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This is somewhat different from my usual style, but I'm pleased with the way it turned out. Let me know what you think.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
15/8 on 15/8/07
Canon 1Ds Mark II
EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM
aperture priority
Raw Developer
3x2 + fylde coast [scenic]
comment by rambohoho at 08:11 PM (GMT) on 27 August, 2007

so beautiful!

comment by nferreira at 08:37 PM (GMT) on 27 August, 2007

This is indeed different from your actual style, but very similar to your previous style. At least for me, it remind me your shots and post processing about 3 years ago. I might be wrong. :-)

comment by Dave at 09:04 PM (GMT) on 27 August, 2007

Although I like most of the image, I think the softness really detracts from it. Colorwise however, the chromasia palette never fails to impress!

comment by deenee at 09:08 PM (GMT) on 27 August, 2007

wonderful atmosphere in here.

comment by garghe at 09:22 PM (GMT) on 27 August, 2007

wow! This is a beaufiful shot man! All is like freezed!

comment by Jennifer at 09:26 PM (GMT) on 27 August, 2007

Very pretty, but I think my glasses need cleaning! Only kidding - very cool ;-)

comment by m at 09:39 PM (GMT) on 27 August, 2007

I like it too. How do you make a few tufts of grass and a bit of sky so damn compelling?

comment by claude at 09:48 PM (GMT) on 27 August, 2007

Beautiful colors and tones. Great shot, I like it a lot!

comment by Christina at 10:46 PM (GMT) on 27 August, 2007

Where do you always get that wounderfull clouds?
I really like that picture very much.

comment by Minh at 11:48 PM (GMT) on 27 August, 2007

Very peaceful picture!

I noticed you're using the 16-35mm a lot lately! What are your impressions of it on the 1.3x sensor and full-frame? Any issues with CA and vignetting - it almost looks that way in this picture at the bottom, although I'm sure it was intentional in this case.

I rented the 16-35mm this weekend for use on my Rebel XTI (1.6x) and really love the colours and contrast it captures, but sometimes found the images weren't as sharp as I would have liked. Still, the focal length on a cropped sensor makes it a great walk around camera for my style so I'll probably get it anyway, but I'd love to hear your lens-specific thoughts!

comment by Beau at 12:30 AM (GMT) on 28 August, 2007

This looks very nice. I would think it could be added to that portfolio of images for airports you were working on a while back.

comment by Alice at 01:57 AM (GMT) on 28 August, 2007

Very nice. I love the colors. Almost dream-like.

comment by milou at 10:13 AM (GMT) on 28 August, 2007

Wispy goodness.

comment by crash at 11:47 AM (GMT) on 28 August, 2007

wonderfully wispy!

comment by Tulna at 01:12 PM (GMT) on 28 August, 2007

I'd be really pleased with that shot. Simple, effective and beautiful to look at :-)

comment by One Way at 01:59 PM (GMT) on 28 August, 2007

I like the choice of faded colours — very soothing

comment by Suzanne at 04:07 PM (GMT) on 28 August, 2007

Absolutely beautiful! Great end of summer photo!

comment by rhys at 04:22 PM (GMT) on 28 August, 2007

Beautiful. Photography for airports?

comment by Jamie at 05:36 PM (GMT) on 28 August, 2007

I like it. Very muted colors that go well with the sky.

comment by E y e V i s i o n at 09:33 PM (GMT) on 28 August, 2007

I like this one, David and I'm not agree that this is not your style. Actually you have one quite similar to this. That is an early post of Chromasia.
A bit more contrats would be good.

comment by Kenta at 10:24 PM (GMT) on 28 August, 2007

Nice soft colors! A really great shot!

comment by VZ at 04:31 AM (GMT) on 29 August, 2007

Classic early Chromasia. Glad you're back to your roots, David.

comment by Geoff at 08:35 AM (GMT) on 29 August, 2007

Sorry, but I think it's horrible. What's all the pink bits in the grass? I haven't been visiting here for a month or so, but this was not what I have come to expect. Different yes, but I don't think it's up to your usual standard David.

comment by Mohamadreza at 11:50 AM (GMT) on 29 August, 2007

Absolutely beautiful shot. I love the blue tune and also that cloud hanging over there. Well done.

comment by chiara at 06:04 PM (GMT) on 29 August, 2007

Love tone and mood.

comment by jelb at 09:23 PM (GMT) on 29 August, 2007

Well done focus and processing..Bravo!

comment by mal at 11:13 PM (GMT) on 29 August, 2007

love the shot Dave, and that "flying elephant cloud" is just great. mal

comment by Ronald at 02:06 PM (GMT) on 30 August, 2007

Love the blue pastel colours, the textures in the sky..
I see some magenta looking streaks in the grass on my monitor...I guess they are part of you pp?
I gives the shot a kind of blurryness...Not shure I like that though...

comment by behindthelens at 02:45 PM (GMT) on 30 August, 2007

as always your post-processing is top-notch. One of my favourite photoblog destinations

comment by Dave at 11:47 PM (GMT) on 30 August, 2007

this one does nothing for me... everytime i look at it... sorry Dave not for me, but even so, i can see i'm in the minority so there must be something there! ...next please ;-)

comment by Dan at 03:31 AM (GMT) on 31 August, 2007

Very interesting. Dreamlike. Like a frame from a Terrence Malick film.

comment by Jamey at 11:53 AM (GMT) on 31 August, 2007

I like the fogging at the bottom. How did you do it? Natural or PP?

comment by dara at 10:47 PM (GMT) on 31 August, 2007

nice palette