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This is the final shot I'll be posting of Fiona and the last from my recent trip to Nassau, not least because it's about time for a change.

As always, I'd be interested to hear what you think.

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7.17pm on 26/8/07
Canon 5D
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
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C1 Pro
people [portraiture] + commissions + no print
comment by m at 07:02 PM (GMT) on 12 September, 2007

Great portrait. A bit cold for me

comment by Jamie at 07:37 PM (GMT) on 12 September, 2007

She looks chilly.

comment by Jamey at 07:49 PM (GMT) on 12 September, 2007

Looks like it's been lit (very softly), which is a credit to it IMO.

comment by miChou at 08:02 PM (GMT) on 12 September, 2007

a little bit... troubling (the french troublant sounds so much better :) ) can't say I dislike it. it acts in a strange way on a very basic level on my psyche

good work!

comment by Soroosh Asadzadeh at 08:30 PM (GMT) on 12 September, 2007

really great...

comment by alex at 08:58 PM (GMT) on 12 September, 2007

I'm not sure what this portrait is trying to portray... grief? despair? anger? provocation? The tan lines are a bit distracting IMO, but credit to the eye makeup that's survived the sea! Her eyes just drag your attention out from everywhere else you try to look.

comment by richard at 09:41 PM (GMT) on 12 September, 2007

A nice portrait with great detail, from the eye makeup, tan lines and the water droplets. I like the background toning too. However, the corners of her bottom lip looks a little strange, almost like she ate a lollipop just before the shoot.

comment by Furanku at 09:50 PM (GMT) on 12 September, 2007

I don't know.
It looks more like Baltic sea than Nassau ;-)
Maybe the skin looks a bit reddish on my display.

comment by Ronald at 09:58 PM (GMT) on 12 September, 2007

This is from the same session as Fiona#1 isn't it..?
The same diffuse lighting, the same kind of expression.
More natural toning on this one.
Beautifull sharpness and detail.
Very pure portrait.
Intense eyes this creature has... quite some specimen eh ;-)

comment by moonhead at 10:34 PM (GMT) on 12 September, 2007

Now this I like - A great portrait and more my 'cup of tea'. Her eyes certainly suck you in to the image.

comment by Mark at 11:19 PM (GMT) on 12 September, 2007

The last one you say? Thank f**k for that.

It's funny actually....the whole "Hey folks, I'm a professional photographer and here are some of my shots from a recent commission in the Bahamas....PLEASE tell me what you think...it REALLY means something to me, because I'm just a regular member of the blogging community"...

Now...think back. Let's face it, if you weren't already established as a popular blogger would people have a different take on this site? Do you do this for the love of it still - like you used to - or simply for the business?

By the way Dave...I hope you already know I'm just throwing a fish into the shark infested water here....it would simply be nice to hear how your thoughts and approaches to your work has changed, as no doubt they have. Blogging has always been about community....that's almost a polar opposite to commission work I would have thought..?

comment by A viewer at 11:30 PM (GMT) on 12 September, 2007

If I recall correctly, Mark, the Fiona series wasn't part of the tourism commission.. it just looks like David is trying something new, this sort of portrait is new to Chromasia and he wanted to know what his viewers thought about it. This is a photo blog, and somebody's personal website. I don't know what the rules are, but maybe you should keep the swearing down? Anyway, David, I have to say that I like this, and that it even scares me a little, but her tan lines are a bit distracting. :)

comment by Mark at 11:33 PM (GMT) on 12 September, 2007

A viewer...I wasn't asking you for a start. And as far as swearing is concerned, well, if I'm being casual and all non-offensive to you sensitive types I do use the asterix. Otherwise I just tell you to fuck off ;)

comment by Jide Alakija at 11:37 PM (GMT) on 12 September, 2007

Hmmm...I'm not a fan of this one. I don't think it's flattering but then again is it supposed to be? Not sure what you were going for here!

comment by j at 12:12 AM (GMT) on 13 September, 2007

ok, having waited 'til the end of the series to share my thoughts, I find my impressions are much the same as when it started.

the model seems to look arrogant in every shot for a start. not "alluring" as might be intended - just up herself. and does anyone think she'd look a helluvalot nicer if she just lost the makeup?

generally speaking, I've liked the fact that different approaches have been taken with the shooting and post productions. I wouldn't want to see stock standard shots on chromasia - it's not what I come here for! so I don't mind the colder colour, different light balances and composition (although most of the ones of fiona aren't too different as far as the latter is concerned) etc. these shots however, lack something from a soul point of view for me.

