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While I have some more shots of Fiona, that I'll probably put up in a day or so, this is the last one of her and Ryan together, and in many ways I think this one is my favourite of the four.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
4.30pm on 23/8/07
Canon 5D
EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM
aperture priority
C1 Pro
travel [Nassau, the Bahamas] + people [portraiture] + commissions + no print
comment by rambohoho at 07:14 PM (GMT) on 5 September, 2007

hehe, your favourite? my facourit is the first one. :)

comment by dfp at 07:31 PM (GMT) on 5 September, 2007

This is superb! definitely my favourite of the four.

comment by Ash at 07:41 PM (GMT) on 5 September, 2007

Not my favourite, but it is very "Chromasia". Nice shot Dave!

comment by Jennifer at 07:48 PM (GMT) on 5 September, 2007

I adore the processing but not a fan of the pose - think I'd like to tell him to stand up straight - in the words of Windsor Davies " fine pair of shoulders lad, show em off, show em off" :-D

comment by Adam at 07:49 PM (GMT) on 5 September, 2007

This is easily my favorite of the four. Its the only one that feels relaxed.

comment by Roy at 07:57 PM (GMT) on 5 September, 2007

My favourite of the four - possibly because it is 'very Chromasia' and not 'tourist brochure editorial' or 'expensive perfume ad'. Not that I'm 'dissing' the previous shots, you were in working mode and they were an interesting sideshow.
I think that of the four, Fiona would be most pleased with this one.

comment by Talis at 08:07 PM (GMT) on 5 September, 2007

As said before very much your style. Also my favorite of the four. Fantastic light, colors and expression.
But is Ryan looking at Fiona? I think it looks like he is somewhere else which I seriously cannot understand :)

comment by m at 08:42 PM (GMT) on 5 September, 2007

Liked the 1st one best. This one is odd.
It looks as if you cut and pasted them out of different pictures or maybe made them one dimensional somehow.

comment by Richard Trim at 09:19 PM (GMT) on 5 September, 2007

Yes I'm afraid Ryan looks as if his body has shrunk ...too much sea water maybe? But at the same time I'm not a specialist in studying mens bodies! Ha

comment by Phil at 09:53 PM (GMT) on 5 September, 2007

David, Nice shot, but I'm confused about the use of such a wide angle lens. Was this image cropped down a lot? Why did you use this lens?

comment by Mark at 12:04 AM (GMT) on 6 September, 2007

Sorry Dave but I've not thought much of any of them. This kind of thing has to have a certain production value to it (ie. magazine) or it just doesn't work...and for me none of these have at all....they've all been pretty average to be honest - too dark, too over stylized, too...I don't know.."trying too hard". Interspersed and superseding has been the usual chromasia beach shot. Same shot, different beach.
I used to be inspired by your site but now just...well, I'll say no more, I wouldn't want your followers to get their blood pressure up by too much.
As ever, I wish you all the best with your career...but your blog no longer holds much interest for me I'm afraid :(

comment by Andre Sugimoto at 03:12 AM (GMT) on 6 September, 2007

Two pieces of advice.
1) Uninstall Photoshop. These photos are suffocating. This is not a drug prevention program - it's tourism we're promoting.
2)Hire an assistant with fresh eyes. You've lost your balance.

comment by Brooke at 04:05 AM (GMT) on 6 September, 2007

I love it, Dave. Good work.

comment by tetsu at 05:16 AM (GMT) on 6 September, 2007

Wow!! I like this contrast! :-)

comment by One Way at 09:37 AM (GMT) on 6 September, 2007

This is my favourite in terms of the colours, I think it works better here than it does in either the B&W or the more saturated colour versions

comment by paflechien at 01:25 PM (GMT) on 6 September, 2007

I agree with m, Richard, phil and others, theres's something weird here, unnatural, cut & pasted, may be juste too much postprocessed.
He seems to be in background and her on foreground, not on the same plan.....see what i mean ?

comment by paflechien at 01:27 PM (GMT) on 6 September, 2007

May be b'cause he used too be taller than her, and here she's taller than him

comment by djn1 at 01:37 PM (GMT) on 6 September, 2007

Jennifer (and others): one of the reasons this one appears to be slightly distorted is that it was shot at 20mm. We didn't have a great deal of room to manoeuvre, so it was shot at a much wider angle than usual. Personally, I like the effect, but I can see why some of you aren't so keen on it.

Roy: yes, Fiona did like this one.

