through glass?, just curious....

comment by dp at 02:01 PM (GMT) on 21 September, 2007

There's something I really like about this image. I don't understand why I like it: I disagree with Ash and don't find it at all boring... but I don't know why. If I'd taken a photo of the same subject I would have deleted it from the memory card straight away as it would have been naff! Yet, somehow you've taken a dull subject and made it interesting (to me, at least). I think the post processing has removed some of the tackiness of the pictures. As for Cinderella, I'm not sure I like her looking out of the image, but I think having her at the back adds another layer to it... without her in the background, I think the other pictures would have looked a little flat. With this image, I think you've achieved something you often mange to do: take an everyday (dare I say dull) subject and create an interesting story out of it.

comment by mnemospection photographie noir et blanc at 02:57 PM (GMT) on 21 September, 2007

beautiful "patchwork"

comment by milou at 04:34 PM (GMT) on 21 September, 2007

I think the saving grace is John Wayne engaging with the viewer.

comment by djn1 at 07:07 PM (GMT) on 21 September, 2007

Thanks all :-)

comment by Josef Renklint at 09:50 PM (GMT) on 21 September, 2007

Gorgeous collection, and very well captured.