comment by Deb at 12:26 AM (GMT) on 13 September, 2007

comment by miChou at 08:02 PM on 12 September, 2007
"it acts in a strange way on a very basic level on my psyche"

I agree. This model seems to have that ability. Or you bring out the MIddle-Earthness in people, DJ. :p

comment by djn1 at 12:28 AM (GMT) on 13 September, 2007

Mark: it's a little late in the day, but, 'a viewer' is correct, the shots of Fiona, and the shots of Ryan and Fiona, weren't part of the commission. Working with professional models was a new experience for me and I've 'blogged' the results here. You don't like them, other people do, and I have mixed feelings about them.

What I will say though is that the next time you tell one of my visitors to f*** off will be the last time you leave a comment on chromasia; and you can take that as a comment from a 'professional' or a member of the blogging community, though I don't see why you feel compelled to draw the distinction between the two.

And my apologies to everyone who has left a constructive comment; I'll get back to you in the morning.

comment by Mark at 12:58 AM (GMT) on 13 September, 2007

No worries Dave, I think we'll call this the last time anyway. 'A viewer' is yet another one of those posters that lacks the courage of their convictions and choses the anonymity of the web. I was asking a direct question of YOU - one that I feel you always feel more comfortable avoiding. However, when I do it, I'm honest about it and I let people know exactly who I am.
You're perfectly happy to live your life surrounded by people that tell you how wonderful you are and any negative opinion of your product or view is quickly stamped down. If you go back and read the original tete-a-tete (can't do the accents) you'll see that I didn't outright tell your 'anonymous, cowardice viewer' to f**k off. I merely suggested that it might be the way I *would* do things.
Anyway....this is pointless. Mob rules eh. Chromasia is the greatest thing since sliced bread. And woe betide those who say otherwise. Ever as it has been and ever thus shall it be.

comment by maxine at 02:42 AM (GMT) on 13 September, 2007

miss your children pics :)

comment by SeanF at 02:48 AM (GMT) on 13 September, 2007

I'd like to use this thread to actually discuss the photo at hand. David, I've been seeing a lot of exploration in your photography these days. And I'm excited to see where it goes next. The background in this photo really seems to harken back to the original Chromasia days. The subject seems to be adopting a new look.

comment by Richard Trim at 06:57 AM (GMT) on 13 September, 2007

Hey Dave ...you haven't done any double yellow lines for a while!

comment by Mark at 08:19 AM (GMT) on 13 September, 2007

Dave...and, err....a viewer...
Apologies for the irrational outburst last night. Perhaps my medication needs increasing ;)
Dave...I still say thank f**k it's the last one though ;)

comment by MarkP at 08:58 AM (GMT) on 13 September, 2007

I agree with Furanku, it does look like she's been sat in the sun too long and got a little burnt! The contrast and tonal range is good, but the collection hasn't been my cup of tea despite being technically very good pictures.

comment by Josef Renklint at 09:43 AM (GMT) on 13 September, 2007

Wow, very sensual and baring shot. Good job capturing this.

comment by otomi at 06:48 PM (GMT) on 13 September, 2007

Colour processing is soberly done. This shot is very sensual or sexy in it's bottom - water drops on her skin, those hair strands are also set very well, even the crop in the bottom pushes eyes to look lower ...
but I don't know what to think about her expression. Is it sensual? Is she surprised? Is she kind of scared? I can't find it there. Maybe it was your intention. The last thing is that for me the space in the top is maybe too large.

comment by Jennifer at 07:39 PM (GMT) on 13 September, 2007

Very arresting. If it weren't for seeing your other shots, I'd say she belongs in a Danish fairy story ;-)

comment by djn1 at 07:39 PM (GMT) on 13 September, 2007

Thanks everyone.

As for the various outbursts: I think we'll just draw a line under them and move on.

comment by reena at 08:02 PM (GMT) on 13 September, 2007

expressionless. you get no glimpses into who she is or what she's like. these are not good portraits. these are people, let us see who they are.

comment by Alison at 03:56 PM (GMT) on 25 September, 2007

Striking. Her face holds my attention.

comment by Philippe Roy at 02:32 AM (GMT) on 12 October, 2007

Though it's nice to be expecting a change of subject for the upcoming postings, I must say I quite enjoyed following this Nassau series you created (with a shudder of jealousy, of course!).

Great work, as always! :)