Talis: he is looking at her, it's the wide-angle that makes it look like they're on slightly different planes.

Mark: fair enough.

Andre: I'm not sure why you think these shots should be promoting tourism. Can you elaborate?

comment by John at 02:46 PM (GMT) on 6 September, 2007

I'm sorry Dave, I think I like this one the least! FWIW, my vote would probably go to the second one, but I haven't the knowledge to explain why.

comment by JD at 03:03 PM (GMT) on 6 September, 2007

going wider might have avoid the edge distortion a little (not too sure... logically it sounds about right but I'm doubting myself now!!!)

I like the intesity between the pair, and think it could have done with maybe cropping down to the hand and heads... saying that you could have used a 50mm to pick that one out quite easily!

The shot looks a little HDR'd (which I aint a fan of at all), I think the use of a flash would have probably been a better idea.
As for the fake lomo, I reckon if this was the desired effect you may as well have shot it on slide film and xpro'd it!

As for the others:
I think the 2nd shot of the pair you uploaded is easily the best :) the tones and contrast are beautiful as well as the composition
1st one has a very glossy look to it which I presume was the desired look for the shoot,
while the 3rd just seems to just lack something (I think it just doesn't do it for me at all)..

comment by Joseph at 04:20 PM (GMT) on 6 September, 2007

I think allot of people are looking at this picture the wrong way.
I'm not though..of course not! :)

good stuff david. I love the skin tones. the ONLY thing that I'm not sure about is her bikini. maybe something plain would of been better?...or perhaps something metallic?

would love to know what you did to get these colors?
its very "bleach bypass" IMO. Tell me that you cover this in your new tutorials?

comment by Richard Trim at 04:33 PM (GMT) on 6 September, 2007

For me Fiona and Ryan#2 is miles ahead of the others. Maybe there has been more processing skill and wizardry used in the other shots but #2 allows more of the personality of the two young people to shine through. Of course you are working experimentally and give yourself challenges (well I assume you do). It would be interesting to know if you have a vision of the desired result before hand and works towards achieving it or whether you just become totally experimental and see what you come up with. I just think that some of the recent batch are overworked. But at the same time I have welcomed being 'hit in the face ' with them Dave.

comment by Photorama at 01:12 PM (GMT) on 7 September, 2007

I think this is the best of the four: I love this processing so "chromasia", as someone else said...

I really would like to see the original shot... Can you (please, please, please) post the original shot too?

What kind of light was lightening the two subjects? I read you didn't use flash for this one, but the light on their body is very particular... Hou did you achieve this effect?

comment by Jeremy at 05:06 PM (GMT) on 7 September, 2007

I'm guessing Andre though the photos should be promoting tourism because you mentioned you'd been away on a commission for the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism.

Fiona looks pretty fine here - probably you'd have to make a serious effort to make her look less than spectacular, but Ryan will be asking for his money back from the Charles Atlas body-building course, and using this shot if his spindly chest for evidence :-)

Really, I think the signature Chromasia high constrast approach when used on skin just makes them look like they have a dermatological problem. Sorry - just my opinion,

comment by chiara at 07:29 PM (GMT) on 7 September, 2007

My favourite is still the first one but I really love the postprocessing on this one!

comment by Andreas Brunner at 07:33 PM (GMT) on 7 September, 2007

OK... I admit... currently you are the chief of all the blogs around... great work really...congrat to your incredible work.... Andreas

comment by otomi at 02:19 AM (GMT) on 10 September, 2007

favourite for me too, it has some impressive ambience inside

comment by Jason Dale at 04:28 PM (GMT) on 14 September, 2007

Well despite all the comments this is also my favorite shot of the set Dave, I just love how the light appears to fall on the centre of the shot and darkens towards the edges. I also like the tone and dark clounds in the background, it adds a certain tension to the shot.

comment by kate at 04:14 AM (GMT) on 21 September, 2007

other worldly. her profile- that of a siren. her hand a hook. the void of his eyes- as if from a fable. darkness behind her, light behind him also tells the story. highlights, grain on both of them, background- perfect. exquisite.

comment by Chris Perkins at 09:03 PM (GMT) on 28 November, 2008

Hi. I just watched the video on Chase Jarvis' blog with you guys in Dubai. You mention a set of images from the Bahamas that got a bad response, I suspect this is the series, but I gotta say I love 'em. They're unusual for what they are, well executed and really quite beautiful.