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We spent last week at Whinfell Forest, the Center Parcs resort near Penrith, and though it rained most days, and there wasn't a wi-fi hotspot in sight, we all had a good time. I didn’t spend a great deal of time taking photographs, but did get two shots of Rhowan and four of Finley that I’m happy with.

Interestingly, Camilla described this one as a shot of the “real” Rhowan. In the next one, which I’ll put up on Thursday, she looks considerably more angelic ;-)

shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
5.37pm on 21/7/07
Canon 1Ds Mark II
EF 35mm f/1.4L USM
aperture priority
RAW Developer
1x1 + children [portraits]
comment by Thomas at 10:21 PM (GMT) on 22 July, 2007

Amazing image. I realy like your child photographs. Rhowan is jumping out of my screen onto my desk. Nice effect and DOF. Just great!

comment by Jennifer at 10:21 PM (GMT) on 22 July, 2007

When did you get that lens - you spendaholic?! Great shot - though not sure quite what the expression is - anger, trying to scare - please tell.

comment by Alice at 10:26 PM (GMT) on 22 July, 2007

Does she spit green pea soup like the Exorcist kid too? ;-) (Kidding of course). Nice shot. :-)

comment by djn1 at 11:36 PM (GMT) on 22 July, 2007

Thomas: thanks.

Jennifer: towards the end of the Canon rebate offer. As for the expression: this is Rhowan mid-game, letting me know that she's not really in the mood for being photographed ;-) I did try to get her to pose, but she was thoroughly engrossed in what she was doing and really didn't want bothering.

Alice: not yet, but I suspect she's working on it ;-)

comment by Robert at 12:58 AM (GMT) on 23 July, 2007

Is it me, or is there a spot of pink on the tip of her nose?

comment by clarence at 01:07 AM (GMT) on 23 July, 2007

Yes, the pink spot shows up here as well.

comment by Tim at 07:05 AM (GMT) on 23 July, 2007

Yip, there is a pink spot. All the anger of not wanting to be photographed in 1 spot I guess. ;o)
But a very nice shot indeed. And as usual I have to add.

comment by Thomas Solberg / Project neXus at 09:00 AM (GMT) on 23 July, 2007

I really like her eyes... but the expression is also great! :-)

comment by thomas mueller at 09:21 AM (GMT) on 23 July, 2007

awesome portrait. i like her eyes adn the processing of the image, but she looks like so evil!

comment by Keith De-Lin at 02:43 PM (GMT) on 23 July, 2007

gorgeous eyes.

comment by djn1 at 06:06 PM (GMT) on 23 July, 2007

Robert, clarence and TIm: I'm not sure where the pink spot came from, but it's gone now. Thanks for pointing it out.

thomas mueller: yes, she can look quite evil when she wants to ;-)

comment by alexandru savu at 09:45 PM (GMT) on 23 July, 2007

Amazing. Just amazing. Awesome photo.

comment by m at 09:17 AM (GMT) on 24 July, 2007

I thought she looked kind of cute! Obviously a good hols was had by all!

comment by thukai at 02:35 PM (GMT) on 25 July, 2007

I enjoy this one! It has lots on energy and a great expression. The tight crop works very well imo. How's that 35mm prime?

comment by Florian at 11:38 PM (GMT) on 26 July, 2007

AWESOME image...

comment by Claus at 11:02 AM (GMT) on 28 July, 2007

Very cool experssion you have here!! She looks a bit like the girl from "the grudge!!"